X-Wing 100pt Tournament – Sunday 25th January

January 25, 2015 @ 11:00 am
Big Orbit Games

Date: Sunday 25th January
Entry Fee: £5
Time: 10.30am for 11:00am start
Available Spaces: 22
Prizes: TBC

Address: Big Orbit Games
Blackminster Business Park
WR11 7RE

On Sunday 25th January, Big Orbit Games is hosting a 100pt X-Wing tournament to give you pilots a chance to test out your Champsionship lists in a formal tournament setting.

Entry gets you a snack & drink on the day plus contribution towards the prize pool. First and Second place will receive a prize and a bonus prize will be given to a random fellow pilot!

The 4 Rounds should go as follows:
Round 1: 11am to 12.20pm
Round 2: 12.40pm to 1.55pm
LUNCH BREAK – Back by 2.40pm!
Round 3: 2.45pm to 4.00pm
Round 4: 4.10pm to 5.25pm

Now for the legal rules:

All released cards & ships are legal up to Wave 5. This is a Dogfight tournament so Huge ships are not allowed.

I will be using Margin of Victory for this event.

All players are expected to have everything they need to field and fly their squadrons. This includes ship models, bases, ship and upgrade cards (no proxies), range rulers and movement templates, dice, a set of asteroids, complete Damage Deck, and any tokens your squadron will need.

The necessary play surfaces will be provided. Players may bring their own play mats if they wish, however any play mats that the Tournament Organizer feels may offer an unfair advantage (measured grids, non-standard dimensions, etc.) will not be allowed to play on.

If you require any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a message below.