Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #36

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. This week there are less cards than what we are used to being revealed in a week but the majority are very useful cards from Fighter’s Collection and Start Deck 2.

G-FTD01-001_(Sample)The big stride of the Start Deck, Golden Dragon, Ray Breath Dragon, has made his appearance though the quantity that you’ll receive is still unclear. Ray Breath Dragon has the Unite keyword (When two or more cards are placed on rear-guard circle or guardian circle that turn) which gives him +5000 power and all rear-guards in the front row +2000 power. For a first stride this can prove to be very useful and can fix up what would normally be a weak column because your rear-guard would be boosted by something like CoolgalSleimy, and the new Unite Perfect Guard than I’m sure they’ll be getting in G-BT07.

To help continue the rear-guard power we have Knight of Crimson Sun, Lenot. With a GB1 Lenot boosts for 9000 power as long as he is boosting a unit with the Unite keyword. A great thing to do is to combine this with the already shown Grade 2, Knight of New Sun, Catillus who gains +3000 when United making the column 21k making it a lot harder for your opponent to block the attacks, especially if you continue to combo this with Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon.

G-FC03-007-GR_(Sample)Now for Fighter’s Collection cards I will start with Granblue’s Demonic Sea Empress, Mairead. This stride has an ACT  with the cost of CB1, G blast, and discarding a card. If you pay the cost then you can choose normal units equal to the amount of Maireads face-up in your G zone from your drop zone where their Grade’s add up to Grade 4 or less and call them to separate rear-guards. It will take a while to be able to use this lady effectively in a game but Obadiah will be a great way to prepare for her if you use him on the first stride, but if you’re using a Granblue deck then there’s a good chance you’ll be using Obadiah on the first stride regardless. The discard is a bit troublesome but the Counter Blast is not so much. If you’re at the point where you can call three units then you can call two Grade 2s or a Grade 3 and Grade 1 which still allows you to bring out Grenache to get those Counter Charges.

Heavenly Deity of Guidance, Wakahirume is the OTT G unit for this set. With a GB2 and Oracle, and having a cost of CB1, SB1, and G Persona Blast, you get to draw a card when she attacks and choose a card from your hand and put it on top of your deck. This leaves you putting triggers on the top of your deck to them immediately trigger check it, a good reason to keep heals in your hand. The big problem people have with this card is that you have to have Oracle before your trigger check which can be hard for some OTT decks, though if you’re striding over the Grade 3 Susanoo then at least you get an extra draw on striding.

G-FC03-016-RRR_(Sample) (1)Murakumo get an extremely useful stride for their current Grade 3 boss, Yasuie. When this new Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Onibi Blader hits the Vanguard circle you can choose a Grade 3 from your hand and bring it onto the field, then you can give another rear-guard +2000 power and the ability to attack a Vanguard from the back row. The reason this works so well with Yasuie is you can choose which order to use Onibi Blader’s and Yasuie’s skill so you would most likely use Onibi’s skill to bring something onto the field and then Yasuie’s to clone two more copies. This card is simple but Murakumo needed it a lot because of how Yasuie’s skill would normally become useless if you don’t have the right set-up on the field before striding.

Finally for Neo Nectar we have Flower Princess of Perpetual Summer, Verano. When this G unit is placed on the Vanguard circle you can SB1, G blast, and choose a card from your hand and the drop zone and put them into your deck. If you do all of this then choose two cards from your hand to bring to the field and choose a number of rear-guards equal to the number of Veranos face-up in your G zone and clone those rear-guards. After that, shuffle your deck and the new units get boost until the end of turn. There is no restriction on what cards you can put back into the deck so you can choose to put the things you plan to clone or if you have no duplicates in your hand then you can start putting triggers back into the deck and perfect guards that may have fell into your drop zone.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #35

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. We have quite the variation this week with Legend Deck 2 cards, Start Deck 2 cards, G-BT07, and promo cards!


The first thing we were shown for G-BT07 is the new forms of Gurguit, Gavrail, and Gallop. This makes the new Start Deck even more desirable knowing that Gurguit will be getting a new form. It will most likely be the GR of the set but luckily instead of four GRs per case, as of G-BT07 we will be getting ten GRs per case! I’m sure this is a change that many people have been waiting for and are excited about.

Doreen_the_ThrusterMore exciting news about this set is that a highly sought after card is finally getting the reprint she deserves. If you don’t know about Doreen the Thruster she is a card from the original BT03 and proved to be a powerful asset in any Dark Irregulars deck. With her skill of getting +3000 power until the end of turn every time something goes into the soul combined with her being a Grade 1 has allowed her to remain powerful even in new G decks. Most people who use Gilles de Rais want this card because of Gille de Rais’ skill of preventing your opponent from using a Grade 1 or higher to guard, it’s already hard enough guard a G unit in the first place.

To accompany Doreen in this set we have Wings of Reincarnation, Blade Wing Reijy, another familiar face. This new form of Reijy is still a Grade 3 with two skills, his first one works from the soul and gives you the option to Counter Blast 1 and drop three cards from your hand, if you do when your Grade 3 Blade Wing Vanguard’s attack didn’t hit then you can ride Wings of Reincarnation, Blade Wing Reijy stood. His second skill would have you Soul Blast 15 when he is on the Vanguard circle if you have the original Blade Wing Reijy in the soul to give you +15000 power and +2 critical! Though it is a lot of power, it can be easily nullified with a perfect guard so it’s more of a final push, all or nothing. On the bright side, if everything does go wrong then your attack then you can at least use the new Blade Wing Tibold stride to put all those Soul Blast’d cards back into your deck, preventing you from decking out and getting all those triggers back into your deck.

steam-knights.fwGear Chronicle get a new useful Time Leaper Grade 2, Steam Knight, Mudal. When Mudal’s attack hits a Vanguard, if you are at GB1,  you can bind Mudal to Soul Blast 1 and Time Leap another unit. He doesn’t come back at the end of the turn but as an ACT you can Soul Blast 1 to bring him onto a rear-guard circle with +2000 power. Being able to pick and choose when to bring him back out with him safe in the bind zone against most clans makes him a nice little unit to bring into your deck. You may even want to use his Soul Charge to fuel something other than himself like Steam Fighter, Mesh-he to replenish your Counter Blasts.

Kimnara is back with his new form, Mighty Dragon Mage, Kimnara. First off he has the Blaze keyword that will make your Vanguard “Blazing” if at the beginning of your first attack you have more rear-guards than your opponent. Next, if your Vanguard is Blazing then at the end of the battle that Kimnara attacked you can Counter Blast 1 and put him into the soul to retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards. He can be useful thanks to the lack of Generation Break but he’s a Grade 2 with only 8k power so unfortunately he probably won’t be seen in many Kagero decks.

angel.fwWe get a nice little Grade 1 for Angel Feathers in the next Booster. Nurse of Smash Heart only has 5000 power but each time a unit is put from the damage zone into the drop zone you may Soul Blast 1 to draw a card. With the benefit of it not having a Generation Break means even the early heal triggers can give you more benefits. In the late game, using things like Holy Seraph, Raphael and Dreamlight Unicorn will help to pull off her effect and you’ll suddenly have hardly any damage and a load of cards in your hand to defend with.

Dimension Police also get some love with Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter. He is one of the Glimmer Breath clones but I feel he is one of the more useful ones of the lot. When Grandrifter is placed on a rear-guard circle, you have a Gallop Vanguard, and you are at GB1 then you may Counter Blast and Soul Blast 1 to give Grandrifter +4000 power and to give your Vanguard +4000 power with the added skill that if your Vanguard attacks with 40000 or more power then you draw a card.

marciaFinally for G-BT07 is the Gold Paladin, Knight of Thin Sun, Marcia. She is another 8k Grade 2 lacking in any Generation Break but she does get the Resist skill to make the 8k more worth it as well as one other ability. She has the Unite keyword that means when two or more units are placed on the rear-guard circle or guardian circle in one turn then her Unite conditions have been met and if she is United, at the end of the turn you can put her into the soul to Counter Charge 1, essentially making you get rid of her for a Soul Charge and Counter Charge. This is a nice little trick to be able to Unite your other units every turn without losing too much and she could also work well in some of the older Gold Paladin decks with her not needing to rely on Generation Break.

Continuing with the Gold Paladins it’s time to go through the Start Deck 2 cards. First of all is Knight of New Sun, Catillus, another Unite card. When he is United he gains +3000 power. This may seem like your usual 12k Grade 2 at first but thanks to Unite working for the guardian circle too then he can become a 12k on your opponent’s turn too, hopefully stopping your opponent from trying to kill your rear-guards.

There is also a Grade 3 version of Catillus coming in this deck, Divinity Lancer Dragon, with it becoming a 14k Grade 3 on either your’s or your opponent’s turn. He will make a nice backup Grade 3 for Gurguit and even if you don’t stride you can still get some power in thanks to Lancer Dragon.

Holy Mage, Elio will be the one to superior call the units from the top of the deck. When this Grade 2’s attack hits you can Counter Blast 1 and put him into the soul to look at the top three cards of your deck and put one of them onto the rear-guard circle. He is another card that can be used in early game which makes him seem a lot better and easy to use in all Gold Paladin decks.

G-LD02-004_(Sample)Onto the Legend Deck and we finally have the boss card shown, Dragonic Overlord “The Legend”! When this unit is placed on the Vanguard circle you can Soul Blast 1 and Counter Blast 1 to look at the top five cards and search for a Flame Dragon race Grade 3 to put in your hand. Then with a GB2, CB1, and dropping a Flame Dragon Grade 3 from your hand, Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” gains +15000 power and an extra Drive check AND once per turn, if he attacked a rear-guard, you can drop three cards from your hand and re-stand Dragonic Overlord and he keeps his new triple drive. This is a extremely strong Grade 3 and getting four of these in the Legend Deck as well as four L’Express just continues to add to the immense power of this deck.

For the perfect guard of the deck we have Aermo back as clone of the PGG Nemain. When Flame of Peace, Aermo is used to guard then you may nullify the attack if you drop another card from your hand. If you have another Flame of Peace, Aermo in the drop zone then you can draw a card and drop a card. Chances are most people will still be using Protect Orb Dragon but Aermo will help you get the Flame Dragons in your hand for “The Legend”‘s skill.

People have been waiting for Conroe, and yes, his new form is just as good as his old one. Lizard General, Conroe at first seems pretty standard, when he is placed on a rear-guard circle you can reveal a Grade 3 from your hand and search your deck for a card with “Overlord” in the name and put it into your hand, then drop any card from your hand. A lot of clans have had this kind of card but it works great for Overlord decks because of things like Dragonic Overlord “The X”, The End, and “The Ace” which involve dropping Dragonic Overlords from your hand and the new “The Legend” for dropping Flame Dragons. His second ability is an ACT which would have him retire himself to give your Overlord Vanguard the ability that lets you Counter Charge 2 everytime it attacks. Considering Dragonic Overlord cards tend to attack 2 – 3 times a turn this second skill basically resets your damage zone for Counter Blasts which means you can activate all your crazy abilities all over again.

All that’s left of the Legend Deck are the triggers, which are all vanilla. The crit, Tenpou Master, Hakkai. A second crit, Seiten Master, Goku (That’s quite the down-grade… it’s a little embarrassing.). Kenren Master, Gojo the draw trigger. Finally Sanzou Master, Genjo the heal trigger.

G-FC03-005-GR_(Sample)For Fighter’s Collection Pale Moon will have a GR stride, Dreamy Axel, Milward. With a GB2 you can Soul Blast 1 and G Blast to Magia out two units with an added 4000 power. Then choose as many of your rear-guards equal to the amount of Dreamy Axel, Milwards face-up in your G zone, and when those units’ attacks hit a Vanguard you can choose a card from your soul and call it over another card. Using Darkside Princess will add to this power boost putting her at 17000 power on her own and with her going into the soul anyway you may as well bring something out on top of her.

Kagero get a RRR stride, Flame Emperor Dragon King, Iresist Dragon, who is useful as the first and potential back-up if things go wrong. When this unit’s attack hits you can Soul Blast 1 to retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards and also retire the other rear-guard sharing the column. The second part of this effect gets past resist and will give you a better chance to put your Vanguard in the Blazing state next turn.

Now onto some promos, starting off with the Gear Chronicle promo, Crunching Worker. When Crunching Worker is placed on a rear-guard circle you can either have him lose one grade or gain one grade which will allow you to Time Leap him to anything from Grade 1 to Grade 3, making him an extremely flexible unit. I hear that the space for Grade 1s in Gear Chronicle is a little tight so this poor guy might struggle to see some play but I think he’s a very useful and interesting card.

PR-0398_(Sample)Next we have a couple of promos that were originally only shown in the manga. The first one is Raven Hair Ezel. He is the first of his kind with having a Break Ride-like ability but needing an Ultimate Break (Limit Break 5) to activate it, leading people to dub it Ultimate Ride or Ultimate Break Ride. When he is placed over a Grade 3 Ezel Vanguard and you have five damage then this unit gains +10000 power and your opponent cannot use Grade 1s or higher to guard. This is really a final push card but him being a Grade 3 himself will at least allow you to ride over him again and pull off the effect once more. If Ezel gets a bit more support in G-BT07 then this card may see a good place in current decks.

Secondly we have Excite Battle Sister, Gelato. When she is placed on the Vanguard circle you can Soul Blast 1 if you have a Battle Sister heart to look at the top cards of your deck equal to the amount of Battle Sisters you have on the field and choose one of the cards to put into your hand. Unfortunately Battle Sisters need a little bit more power before they can match the rest of Oracle Think Tank but that’s not to say that this card is bad, they just need something else to help them, maybe a big Battle Sister finisher.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #21 Part 2

Welcome back to this multi-part weekly card update for this week. In this part we will be talking about the Oracle Think Tank and Pale Moon units shown for G-BT05 as well as a special Fighter’s Collection card.

G-BT05-056Battle Sister, Muffin is a new Critical Trigger that can be put back on top of the deck. If you do put her on the top of the deck and you have a Vanguard with “Battle Sister” in it’s name you can give another rear-guard +3000 and if you have five or more cards in your hand when the attack hits you can Counter Charge 2 which is really handy for Battle Sisters and their excessive Counter Blasting. Seeing as you only need a Battle Sister Vanguard you can give this ability to cards like Silent Tom to give you a better chance of hitting.

Susanoo has been given a little bit of support with the Critical Trigger, Divine Sword, Kusanagi. Kusanagi is a Heart Thump Worker clone where if your Vanguard with “Susanoo” in it’s name attacks you can put him into the soul to draw a card and give your Vanguard +5000 power. The power helps but the one draw isn’t amazing for OTT seeing as they draw a lot with their other skills anyway. Tankman Mode Interrupt  is another card that allows you to draw two cards when he is placed on a rear-guard circle by Counter Blasting 1. If you do you can either discard two cards from your hand or discard one card with the Oracle keyword. With only having 7k power and being a Grade 2 he doesn’t seem very good but he doesn’t have a Generation Break either so at least you can use him early on.

G-BT05-046On to the Magus cards we have a new Grade 3, Ring Magus. When Ring Magus attacks a Vanguard you may Counter Blast 1 and predict a card, reveal the top card of your deck and if the card has the same name as you predicted then you put that card into your hand and Ring Magus gains +3000 power. Another Magus that helps with draws is the new forerunner, Semilunar Magus. You may predict the top card of your deck, if your prediction was correct you put her into the soul and draw two. As you may be able to tell the new Globe Magus stride works fantastically with these cards by being able to look at the top card whenever you wish.

Rhombus Magus with a simple 7k Grade 1 can make for some very strong columns. When she attacks and you have a Magus Vanguard you can do your usual Magus predictions and if you predicted correctly she gains +5000 power becoming a 14k Grade 2.

In the event that you run out of Counter Blasts, Cone Magus has you covered. When she is placed on rear-guard you can make a prediction and if it’s correct you can Counter Charge 2. This will help for the Counter Blasts that Ring Magus and Stellar Magus will be constantly using so it may be wise to run 3-4 of Cone Magus.

G-BT05-050Magus also have defensive options with the help of Octagon Magus and the new vanilla draw trigger Triangle Magus. When Octagon Magus is placed on the guardian circle you can predict a card and if it was correct she gains +10000 shield. It’s nice to see a strong guard still with 7k power to make her more flexible with either attack or defence.

As far as Magus go I think they are really cool. When they first came out they didn’t have much to go by and they used up their Counter Blasts very quickly but with the help of these units and Globe Magus I think they will be used a lot more and will prove to be a very good sub clan.

Some more Legion hate comes in the form of the Cray Elemental, Earth Elemental, Dogats. He has a CONT on the rear-guard where it changes the cost of Legion-ing to make it so if you want to Legion you can only put Grade 2s or higher back into your deck, preventing you or you opponent from putting Triggers and Perfect Guards back into the deck. You’ll obviously be wanting to use this in a non-Legion deck and hope that you can screw up your opponent’s plans with it, plus he has 9000 power so he can still do some decent damage if your opponent isn’t using Legion.

G-BT05-002EN-GR_(Sample)The new Harri stride for Pale Moon has made it’s grand entrance and is the second GR in this set. Dragon Masquerade, Harri has a GB3 though his skill is definitely worth it. When he attacks a Vanguard you may Counter Blast 2 and put one of your rear-guards into your soul, if you do you can choose three units in your soul to put onto the field and if you have five or more rear-guards then your opponent has to put two of their rear-guards into their soul, then at the end of the turn you must put the newly called units back into your soul. Putting two rear-guards into your opponents soul may give them some Soul Blast fuel (or if they’re Dark Irregulars, some extra power) but I think it’s well worth it in order to thin out their field. Darkside Princess would be a great card to bring out due to her power and she’s going to go back into the soul anyway so you may as well make it worth it. Flying Peryton would also be a good option to bring out if you still have an empty circle so you can use Harri to his full extent.

Masquerade Bunny is the stride fodder for Harri so when she’s placed on the rear-guard circle you may reveal a Grade 3 to search your deck for a Grade 3 Harri to put into you hand and then drop a card. Her other ability is when you discard her for stride she counts as a Grade 3. It’s a shame she’ll be used to be thrown away all the time, especially as she indicates that she will die if she feels lonely…

G-BT05-020Harri also gets a very beautiful Perfect Guard G, Darkside Mirror Master, to unflip some of those Counter Blasts and a Heart Thump Worker clone, Darkside Sword Master, to go into the soul to give some extra power and a draw.

A nice little back-up Grade 3 for Harri is Beauteous Beast Tamer, Alexis. When Alexis’s attack hits a Vanguard you may Counter Blast 1 to Soul Charge 1 and choose a Grade 2 or less from your soul and call it to rear-guard. This does need a GB1 but the unit called doesn’t go back into the soul. This is also good as a last resort from trying to fill up your field for Dragon Masquerade, Harri but you would also be risking a lot relying on this card for that purpose.

Speaking of good back-up Grade 3s we also have Foolsmile Wyvern, a Grade 3 that works both on the Vanguard circle and rear-guard circle and doesn’t have a Generation Break. As an ACT you may Counter Blast 1 to use the Magia effect of bringing a card from the soul onto the field and then putting it back afterwards. This is a far more reliable option than Alexis but Foolsmile’s new unit will only be around for one turn.

G-BT05-079The clowns are back  with Spicy Clown and Intensely Sweet Clown but with GB1 abilities. When a unit is called from the soul onto a rear-guard circle Spicy Clown gives +2000 power to the Vanguard and himself. This is very similar to the ability shown by Nurse of Broken Heart from the previous set and can boost up your front row really well, especially if you have two Spicy Clowns. Intensely Sweet Clown gains +5000 power when placed on a rear-guard circle from the soul. I’m sure you can see how well these two units work together and how devastating each column could seem to your opponent.

A great Stand Trigger has been shown for Pale Moon. Mischievous Girl of the Mirrorland can be put on top of the deck when she would be put into the soul. If you do put her into the deck then you can search your deck for a card not named Mischievous Girl of the Mirrorland and put it into the soul. This can be good for a load of cards, especially  Darkside Princess, Upright Lion, and even Nightmare Doll, Alice.

Dreaming Bicorn is the new Forerunner for Pale Moon. When a unit is put into the soul you may also put this into the soul to give +3000 power to three rear-guards. Some people may decide to run this as their starter instead of Happiness Collector but I think they have their own place in different decks. For Dreaming Bicorn it may suit a Nightmare Doll deck better than a Harri deck to give those Alices a nice boost in power.

G-BT05-081Speaking of Nightmare Dolls, they get a couple more direct support cards in this set to help out Catherine and Alice. The first one is Nightmare Doll, Ginny that, when she is placed on a rear-guard circle you may put her into the soul, if you do, you can call a Nightmare Doll, Alice from your soul onto the rear-guard circle and give her +5000 power until the end of the turn. This is why Michievous Girl of the Mirrorland is so good to give you a much better chance of getting Alice into the soul.

The second card for Alice and Catherine is Nightmare Doll, Leslie. When a Nightmare Doll, Alice is put onto the rear-guard circle from the soul you can stand up Leslie. This constant onslaught of Alice attacks will really pressure your opponent with the only downside being it takes up a lot Counter Blasts. Luckily Leslie and Ginny don’t take up any Counter Blasts but you will still have to be wise as to when you want to use the precious face-up damage.

G-FC02-019-RRR_(Sample)But wait! The Nightmare Doll support doesn’t end there. They have recently revealed a new stride unit for Nightmare Dolls to come out in the next Fighter’s Collection. Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix allows you to choose three “Workeroid” (race) units to put into the soul after she’s attacked to then put Beatrix back into the G-Zone and call two Workeroid units from your soul to rear-guard. This only works if you have a Nightmare Doll heart but the flexibility of being able to call Workeroids means you won’t only be able to call out Nightmare Dolls but also cards like Jumping Jill, Nitro Juggler, Peek-a-boo, etc. This card is mostly useful for bringing out Alice and because Beatrix goes back to the G-Zone, if you have Catherine as your heart you can give Alice the +1000 power and skill that Catherine gives. A truly great stride for helping out the Nightmare Dolls.

Lastly we have a couple of Silver Thorns. Silver Thorn Magician, Colette Soul Charges one when they are placed on a rear-guard circle if you have a “Luquier” Vanguard, and if the Soul Charged unit was a “Silver Thorn” Colette also gains +3000 power for the turn. And the last unit is Silver Thorn Puppet Master, Euphemia who eliminates the Limit Break 4 restriction, which is a good way to get Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Яeverse” and Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier using their skills a little earlier on. I would say Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier as well but seeing as her skill costs a Counter Blast 3 it’s not going to make an overly big difference.

Well that’s it for the Oracle Think Tank and Pale Moon for G-BT05. Be sure to check part 3 where I will be talking about the all the Narukami units in the same set as well as a sweet Beast Deity stride that comes in Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #20

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! We have a huge amount of cards to get through this week from the Monthly Bushiroad reveals cards from all the different clans and even showing cards from the new G Technical Booster: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE, which gives support to the very unsupported Tachikaze, Spike Brothers, and Nubatama!

G-BT05-104-C_(Sample)To start off we have a card that every deck can use. Remember Miss Mist? That one card that was essentially a perfect guard against Legions with Grade 2 mates? Well thanks to this new little Cray Elemental everyone can have that power within their hands! If you use this little guy to guard and your opponent has a Grade 2 Vanguard then he completely nullifies the attack. Unlike Miss Mist, Heat Elemental, Juju can’t use this card to perfect guard anything below Grade 2 but being able to perfect guard most Legions is what will really draw people to the card.

History-maker Dragon, who has been shown a lot in the anime, has been revealed to come in Trial Deck 6. With a Generation Break 1 when he attacks a Vanguard you can Counter Blast 1 to Time Leap one of your other rear-guards (Place it in the Bind Zone and search your deck for a card with one Grade higher then that card and place it on a rear-guard circle. Then at the end of the turn put the newly called unit at the bottom of your deck and call the bound unit back to a rear-guard circle.). This is a great card for a Trial Deck and doesn’t need to be boosted unlike Amber. Another Trial Deck card is an 11k Grade 3, Classic Gun Dragon. When he is placed on Vanguard or rear-guard circle you can give a rear-guard the Time Leap ability when that unit hits a Vanguard to then choose another of your rear-guards and Time Leap it. It seems that even with just the Trial Deck cards you’ll be able to flop all your cards around the field and reap the benefits of on-call abilities and on-bind abilities.

Techical.4Now for the clans that everyone has forgotten about! For the Technical Booster I’ll start with Tachikaze’s Destruction Tyrant, Twin Tempest. With a Generation Break 2, Counter Blast 2, Soul Blast 2, AND retiring three of your rear-guards, this Stride unit retires all rear-guards on the field. Luckily this effect happens when he attacks, giving your rear-guards a chance to attack first. Make sure not to forgot Tachikaze’s abilities of coming back after being retired, allowing for even more attacks and an easy fill of your field. It’s a very heavy cost but I’m expecting a Grade 3 with an on-stride skill of Counter Blast 1 to call two units you retired back to rear-guard, as well as perhaps some units that are free to call back but have a Generation Break 1.

An odd but cool Grade 3 that Tachikaze gets is Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando. He has a good ol’ Limit Break 4 which allows him to retire one of his “Ancient Dragon” rear-guards at the end of the turn to choose a Grade 3 from your Soul, Ride it, then put Spinocommando from your Soul into your hand and then draw an extra card. On the turn that he is placed on the Vanguard Circle he can also call an “Ancient Dragon” that was put into the Drop Zone to a open rear-guard circle with a Counter Blast 1 with “Ancient Dragon” in it’s name. Getting Spinocommando back in your hand can either be used to Stride, help to activate his second skill every turn, or even just for for extra rear-guard power, the draw is always nice too. A great card to use this with would be the Break Ride, Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver, to give you +10000 power and +1 Crit every turn!

Techical.3The strider for Nubatama is Stealth Dragon, Shiranui, and as always with Nubatama this guy will be messing with your opponent completely. With a Counter Blast 1 when you Stride over this guy you choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and bind it, then your opponent has to discard a card from their hand. With a hit from Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan you will be able to discard two cards from your opponent’s hand which can easily make a big difference for what your opponent can do on their turn. If your opponent manages to get their hand size up again then that can still work in your favour. With Shiranui’s GB2, if the number of cards in your hand is less than your opponent’s, then he gets +5000 power and +1 Crit! From this card I have a lot of hope for the future of these demon-dragon-ninjas.

The Spike Brothers card that has been shown, Bulldozer Daub, has also shown off Spike Brothers’s new keyword, “Charge”. A unit goes into the Charge state when they are placed onto a rear-guard circle due to an effect, then at the end of the turn it goes to the bottom of the deck. In exchange for them going back to the deck they are gifted with powerful abilities which Bulldozer Daub will be showing off. He’s a Grade 3 with a GB1 that, when he’s in Charge state, gains +10000 power until the end of the turn. This is an amazing back-up Grade 3 and may finally be the one to replace Juggernaut Maximum. I’m sorry, Juggernaut Maximum, though I’m sure many players would thank you for helping them since the very beginning.

The new Susanoo Stride, Destroyer Dragon Battle Deity, Kamususanoo, has caused a fair bit of disappointment to the fans of Oracle Think Tanks. With a G Persona Blast he gains the ability that, when his attack hits, look at the top two cards of your deck and choose one to put in your hand and then put the other at the bottom of your deck. He also gains a GB3 which gives all the rear-guards +2000 power. The main issue people have is that the first part of his skill needs his attack to hit and you have to pay the cost before he’s hit. Only drawing one extra card is a bit small for a RRR Oracle Think Tank  Stride but I feel the second part really helps OTT. Giving +2000 power to all rear-guards will make Silent Tom that much better and with a boost from the new Imperial Shrine Guard, Sumiyoshi you can get Silent Tom to 21k power! More support for Susanoo comes in the form of Imperial Shrine Guard, Akagi which is the Glimmer Breath clone. When he’s placed on rear-guard circle with a GB1, CB1, and SB1, with a Susanoo Vanguard, you can look at the top two cards of your deck, choose one to put in your hand, and then he gains 2k power. Some people may still want to use Diviner, Kuroikazuchi instead but this guy can by nice for the extra power and getting a choice between two instead of just drawing one from the top of your deck.

G-BT05-004-RRR_(Sample)People may be disappointed with Susanoo but when it comes to the Magus’s it’s completely the opposite! One Who Sees the Stars, Globe Magus is the Stride unit for the Magus sub-clan and does what they do best on a much larger scale than ever before. If you have a heart with “Magus” in it’s name Globe Magus gains a Continuous ability that allows it to look at the top card of your deck at any time as many times as you like while she’s the Vanguard. This will be great for Stellar Magus to easily be able to draw extra cards when she attacks, and it’s always nice to see if you’ll be getting triggers. You can use this effect just before she goes back to the G Zone to see what card you would be getting if you were to take damage on your opponent’s turn.

Flip Crooney is a nice little generic Grade 3 back-up for Oracle Think Tank. With a GB1 and Oracle (Having five or more cards in hand) if his attack hits you may look at the top two cards of your deck and put one into you hand. With no cost this a sweet ability and having Susanoo’s power boost you can make a pretty easy 21k column with him. Beam Shower Turtle Allows for the strong power to be accompanied with strong defence. When he is placed on the guardian circle you may Soul Blast 2 to give him an extra 10k shield, making him a 15k defender. It is likely that there will be a few cards in your Soul that you don’t need so the cost of this card doesn’t seem too bad. The last of the Oracle Think Tank is Magical Calico. He is a new Forerunner with GB1 and Oracle and the ability to go into the Soul and drop one card to search for three cards in your deck, reveal them to your opponent, your opponent then chooses two of the three cards to put into the drop zone and the last one goes to your hand. This may be useful for Legion decks but the GB1 kinda makes it a little harder to use.

G-BT05-005-RRR_(Sample)Like Susanoo, Dragonic Vanquisher has had his Stride Fusion revealed. Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher “VOLTAGE” can be a great alternative for Conquest Dragon depending on how your deck works. With a G Persona Blast he gains two abilities, the first one being an on-hit ability where your opponent must retire one of their rear-guards and then you choose two of their units in the drop zone and bind them. The second one is a GB3 that gives your front row +3000 power for each card in your opponent’s bind zone. This can add up for some ridiculously strong units in the front row but does require some good preparation first.

As well as having Rockclimb Dragoon and Voltage Horn Dragon, there is also a forerunner that binds. Wildrun Dragoon has a GB1 that allows him to go into the soul to let your opponent choose a card from their drop zone to bind and then if you have a Thunder Break 2 you can give a rear-guard +5000 power. Dragon Dancer, Bernadette is a 6k Grade 1 with a Thunder Strike 2 that allows for a  Soul Blast 1 to give the boosted unit +3000 power and if the attack hits you can Counter Blast 1 to have your opponent retire one of their units and then binds it. All this power and binding will rack up to help for a final push with “VOLTAGE”.

G-BT05-006-RRR_(Sample)The new Eradicator Stride seems like a powered up version of Gauntlet Buster Dragon which is most likely why they work together. True Eradicator, Finish Blow Dragon gets the fairly cheap cost of Counter Blast 1 and G Persona Blast to gain the ability where he gains +5000 power and +1 Crit for everyone of your opponent’s rear-guards that are retired on that turn. As a bonus, if you have Gauntlet Buster as a heart, he gets to retire a unit when you pay for this skill. This can be used with so many different cards to maximise the effectiveness such as Cho-Ou, Voltage HornKoenshak, Cho-Jun, Saucer Cannon Wyvern, and more.

Eradicator, Angercharge Dragon can also help give a power boost to Finish Blow. When Angercharge is placed on a rear-guard circle you may Counter Blast 1 with “Eradicator” in its name to take the top card of your deck and put it into your damage zone. If that card have “Eradicator” in it’s name then your opponent must retire one of their cards. At the end of the turn you heal a card in the damage zone, meaning you can heal the card you Counter Blasted. This is a good back up but risky and if you’re at five damage he becomes useless unless you want to lose.

Clown Demonic Dragon, Lunatech Dragon allows for a strong first Stride for Pale Moon. You may G Persona Blast when he is placed to give him the effect where every card that comes out from your Soul onto a rear-guard circle gains +2000 power. Considering your units will be coming in and out of the Soul like nobody’s business this extra power will really help, especially when you can only bring a couple out so your front row will be able to hit without needing a boost. If you then have a GB3 he gains an extra critical just like that! This is a pretty solid card but we’ll have to see what the new Harri Stride can do before we can really judge Lunatech.

Darkside Princess is a Grade 2 Pale Moon unit allows you to give it +5000 power and if you do then she is sent to the Soul after the battle. This card works really well with Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty, allowing you to call a new unit with Magia where Darkside Princess once stood. Through Betty you can then call Flying Peryton who has Magia and GB1 for when he is placed on a rear-guard circle you have Soul Charge 1 and then you are able to choose a card from your Soul to call to the rear-guard space in the same column as this card. It would retire Betty used in this way but it will give you a fresh new stood column to attack with.

Another way to get Flying Peryton could be through Burst Rough Dragon. with a GB1 you may SB1 at the beginning of your main phase to call a card from your Soul to a rear-guard circle and then put it back at the end of the turn. Also when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to choose a Grade 2 from your Soul and place it on a rear-guard circle. The second ability isn’t Magia so it stays there and you are able to Stride the same turn.

GBT05042Accomplished Pen and Sword Gear Hound Continues with Gear Chronicle’s Time Leap abilities. When your drive check reveals a Grade 3 and you are at GB1 you may Time Leap this unit. Making this a Grade 3 will allow for a continuous attack force on your side and if you have two of these then your opponent will be using up a lot of their hand to defend your front row. There is also a Grade 1 version of this called Becoming Cornerstone Gear Turtle.

Steam Battler, Ku-bau is a Grade 3 that takes advantage of being Time Leapt (Time Leap-ed? I dunno..). When he is placed on rear-guard circle from the Bind Zone you may Counter Charge 1. He also has a Vanguard ability for when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to give another unit the Time Leap ability so at the end of the battle that that unit attacked, you may Time Leap it. Just to make sure every Grade gets Time Leap Tick Tock Worker was shown to be able to Time Leap another rear-guard by going into the Soul. Hopefully they’ll make more cards that take effect in the Bind Zone so all this Time Leaping will be even more effective.

Messiah has gained even more forms! Her new forms are Sacrifice Messiah who locks herself when another of your rear-guards are locked. If you do you may Counter Charge 1 and you can choose a rear-guard to give +3000 power. Being able to lock itself when something else has been locked is great for Amnesty Messiah and Excelics Messiah to gain those power boosts. Blink Messiah is the second new Messiah who is a Heart Thump Worker clone. When your Vanguard with “Messiah” in its name attacks, you may put this into your Soul and your Vanguard gains +5000 power and you draw a card.

Well, this concludes this rather large update. I have to say the thing I find the most exciting out of all of this is the new Technical Booster which is released on February 19th. I just really enjoy seeing not very supported clans getting a big boost. It’s also nice to see all these Keywords being used in the cards, it makes every clan just that little bit more different. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

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