Magnetised Tau Battlesuit Weapons

Tau battlesuits have a huge number of weapons options open to them. So, unless you will be sticking with the same configuration from game to game or don’t mind spending a lot of time (and money) building lots of differently configured battlesuits then you need to find a way to swap weapons and equipment between games. In this guide we’ll be showing you how to use magnets to achieve this. Magnets aren’t the only option but are much neater than the alternatives, blue-tac etc.

To magnetise our battlesuits we’ll be using Blue Demon magnets, these are the best quality we’ve found and are therefore very happy to recommend them, you can pick them up from our store here: Blue Demon Magnets

Materials used in this guide

Magnetised Tau Battlesuits MaterialsIn addition to the obligatory Tau battlesuit we used.

Step 1

Hole Drill in recess where weapon is mounted.

Step 2

Magnet glued in place flush with bottom of recess.

Step 3

Hole drilled in tab that fits in arm recess.

Step 4

M<agnet glued in place flush with top of tab.

Step 5

Both magnets are now in place and weapon will now attach to the arm.

The model is now ready for assembly and the magnets can be painted.

This method can be repeated on both sides of the weapon if required, giving you even more flexibility including the ability to use weapons on different arms.