Ex-Illis intro tournament Saturday 17th September

Ex-Illis LogoOn Saturday 17th September Big Orbit Games is hosting an Ex-Illis beginners tournament, you don’t need to have played the game before and we will provide the miniatures for you to use.

Ex-Illis is a table top miniatures game combined with computer software that is used to decide the outcome of combat, magic etc.

In addition to this the Ex-Illis website keeps track of your armies progress and you can accrue experience acquire equipment much like you would in a Role-play game.

The event

Ex-Illis Screenshot
Ex-Illis Screenshot

Big Orbit Games will have 3 Ex-Illis tables set up during the tournament. A game of Ex-Illis takes about 20 minutes to play so there will be little waiting around between games (if you do have a gap you can always try your hand at another of the many games we have in store :)).

In order to take part in the tournament you will need to have a 30 day trial account for Ex-Illis, it will save time if you sign-up in advance (but this isn’t essential), you can sign-up here: http://www.ex-illis.com/. Sign-up is free and you will only be asked for your name and e-mail address.

If you’ve heard about Ex-Illis and wanted to see what it is all about or if you just want to try something new come on down. Come down whenever you like between 10:30am and 5pm, but you’ll get the most out of the day if you arrive before midday.

FREE mounted Knight Baneret model for all attendees.


Ex-Illis Emissarius

You’ll find us here:

Big Orbit Games
Cadbury Courtyard
Blackminster Business Park
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