News: Android Netrunner Data and Destiny Deluxe Expansion!


Breaking news: Big Orbit Games learnt today at the UK Game Expo that Fantasy Flight Games’ next, and last, deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner will be called Data and Destiny and that it comes with a nice surprise!

The set will feature the NBN corporation doing what they do, controlling the media and news in their usual style. But as anyone who plays Netrunner knows, there are four Corporation factions but only three Runners. So, who would herald the fourth deluxe expansion? The answer is none of them! Read on…

Data and Destiny will feature 3 Runner identities and each of them will be their own mini-faction! Not much was revealed about how they will work or what their abilities are, unfortunately, but we do know that one of the identities is not a person but rather a sentient virus program. This is a wonderful twist for the game’s last deluxe expansion and hopefully it will bring a whole new aspect to the game.

Sadly we were unable to get any photographs from the presentation, but look out for more information in the following weeks from FFG themselves.

Magic Origins – What we know.


What is Magic Origins?

Magic Origins was first called M16 being the next in the Core Set cycle, but this year Wizards is morphing the Standard formula and changing the structure of the blocks. As a result the Core Sets will be no more and this release has thus been renamed Magic Origins. With a focused storyline and brand new features this set is looking set to be much grander then the usual summer Magic releases of past.

So, what’s different?

The main point Wizards wants to get across is that this set should not be seen as a ‘rebranded Core Set’ but instead it should be viewed as a unique set of its own. We should see less reprints and a shift towards new content that will make Magic Origins stand out.

There are a few key changes that definitely differentiate this set from a normal Core Set:

  • There will be 2 new mechanics in Magic Origins. (Core Sets never contain new mechanics)
  • A lot less reprinted cards then “normal” Core Sets.
  • An overall storyline will be present in the cards, creating a more cohesive feel to the set.
  • 272 cards in the set, three more than the usual 269.
  • Double-faced Legendary Creatures/Planeswalkers!

Double-faced Creatures/Planeswalkers?!

That’s right! Magic Origins focuses on the origin stories of five returning Planeswalkers: Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane. Each of these characters gets a Legendary Creature card representing their former self that when a certain condition is met, will flip over and become the Planeswalker we know them to be! This, in my humble opinion, is a fantastic way to represent these character’s sparks igniting and adds a new layer to the game with creatures becoming Planeswalkers.

Will we see more double-faced cards in the set? Based on the knowledge that double-faced cards require their own special sheet to be printed out I feel positive that we will see more cards that flip over in this set. Perhaps we’ll see the evolution of other fringe characters as we get to see the moment that changed their life too.

The rest of the cards in the set will have a focus on telling the story of these characters according to Doug Beyer (Senior Creative Designer), “we’ll see these characters’ home worlds, learn about the joys and crises of their early lives, and discover how they became the Multiverse-traveling Planeswalkers we know today.”

What else do we know?

At the time of writing there is not much more solid information available on Magic Origins. We know the set will be tied in to Wizard’s next digital release, Magic Duels: Origins, which will be out on Xbox One, PC and iOS tablets, with a PS4 release later on. After that, aside from the normal speculation of “Fetches being reprinted!” not much is known about any of the cards in this set. Spoiler season will start soon after the release of Modern Masters 2015 at the end of May and hopefully we’ll start to learn more about this ‘new beginning’ set that has supplanted the Core Sets to lead us in to a new era of Magic.

We will update you once we know more!

Mantic Games’ Corporation Marines components

We’ve just had our Corporation samples through from Mantic Games and we thought we’d share a pic of the various components.

Mantic Games Coporation Marines - Components
Mantic Games Corporation Marines – Components

This hopefully gives you an idea of how the models go together.

The basic corporation marines boxed sets come with three special weapons -Top right.

Officer options include powerfist and pistol.

The main difference with regard to posability between these and GW Imperial Guard is the fact that Cadian Shock troops have separate legs and torsos.

However, the sculpts are really nice and they are of course considerably cheaper than Imperial Guard.

Mantic Games’ Corporation are available to pre-order at 25% discount*: Warpath Corporation

*8th March 2012

Mantic Games Warpath sci-fi wargame details…

Details have now been released of Mantic Games New Sci-Fi game Warpath.

  • Warpath is a mass-combat sci-fi game
  • It is set in an all new science fiction universe
  • It has been designed and written by gaming legend Alessio Cavatore
  • It contains art, sculpting and painting all by hobby leaders – Mike McVey, Golem.
  • First release the Orx Marauders
  • The Warpath game itself in stores in November – ships 11/11/11
  • The Forgefathers (Squats / Space Dwarfs) arrive in December 2011
  • Compatible with all 30mm sci-fi games and figures
  • Warpath will retail at £49.99 – Pre-order from Big Orbit Games at £37.49: Warpath Battleset

The boxed game is available from 11th November 2011 and includes:

Warpath Box

Two New Armies Forgefathers & Orx: Two fully plastic, balanced armies to play with right out of the box, including troops, heavy weapons and a vehicle/ordinance each

Game in a Box: includes all you need to get playing with immediately such as rules, getting started and dice

Simple, Fast and Furious Rules: a highly tactical mass-combat science fiction game boasting an innovative turn structure and simple, fluid rules

Here’s a pic of one of the metals we can expect next year:

Warpath Forgefather
Warpath Forgefather

Future releases include Corporation Troopers (Humans we believe) coming in January & a scret Eighth Race coming Easter 2012.

New! Covenant of Antarctica for Dystopian Wars

Spartan Games have announced releases for the first army since Dystopian Wars was launched, the Covenant of Antarctica.

For full details and loads of shots of the new models see this PDF.

You can pre-order the Covenant of Antarctica releases from Big Orbit Games at 10% discount including FREE world-wide shipping:

Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Battle Group
Covenant of Antarctica Naval Battle Group
Covenant of Antarctica Pericles Class Drone Carrier

Here are a few pics for to whet your appetites…

Covenant of Antartica Armoured Battle Group
Covenant of Antartica Armoured Battle Group
Covenant of Antartica Naval Battle Group
Covenant of Antartica Naval Battle Group
Covenant of Aantartica: We Are Coming
Covenant of Aantartica: We Are Coming

New Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar

New plastic kits for Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar have now been unveiled by Games Workshop – here are our first impressions.

Dark Eldar Scourges

The new Dark Eldar Scourges multi-part plastic kit replaces the old metal miniatures that haven’t been available for a while.

These new miniatures are as big an improvement on the old metals as the new Kabalite Warriors and Wyches were on their previous incarnations,  when they were released last year. The wings look awesome and the number of weapon options is impressive. A big thumbs up from all at Big Orbit games. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Dark Eldar Scourges at 20% off* here: Dark Eldar Scourges

Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine / Cronos Parasite Engine

Games Workshop have listed these in two seperate entries on their website but they are in fact a single kit. I’m loving the Talos Pain Engine, especially the arms. I’m really not liking the Cronos at all however, the tentacles are just too much. I feel that if they were just at the front it would work, but front and back is overkill.
Click here for Talos pics & here for Cronos pics.

The Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine has been available before and is a big improvement on the old metal model, the Cronos Parasite Engine is an all new model.

Pre-order the Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine / Cronos Parasite Engine here at 20% off*: Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine / Cronos Parasite Engine

Dark Eldar Venom

Personally I’ve been waiting for the Venom since the new Dark Eldar Codex was released and the kit looks as good as I’d hoped. The Wyches should hopefully be easily swappable with the Kabalite miniatures that come with the Raider, allowing the option of representing the troop type being carried in either vehicle. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Dark Eldar Venom at 20% off* here: Dark Eldar Venom

*Prices correct as of 11th May 2011.

The new Warhammer Tomb Kings have now been unveiled by Games Workshop, after passing a casual eye over the new models online here’s what I think…

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx

I’m not sure how I feel about the Warsphinx, the individual aspects of the model all look brilliant but somehow I feel they don’t work together, I will need to see the model itself to make my mind up as it could just be due to the camera angles of the most of the pics. The Necrosphinx being a simpler model (design-wise) doesn’t suffer from this issue in my mind and looks fine. Click here & here for pics.

The Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx & Necrosphinx are both all new models.

Pre-order the Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx here at 20% off*: Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx

Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers

Another all new kit here. I’m feeling 100% positive about the Necropolis Knights & Sepulchral Stalkers kit, both incarnations of these models look nice, if slightly less immediately awesome as the Warsphinx.

The Necropolis Knights look believable, which is quite a feat considering that they are riding giant Cobras. Games Workshops cavalry kits have all been very impressive in the last couple of years. No more riders precariously perched on mounts nowadays, no siree, reins, chains and fists full of hair are all being grasped convincingly. Click here for pics.

I’m also liking the Sepulchral Stalkers, as far as I’m aware there have been no “snake-men” models from Games Workshop or Citadel for decades and it’s good to see this common fantasy archetype represented in the Tomb Kings army. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers at 20% off* here: Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers

Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

The new Tomb Guard boxed set replaces the old metal blister models. They look good and come with a range of options, including full command, they are also work out slightly cheaper than old metal models and are a very welcome release. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Tomb Kings Tomb Guard at 20% off* here: Tomb Kings Tomb Guard

*Prices correct as of 5th April 2011.

New Warhammer 40,000 Grey Knights

The new Warhammer 40,000 Grey Knights have now been revealed, after passing a casual eye over the new models online I have come to the following opinions.

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight

I really don’t know what I think of the Nemesis Dreadknight. One side of my brain insists it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread (you need to get out more – Ed) the other half thinks it just doesn’t look right… Could it be that it just looks too elegant, too manga, even for the Grey Knights? Click here for a pic.

Assuming you agree with the less negative side of my brain you can pre-order the Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight here at 20% off*: Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight

Grey Knight Terminators

The miniatures from the new Grey Knight Terminators new plastic boxed set look very similar to the old metal miniatures, which is a good thing as they’ve always looked great and they should fit into existing armies nicely. Reading through the box contents it looks like there are a good number of options, including some not available previously. Click here for a pic.

Pre-order the new Grey Knight Terminators at 20% off* here: Grey Knight Terminators

Grey Knights

Pretty much the same situation as with the Terminators; very similar to the old models but with some new options. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Grey Knights at 20% off* here: Grey Knights

Lord Kaldor Draigo

A nice looking Grey Knight character. Really great looking shield and standard on this chap, the shield in particular looks amazing, just dripping with Grey Knight text and iconography. Click here for pics.

Pre-order the new Lord Kaldor Draigo at 20% off* here: Lord Kaldor Draigo

*Prices correct as of 9th March 2011.