Sell Vintage Home Computers & Games To Big Orbit Games, Evesham

Sell Vintage Home Computers & Games To Big Orbit Games, Evesham

Please Note We Are Currently Not Buying Vintage Computers But Are Still Buying Games

Big orbit Games is an independent games shop based in Evesham, Worcestershire and we buy a wide range of vintage home computers from the 80s – 90s as well as vintage computer games & computer accessories.

We buy lots including all the popular computers from the 80s & 90s including Sinclair, Commodore, Amstrad, Atari, BBC Micro and Vintage Apple & PCs machines.

We pay cash for vintage home computers, games and accessories, along with retro games consoles & games.

Why Sell A Vintage Computer Lot To Big Orbit?

We save our customers the time and expense of selling items online (or via classifieds) and specialise in buying large lots that may take many days to break down in to bits, then test to ensure items work before advertising individually and finally putting items in the post.

We also remove the hassle involved in dealing with communication from buyers online and potential issues with items being lost or damaged in transit, which often results in the seller losing money.

Additionally we are always happy to travel to collect larger lots after an initial consultation via the telephone or email to access the value of the potential lot.

You can contact Big Orbit games by calling 01386 718060 for a quote / advise, you can also contact us here.

How Do I Sell A Vintage Computer Lot To Big Orbit?

If you are local to the Evesham area you can just drop right in, we are situated on Blackminster Business Park, Evesham, WR11 7RE and are open and available to assess your items 9-5:30 Monday to Friday and 12-6pm on Sundays. We can also be available on Saturdays by previous appointment.

If you live further afield, the first thing to do is to get in touch either by phone on 01386 718060, or email: so that we can discuss what you have for sale. We can then discuss delivery or collection from that point forwards.

Will Big Orbit Want To Buy My Vintage 80s / 90s Computer Lot?

We offer a friendly, honest service and will happily discuss the the value of a lot and if we feel a better deal can be achieved selling elsewhere or directly to another member of the public we are always happy to advise that this is the case, offering advice as required.