X-Wing 100 Point Tournament – Sunday 30th March

March 30, 2014 @ 12:00 am
WR11 7RE Evesham

Join us for a 100 point Star Wars X-Wing tournament on Sunday 30th March from 12:00pm (Midday) and compete in a Swiss-style event where you can pit your finest pilots against worthy adversaries!

To take part in this event you will need a legal 100 point list and an entry fee of just £3.

Date: Sunday 30th March
Entry Fee: £3.00
Time: 11.30am for 12:00pm start
Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the best generals who can command their fleet to victory! (Prizes will be determined based on attendance).

If you require any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a message below.

Rules Simplified:

100 point lists.
Wave 1, 2 & 3 ships only.
All normal character restrictions apply.
Players are required to bring along their own measurement templates, a damage card deck, asteroid tokens and their ships along with relevant pilot and upgrade cards.
Non-FFG templates are allowed and players will decide on which set to share and use for the duration of the game.

Rules Expanded:

Squad Building
Each player must build one squad.

The maximum squad points for each player is 100 points. A squad cannot exceed 100 points, though it may contain fewer than 100 points.

Each player may choose to field either a Rebel or Imperial squad, as tournament seeding doesn’t use the player’s faction.

Each player must submit his squad composition, including all associated Upgrade cards and total squad points, to the TO before the start of the tournament. (Registration sheets are available from the FFG website, failing that we will have blank ones available in store.)

Players must use the same squad for the duration of the tournament, including all Ship and Upgrade cards.

Each player must bring an X-Wing Core Set and any additional components he needs for his squad. This includes but is not limited to dice, a range ruler, maneuver templates, asteroid tokens and a complete Damage deck.

The TO is not expected to supply any game components to players.

Official X-Wing Dogfight Tournament Rules:

Dogfight tournaments for the X-Wing miniatures game are held in a series of 75 minute tournament rounds. This may be adjusted down to 60 minutes or up to 90 minutes depending on attendance.

Setup Procedure
We aim to provide 3’ by 3’ square play areas with clearly delineated edges.

Standard Swiss style pairings are used (see FFG Organized Play support page for details). Random pairings are used for the first round. For future pairings players are paired within the same score group as per Swiss style pairings.

If there is an odd number of players in the tournament, the lowest-ranked player receives a bye, counting as a Match Win. When there is more than one lowest-ranked player, the lowest-ranked player with the lowest player number receives the bye.

Squad Deployment Procedure
The following steps must be performed before each game begins:

1. Each player places his squad outside of the play area next to his assigned player edge.

2. Both players reveal all components in their squads and assign ID tokens to any ships that have a duplicate on the same team. If both players fielded squads from the same faction, ID tokens are assigned to all ships (see Mirror Matches on page 3 of the of the official rules document). One player must exclusively display the white numerals of his ID tokens; the other player displays only the black numerals.

3. Each player shuffles his Damage deck thoroughly and presents it to his opponent. His opponent may shuffle and cut the deck if desired.

4. Players determine initiative. Initiative goes to the player with the lowest squad point total. If both players are tied with the same squad point total, initiative goes to the player who wins a coin toss.

5. The player with initiative places the six unique asteroid tokens from his core set next to the play area. He chooses one of these asteroid tokens and places it into the play area. Then, his opponent chooses one of the remaining asteroid tokens and places it into the play area. The players continue to alternate until all six tokens have been placed. An asteroid token cannot be placed within Range 1–2 of any edge of the play area or within Range 1 of another asteroid token.

6. Players place their ships in ascending order of pilot skill as per standard X-Wing rules.

7. Players activate shields and prepare any special components they may need, then begin the match following the rules presented in the X-Wing Rules of Play.

End of Match
Each tournament match ends in one of the following three ways:

• All of one player’s ships are destroyed (respecting the Simultaneous Attack Rule, p 16 of the rule book). The player with at least one ship remaining immediately earns a Match Win, and his opponent receives a
Match Loss. If neither player has any remaining ships, the game ends in a Draw.

• At the end of the current round, the match time limit has been reached. Each player calculates the total squad point value of his opponent’s destroyed ships, including Upgrade cards equipped to those ships. The player who destroyed the greatest total squad point value receives a Modified Match Win, and his opponent receives a Match Loss. If the winning player destroys at least 33 points more than his opponent, he receives a Match Win instead. If both players destroyed the
same total squad point value, the game ends in a Draw.

• A player voluntarily concedes defeat at any point during the match. By conceding defeat, he receives a Match Loss and his opponent receives a Match Win. It is considered good sportsmanship to concede defeat when there is no reasonable chance for victory.