This is a modelling guide for the Warhammer fantasy Tomb Kings, Khemri Warsphinx/Necrosphinx. We will go through some of the things they don’t show you in the GW instructions, I’ll explain how to magnetize the model so you can switch between all the options available in the kit!

You will need :

This is an excellent model, and seems like its built to make the parts swappable, there’s only 2 small pieces that are hard to magnetize, two small decorative wings that attach either side of the warsphinx’s waist and the necrosphinx’s neck. I just stuck these to the warsphinx as you dont notice their absence from the necrosphinx.

I started by building the model into several large pieces, then attaching magnets etc.

Part 1 – The Body

Build each leg, also make the tail as shown in the instructions but leave off the end of the tail. To magnetize it simply drill a small hole into the end of the tail, you may need to widen it with a sharp craft knife. Then using superglue, insert a magnet, you will need a small magnet, maybe 3mm diameter.

I then continued to build the whole body, although you might find it easier to build it in two half’s while putting in the next magnet.

Now drill a hole just above the notch in the back of the model and widen it with a craft knife so it’s a little larger than your magnet, I used 6mm diameter magnets, they need to be quite large here to keep the wings attached.

Press a lump of greenstuff inside the body so that it covers the hole you just made.

Now using super glue press a magnet into the hole, push it well in, meaning it is a few mm below the level of the back. You need to do this as the magnet on the adjoining piece will be connect slightly inside the body.

Part 2 – The Neck

This is a really important piece, make sure you attach the magnet before gluing this piece to the body.

Simply drill a small hole in the centre of the depression, widen this with a craft knife.

Attach some greenstuff to the other side for support, then using superglue fix the magnet into the hole.

Part 3 – The Tail

There are two tail options, these will attach to the end of the tail. Make sure to get the magnets the correct way round!

Again drill small holes into each piece, widening with a craft knife, and glue in small magnets.

Again, I used 3mm diameter this time.

Part 4 – The Howdah

Completely build the Howdah, I’ll go through attaching the crew later.

Turn it upsidown, attach a lump of green stuff to support the next magnet, glue a magnet to this green stuff and then rest the howdah onto the body so the magnets line up.

Part 5 – Necrosphinx Head

You can make this in two pieces, as shown; the neck cover doesn’t need any magnets.

Cut a small hole into the base of the neck, push in some more greenstuff and glue in another magnet.

Part 6 – Warsphinx Wings

I thought this part would be difficult to magnetize when I first saw it, but luckily it was really easy. The wings are connected by a large plate, simply glue a magnet on the underside of the plate and line this up with the magnet on the body.

Part 7 – Warsphinx Torso

Another easy piece, build it exactly as in the instructions.

Press a lump of greenstuff inside the torso, and glue in a magnet, make sure it lines up with the magnet in the neck piece.

Other Components

Lich Priest: Drill a small hole into the priest’s foot, glue in a small piece of paperclip. Put the base together, and drill a small hole into it, and the howdah. Now you can swap him from base to howdah!

Banner – I pinned this piece too, its pretty fragile, and its handy to remove it during transport.

Crew – Finally Glue pins into each of the crew’s feet, and drill holes into the base of the howdah.

The model is now fully customizable, you can swap all the pieces to use it as whatever you need for each battle!

This guide was written by Owen from Painted Legions, visit his blog for more great guides: Painted Legions


Another awesome model here from GAMES WORKSHOP, the Warhammer Tomb Kings Khemri Warsphinx. A long awaited model first introduced in another GW game WARMASTER. And we’r not disappointed!

On to the painting, I went for a colour scheme as close to the box as possible, only a few minor changes i thought looked better. Hope you like painting GOLD!

1 – Undercoat! Always undercoat your model, I use spray paint as it gives a smoother finish. The Warsphix was under-coated using GAMES WORKSHOP CHAOS BLACK SPRAYPAINT


I went for a more shaded look, as the marble effect on the box takes soooo long to do properly, I’m sure I’ll do that effect in another guide.

1 – Start by painting all the skin an a 50/50 DARK ANGELS GREEN/CHAOS BLACK mix

2 – Paint over this with pure DARK ANGELS GREEN, leaving only the recesses unpainted.

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 1Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 2

3 – Highlight this with a 50/50 DARK ANGELS GREEN/SNOT GREEN mix

4 – Extreme highlight of SNOT GREEN

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 3Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 4


I went for an antique gold effect here, highlighting all the way to a faded silvery gold.

1 – Paint all the gold areas TIN BITZ

2 – Wetbrush (a damper drydrush) over with SHINING GOLD, Leaving TIN BITS showing in the recesses

3 – Highlight with a 75/25 mix of SHINING GOLD/MITHRIL SILVER

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 5Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 6


I think the plain gold wings look a little dull on the original, so I decided to do them white!

1 – Paint the wings SHADOW GREY

2 – Highlight this with FORTRESS GREY

3 – Add an extreme highlight of pure SKULL WHITE

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 7

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 8Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 9


Again I went for an antique effect, i think it suits the model. also a slightly goldy tint to help it fit in with the huge amounts of gold already on the model.

1 – Paint with CHAINMAIL

2 – Wash over this with GRYPHONNE SEPIA

3 – Finally Highlight again with CHAINMAIL

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 10Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 11


The final stages of the model, some little details you might want to change some of these to fit your army’s colour scheme.

SCARABS – there are a few scarabs dotted around the model, i painted these 50/50 CHAOS BLACK/HAWK TERQUOISE and highlighted with pure HAWK TERQUOISE





Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step 11Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx - Step12

You can pick up the Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx on Big Orbit Games, along with all the paints in this article.

This guide was written by Owen from Painted Legions, visit his blog for more great guides: Painted Legions

Warhammer Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx review

The Warsphinx/Necroshinx kit (hereafter referred to as the ‘sphinx’) was the worst kept secret of the recent Tomb Kings overhaul. To bring the TK’s up to standard they were always going to get a ‘big guy’ and the sphinx was the logical choice. The fact that they were never mentioned in any previous literature didn’t mean a thing! This review will deal mostly with the sphinx’s aesthetics and how it will play in games rather than its build (dealt with better here).

On opening the box it was immediately apparent that this was not a complex kit. All of the components were contained on just two, albeit dense, sprues. This was accompanied by a much clearer instruction sheet than many of those of late, which included a number of well thought out, logically progressive graphics.

When looking at the preview pictures, it was clear to see that, regardless of your choice of build, the model was replete with beautiful detailing that kept its flavour distinctly ‘Tomb King’. Looking at the pictures when the kit was first announced I felt that it would not be possible to build both a Necrosphinx and a Warsphinx  from one box, in this I was thankfully proved wrong,  see our guide here: Magnetising the Tomb Kings Warphinx/Necrosphinx. An (un)intentional masterstroke on the part of GW?

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx Painted

I also freely admit that looking at the images of this kit I was initially disappointed. I don’t know why, or what I had been expecting, but it wasn’t what I was looking at! I have since changed my opinion. Both sphinxs are elegant in their simplicity (but, then as a stone statue, shouldn’t it be?). The model enhances every TK army it graces, not just with enviable battlefield performance, but with its towering stature fitting in amongst the armies’ low profile masses. If they had to have their ‘big guy’ then, better this than the grotesque Carmen Miranda Bone Giant?…… Every time!

Regarding in game performance: this is where the Sphinx really comes into its own. With the highest toughness of anything available (8) this fella is not to be trifled with! It has three uses within any TK list.

1) Using the Warsphinx as a mount for any Tomb King or Prince. At additional cost to the character and adding a whopping 210 points to the Heroes/Lords allocation I can’t see this as the optimal choice, even though it would make either rider extremely hard to take out!

2) As a rare choice in the ‘Necro’ build mode. This is a ‘toughie’ as the ability to kill absolutely ANYTHING in the game with a lucky dice roll (decapitating strike) and flight, are hard to balance with the fact it’s up against four other very good rare options (I still luuurve those catapults at only 90 points each!) and the fact you might want to keep more points for your ‘special’ choices. This brings us on nicely on to our third and final option…..

3) As a plain, common or garden, Warsphinx. With a howdah full of very ‘killy’ Tomb Guard, Terror, toughness 8, the options for a fiery roar or envenomed sting upgrade and weighing in at a very ‘compact and bijou’ 210 points. At this rate why not take 2 or 3? They come in at well under 50% of your allocation (assuming your playing 2000pts or more) and your opponent will be laying enough bricks to build his own pyramid just thinking of how to deal with them!

So, all in all, an overdue but most welcome addition to the Tomb Kings list. Simple, elegant, hard as nails.

The sphinx gets a ripping 8/10!


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*Price correct as of 3rd May 2011.

Warhammer Tomb Kings Army Book review

Entombed beneath the sands, awaiting resurrection as the sun-bronzed warrior kings they were promised to be and subsequently resurfacing as withered, undead abominations has left the Tomb Kings vengeful and jealous of all living beings. Driven by vengeance & the unending need to conquer new territory, they along with legions of their loyal former troops and towering enchanted constructs have one goal……to defeat all who stand in their way!

Personally, this was of huge importance to me. Having been, without doubt, my most eagerly awaited wargames release of perhaps the last decade! Since GW first mooted the concept of an undead army based upon Ancient Egypt it has had me gripped.

First Impressions

The new Tomb Kings army book is 96 pages of fantastic imagery that continues the new hardback format. The entire publication is presented in glorious full colour, although, in keeping with the new format, it has a much darker feel. As one has come to expect from GW the book is replete with many beautiful, new works of art. All of the information is presented in an updated and easily understandable way.

On Closer Inspection

What was really important to me was what changes the near nine-year-wait for a second book would bring? Again, a book review coming on the basis of not having ‘field tested’ the army under 8th edition rules, one could not hope to unlock all of the subtle nuances that will no doubt arise given the sands of time (pun intended!). I could not help but feel that this time they had got it right.

As with any change of army book, there are winners & losers, ups & downs or comings and goings.

Biggest Positive Changes:

Too many to mention!

The addition of the much-needed Necro/War sphinx (reviewed separately) adds the, now mandatory, ‘Big Guy’. This direction was almost inevitable to keep the army ‘in pace’ with all the rest, while the iconic sphinx made the choice almost obvious.

But the addition of the Necropolis Knights/Sepulchral Stalkers, the as yet unseen Heirotitan (wave 2 anyone?), and the Ushabti with strength 6 bows were all a little less obvious (but all very welcome indeed!) as was the ability of the Tomb Prince/King to bestow his WS on all in his unit. Reduction in points for the basic skeletons was a must along with the introduction of Arkhan and the Necrotect character.

Bringing the previously unique magic phase into line with 8th Ed rules was a move, which to my mind, was both inevitable and necessary. Removing the ‘stumbling around’ created by the lack of knowledge on the part of any opponent (or, indeed, the player himself) of a magic system which was anathema to the newer, faster rules was a sure sign that this was an army to be taken much more seriously this time around.

Biggest Negative Changes:

The removal of the ‘uniqueness’ of the Tomb Kings magic is a two-edged sword.

I could whine about my favourite models (the Ushabti) taking a hit from strength 6 changing to 4 and the lack of reinstatement of any Mummies being a chance left wanting.

However, these issues are all cosmetic. Otherwise, everything is much better.

On the Tabletop

A somewhat unknown quantity due to the timing of this review, however, I sincerely believe the Tomb Kings time is at hand and many seasoned players will underestimate them at their peril! My initial gut feeling, is that this new army book will put the Tomb Kings much higher up in the rankings. Definite tourney winners in the near future me thinks!


The production values, quality, appearance etc. are all unequalled in the hobby. An essential purchase for any serious Warhammer Fantasy Battle player. 8/10.

Robin Cruddace, step on up! A surefire hit certainly not a hint of disappointment, at least, not on my part. as a time-served apprentice in the Khemrian way! What has been so long in the making has been worth the wait.

Having been of the opinion that the Tomb Kings concept was brilliant in 2002, the preceding army book had a feel of having been ‘rushed out’. This book by comparison shows much greater consideration and understanding for the subject matter. 8/10.

Still, that’s an average of 8/10 overall & my Mummy gives a big, bandaged thumbs up!



*Accurate as of 28th April 2011.

The new Warhammer Tomb Kings have now been unveiled by Games Workshop, after passing a casual eye over the new models online here’s what I think…

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx

I’m not sure how I feel about the Warsphinx, the individual aspects of the model all look brilliant but somehow I feel they don’t work together, I will need to see the model itself to make my mind up as it could just be due to the camera angles of the most of the pics. The Necrosphinx being a simpler model (design-wise) doesn’t suffer from this issue in my mind and looks fine. Click here & here for pics.

The Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx & Necrosphinx are both all new models.

Pre-order the Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx here at 20% off*: Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx

Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers

Another all new kit here. I’m feeling 100% positive about the Necropolis Knights & Sepulchral Stalkers kit, both incarnations of these models look nice, if slightly less immediately awesome as the Warsphinx.

The Necropolis Knights look believable, which is quite a feat considering that they are riding giant Cobras. Games Workshops cavalry kits have all been very impressive in the last couple of years. No more riders precariously perched on mounts nowadays, no siree, reins, chains and fists full of hair are all being grasped convincingly. Click here for pics.

I’m also liking the Sepulchral Stalkers, as far as I’m aware there have been no “snake-men” models from Games Workshop or Citadel for decades and it’s good to see this common fantasy archetype represented in the Tomb Kings army. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers at 20% off* here: Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers

Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

The new Tomb Guard boxed set replaces the old metal blister models. They look good and come with a range of options, including full command, they are also work out slightly cheaper than old metal models and are a very welcome release. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Tomb Kings Tomb Guard at 20% off* here: Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

*Prices correct as of 5th April 2011.