Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #36

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. This week there are less cards than what we are used to being revealed in a week but the majority are very useful cards from Fighter’s Collection and Start Deck 2.

G-FTD01-001_(Sample)The big stride of the Start Deck, Golden Dragon, Ray Breath Dragon, has made his appearance though the quantity that you’ll receive is still unclear. Ray Breath Dragon has the Unite keyword (When two or more cards are placed on rear-guard circle or guardian circle that turn) which gives him +5000 power and all rear-guards in the front row +2000 power. For a first stride this can prove to be very useful and can fix up what would normally be a weak column because your rear-guard would be boosted by something like CoolgalSleimy, and the new Unite Perfect Guard than I’m sure they’ll be getting in G-BT07.

To help continue the rear-guard power we have Knight of Crimson Sun, Lenot. With a GB1 Lenot boosts for 9000 power as long as he is boosting a unit with the Unite keyword. A great thing to do is to combine this with the already shown Grade 2, Knight of New Sun, Catillus who gains +3000 when United making the column 21k making it a lot harder for your opponent to block the attacks, especially if you continue to combo this with Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon.

G-FC03-007-GR_(Sample)Now for Fighter’s Collection cards I will start with Granblue’s Demonic Sea Empress, Mairead. This stride has an ACT  with the cost of CB1, G blast, and discarding a card. If you pay the cost then you can choose normal units equal to the amount of Maireads face-up in your G zone from your drop zone where their Grade’s add up to Grade 4 or less and call them to separate rear-guards. It will take a while to be able to use this lady effectively in a game but Obadiah will be a great way to prepare for her if you use him on the first stride, but if you’re using a Granblue deck then there’s a good chance you’ll be using Obadiah on the first stride regardless. The discard is a bit troublesome but the Counter Blast is not so much. If you’re at the point where you can call three units then you can call two Grade 2s or a Grade 3 and Grade 1 which still allows you to bring out Grenache to get those Counter Charges.

Heavenly Deity of Guidance, Wakahirume is the OTT G unit for this set. With a GB2 and Oracle, and having a cost of CB1, SB1, and G Persona Blast, you get to draw a card when she attacks and choose a card from your hand and put it on top of your deck. This leaves you putting triggers on the top of your deck to them immediately trigger check it, a good reason to keep heals in your hand. The big problem people have with this card is that you have to have Oracle before your trigger check which can be hard for some OTT decks, though if you’re striding over the Grade 3 Susanoo then at least you get an extra draw on striding.

G-FC03-016-RRR_(Sample) (1)Murakumo get an extremely useful stride for their current Grade 3 boss, Yasuie. When this new Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Onibi Blader hits the Vanguard circle you can choose a Grade 3 from your hand and bring it onto the field, then you can give another rear-guard +2000 power and the ability to attack a Vanguard from the back row. The reason this works so well with Yasuie is you can choose which order to use Onibi Blader’s and Yasuie’s skill so you would most likely use Onibi’s skill to bring something onto the field and then Yasuie’s to clone two more copies. This card is simple but Murakumo needed it a lot because of how Yasuie’s skill would normally become useless if you don’t have the right set-up on the field before striding.

Finally for Neo Nectar we have Flower Princess of Perpetual Summer, Verano. When this G unit is placed on the Vanguard circle you can SB1, G blast, and choose a card from your hand and the drop zone and put them into your deck. If you do all of this then choose two cards from your hand to bring to the field and choose a number of rear-guards equal to the number of Veranos face-up in your G zone and clone those rear-guards. After that, shuffle your deck and the new units get boost until the end of turn. There is no restriction on what cards you can put back into the deck so you can choose to put the things you plan to clone or if you have no duplicates in your hand then you can start putting triggers back into the deck and perfect guards that may have fell into your drop zone.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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