Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #17 Guest Writer!

Hello! I’m Simon and I will be today’s guest writer! You will usually find me lurking around the store, prodding customers and shouting table numbers out. So while James is busy swashbuckling pirates on the English Channel or calculating the trajectory ready for his personal voyage to Mars (He’s a part time rocket scientist ya know), I’ll take you through this week’s latest Cardfight Vanguard spoilers and syphon off some of my incredible knowledge for you to gleam. And by incredible knowledge I mean my complete lack of understanding of any Clan other than Link Joker. So, onwards, to the cards!

I’ll start today by talkingHappiness Collector about Happiness Collector, the new Forerunner from Pale Moon’s first ever Trial Deck, G-TD07 Illusionist of the Crescent Moon (I started with a Forerunner, get it?). Her ability, with a GB1 condition, is to place her into the soul when another unit enters RG and in return you Soul Charge 1 and draw a card. Now that is good value from a Forerunner. Happiness Collector could potentially be a recurring source of draw by doing some Soul juggling (See what I did there?) and because there’s no CB/SB cost involved, it’s practically free! Hopefully the next Pale Moon card that pulls units out of the soul won’t be too Magia keyword specific but only time will tell there.

The Pale Moon TD also brings a beautiful delight in the form of a new Stride unit, Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda. Her sole ability (I’ll stop now) is an on-hit, Soul Charge 1, bounce any unit out of the Soul, give it +2k power and then return it whence it came at the end of Ardor Dragon Master, Amandaturn. Immediately I’m drawing a comparison to Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford which was the PM Stride from FC2015. Both units have a very similar ability but with enough differences to justify either inclusion in a deck. Amanda has the unique ‘Magia’ keyword which until we see more units utilising it will be difficult to judge so we’ll have to compare the rest of the ablity for now. She Soul Charges 1, Clifford doesn’t, and indiscriminate charging can be mixed in a PM deck. You can then call any unit, Clifford can only call G2 or lower, so she wins there. Then the unit has to be returned, whilst Clifford lets it stay out and play. Again this is a mixed point because some units want to stay on the field, others would benefit from being called out repeatedly. With all that in mind, I’m in favour of Amanda over Clifford but it really does depend on the deck’s construction and your preferences.

Let’s leave the Dark Zone to its tricks though and cast our eyes out over calm seas to Magallanica. Too calm. I sense a storm is approaching! Yes that was a torturous introduction to the new G-CB02 Commander of the Incessant Waves spoilers but we got there in the end.

Blue Wave Drago, Dagger Master DracokidFirst unit that comes in to view is Blue Wave Dragon, Dagger Master Dracokid, a new Forerunner for that makes anyone planning on playing Blue Waves go weak at the knees. Rather then reiterate, I’ll drop the rules text in and let you revel in the majesty. [ACT](RC) Generation Break 1:[Counter Blast (1) & Put this unit into your soul] Choose one of your vanguards with “Blue Wave” in its card name, until end of turn, it gets “[AUTO](VC)Wave-2nd time or more:When this unit attacks a vanguard, draw a card.” and “[AUTO](VC)Wave-5th time or more:When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of that battle.”.

“I heard you like restanding your Vanguard, oh, but you want to be rewarded for restanding them? Well sure, draw a card and then next time have an extra Crit, its on the house!” Ok so I may be bigging Mr Dagger Master up a little but he is a great supporter for a blowout turn, not only netting you cards but also forcing your opponent to seriously consider which attacks to guard or not. Some players will argue the +1 Crit at the end is redundant, but is it? This could cause your opponent to actually let early swings through, as Crit Triggers are not guaranteed, in order to keep PG’s lined up for that 5th swing. Either way I think this little Tear Dragon is something to watch out for and snipe away if you can.


Surfing up the Grades brings us to Battle Siren, Chloris, a G1 with an interesting pair of Battle Siren, Chlorisabilities. Her first one is on Wave-4th or more, Soul Blast 1 if she’s boosting to bind the top card of your deck face up. This is where it gets very interesting. At the beginning of a guard step where you’re attacked you can cast an inquisitive glance at the cards you’ve binded, maybe pensively touch a finger to your lips, venting over the tough predicament you’re in, then SNATCH THOSE BINDED CARDS UP AND SLAM THEM DOWN IN THE GC WITH +5K SHIELD! OH YES YOU CAN! Ahem. Sorry for that outburst. It’s just really awesome to see an alternative hand of sorts, something you can use to guard in a Clan known primarily for its aggression. Whilst your opponent will have total awareness of what’s happening and could potentially remove Chloris, causing you to lose those cards, the opportunity for that extra guarding is an intriguing one.

Following on from this, and its a tough few acts to follow, we have Blue Wave Soldier, Bright Shooter who is a simple supporter for Striding. His Wave-4th ability means after boosting, if you have a Blue Wave VG, choose a G3 from drop zone and slip it back in to hand. As I said, a simple supporter. This lets you get back anything you dropped for a Stride cost and at 7000 Power… Wait… He’s RR rarity? Oh. Ok. Let’s move on to the next card shall we?

Blue StorBattle Siren, Chlorism Battle Princess, Theta, who is also a RR, is a G1 that with the proper setup can swing in with a hefty punch. So long as you have a Maelstrom VG she gets +2k in battle and then if Wave-2nd she gains another +3k, making her in total a 12k G1 hitter if you have Mael. Which isn’t terrible and combined with switchers and other various AqF shenanigans she could prove herself useful.



Let’s be honest though, those cards were just warm-up acts, they’re the bread to your sandwich, necessary parts of the whole but they’re not the reason you’re making an Aqua Force sandwich. Oh no. You’re here for the spreads, the main meat, the delicious filling that overpowers everything else. And we have an classing filling revealed this week but with a twist. I present to you… Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (Break Ride)! Yes, he’s back, and this time he’s ready to be ridden!Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (Break Ride)

Drawn out analogies and terrible puns aside, the new Break Ride version of Maelstrom is making waves already (I couldn’t resist that one). My interpretation of his two abilities won’t do him just so I’ll copy them out below and you can devise delirious devastating turns in your own mind.

[AUTO] Limit Break 4:[Counter Blast (1)] When an <<Aqua Force>> rides this unit, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your vanguards, until end of turn, that unit gets [Power]+10000, and “[AUTO](VC)Wave-4th time or more (This ability is active during the specified battles of each turn):When this unit attacks a vanguard, draw a card, choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, retire it, and until end of that battle, your opponent cannot call grade 0 cards from hand to (GC).”

[AUTO](VC)Wave-3rd time or more (This ability is active during the specified battles of each turn):When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, search your deck for up to one card with “Maelstrom” in its card name, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

The end result of combining the new Break Ride with the Crossride is not only your opponent’s complete and utter inability to guard against your valorous attack, but they also lose a RG and you get to tutor out of your deck fodder ready for a Stride or to set up the same scenario again. That is just brutal. Do I need to say more?

Out there, on the horizon, that are other Grade 3’s then just the majBlue Wave Dragon, Anger-boil Dragonestic Maelstrom and GCB02 also brings AqF players Blue Wave Dragon, Anger-boil Dragon. Twin abilities show you his true aim, that of restanding your RG’s, primarily with the aid of striding a Tetra-boil Dragon (Yet to be revealed sadly, but he’ll be magnificent I’m sure). On GB2, Wave-2nd, if Anger-boil attacks a VG he gets a +5k boost then Stands a RG granting it a +10k power boost! That’s an amazing pump for no cost, although it will be a few turns in to the game at this point. Secondly if the afore mentioned Tetra-boil Strides, then a +3k boost is passed on and Wave-2nd allows two RG’s to Stand, albeit with just +3k boosts this time. A good ability but we really could do with seeing Tetra-boil before we pass too much judgement.

And with that my short time with you is at an end. This has been an enlightening experience for me, as my main protagonist is a lover of all things Aqua-ery and this I hope you’re enjoyed reading through my rant and you will be returned to your regular James-san broadcast next week!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #2

Welcome back to the weekly instalment of Cardfight!! Vanguard news, and this week is really exciting. The Touken Ranbu clan booster has been announced as being released in English on 30/08/15, and it looks as though they will be mechanically unusual. Further, we have news of more cards from G-BT04, as well as the reveal of a new promo and reprints of two older promos. I’ll talk about Touken Ranbu in a little more depth following the more general news.

Promos, Reprints and Cray Elementals!

Recently, the news has come out that some promos are being reprinted, but currently the time frame is unknown. Importantly, these include the Dark Irregular units, Psychic of Dust Izaya and Psychic of Ash, Hadar. Izaya is the legion mate of the soon to-be-released Psychic of Storm, Rigil from G-BT03, so it is likely that it should come either contemporaneously with G-BT03 or shortly after, so that Rigil can be played more easily.

PR-0335 (Sample)

Exciting news comes for players of clans such as Granblue, who have not had a perfect guard printed for ages, as a new Cray Elemental perfect guard has been revealed! Light Elemental, Sunny lacks the usual G perfect guard ability of un-flipping damage, instead making G Assist less painful. When used as the cost for G Assist, all fighters draw a card, which is good if you’re desperate and grade stuck. However, the cost of both removing a Sentinel from your deck and letting the opponent draw is hefty, so this ability will clearly only be used in the worst of situations. Depending on how much he costs when released, he might be good for budget players, as he reduces the cost of Sentinels when creating new decks.

G-BT04-032-R (Sample)

Genesis receive a new Stride option, Goddess of the Skies, Dione, which will benefit many decks. When her attack hits a vanguard, you can soul blast 3, look at three cards from the top of your deck, add one to your hand and put the other two into the soul. This works out as being a soul blast of one for a +1 in card advantage, as well as helping to activate the effects of cards such as Witch of Ravens, Chamomile or Midday Regalia, Hemera. As she is only a R, she should be widely available, and most players will find space to run at least one copy. Boosting this Deity of Blacksmith, Hephaestus means you still get to soul charge 3 so it’s essentially a free card in hand. In the lore of this card it also mentions someone named “Goddess of Hearths, Hestia” who is most likely going to be a new grade 3 in G-BT04.

G-BT04-013-RR (Sample)

Black Slice, Harut is a great Angel Feather support unit: at a counterblast of one, when she is boosted when attacking a vanguard, she can look at the top two cards of the deck, add one into the damage zone, return the other to the bottom of the deck, and then call a face-up card from the damage zone to the rear-guard. This is excellent in every Angel Feather deck. Players who use cards like Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel ‘Яeverse’ will enjoy the additional chances to set up the damage zone, while cards such as Thousand Ray Pegasus will be powered up by the card entering the damage zone. Coupled with the small cost of only one counter blast, I can see this being highly sought after by all Angel Feather players.

Touken Ranbu

Touken Ranbu feature two new mechanics, which are ‘Shinken Hissatsu’ and ‘MVP’. ‘Skinken Hissatsu’ is essentially a Limit Break 3, but can feature on rear-guards as well as the vanguard, while ‘MVP’ is a term used to denote mutually exclusive abilities. So far, the effects of cards with ‘MVP’ are all on-hit abilities, but the most unusual factor is that only one ‘MVP’ effect may be activated each turn. If your vanguard Hotarumaru uses his skill, then your rear-guard Nakigitsune cannot use his. This forces players to make difficult decisions to get the most out of the deck. A few of the clan’s forerunners have been revealed, including one which can be an 11k attacker when alone in his column.

G-TB01-021-R (Sample)Kashuu Kiyomitsu is a rather unusual forerunner. He is going to be excellent in counterblast heavy decks, as when he boosts and there are no face up cards in the damage zone, he can counter charge one and gain 3k power. If the attack hits, you draw a card and put him into the soul. He therefore looks to be extremely useful – at worst he is only a 5k boost, but when he is used optimally, he replaces himself, acts as a 8k boost and unflips a damage. As yet, we don’t know whether the deck uses large amounts of counterblast, but his early to mid game potential is not to be ignored. Players might like to use multiple copies of him for his late-game utility, as he can serve as an 8k booster with added utility.G-TB01-041-C (Sample)

It is no secret that Bushiroad has been attempting to make stand triggers more viable, and Aizen Kunitoshi certainly seems to be a valiant effort. If he is in the back row when a grade 4 or greater vanguard with the MVP ability attacks, he can stand himself and another rear-guard in the same column. His power is not great, but pairing him with a rear-guard Jiroutachi creates a 17k column, enough to force a 10k shield from most vanguards. He is best used in conjunction with the stride unit Hotarumaru.

G-TB01-002-RRR (Sample)Hotarumaru is a G-unit with the MVP ability, but with a powerful re-standing effect. At the cost of a G-persona blast and resting five rear guards, he can re-stand when he hits a vanguard, losing two drive checks. This means that the stand trigger Aizen is quite valuable for the deck, both as a rear-guard and when drive checked. A few more cards have been revealed, most with unusual and interesting effects – they look to be quite the exciting clan!



Come back next week for more Vanguard!! updates!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #1

Witch of Treasured Books, Adra

Welcome to our first weekly update on all things Cardfight.

The cards revealed this week have mostly been promos, but we’ve also been given a glimpse of the new Touken Ranbu set and some cards from G-BT04; this includes a Witch for Shadow Paladins and a Witch for Genesis, who are both extremely useful for their decks.

Witch of Treasured Books, Adra is similar to Knight of Fragment in the way that, when her attack hits, you can soul charge 1 and counter charge 1. The main differences, however, are that instead of you needing two grade 2s, your opponent needs two grade 0s; it also doesn’t have Generation Break. Witch of White Hares, Cardamom is the same as  Witch of Ravens, Chamomile, but her ability is specific to Witches and she gets +2000 power when brought back from the drop zone.

Maiden of Flower Screen

We also get a Limit Break enabler for Angel Feather in Confidence Celestial, Lumiel, while Maiden of Flower Screen (a recent promo) is getting a reprint in G-BT04. She is extremely useful for her ability to take the name of another unit on your field by paying the cost of putting a normal unit in from the drop zone into your  deck. This means that Maiden of Flower Screen, along with other units, gain an advantage from having more cards with the same name, which is very useful for cards like Jingle Flower Dragon.

With a similar effect to Flower Screen, Bushiroad has revealed a promo grade 3 named Maiden of Flower Pistol who gains the name of a unit when that unit is placed on a rear-guard circle. The names gained by this effect also stack, so Flower Pistol can be regarded as multiple units.

If a card is placed on the rear-guard circle from your damage zone, Medical Bomber Nurse allows you to counter blast 1, take the top card from your deck, put it into the damage zone and then call Medical Bomber Nurse from the damage zone onto the field. This is great for filling the field, as well as giving a better chance of getting power ups for cards like Ramiel “Reverse” and Zerachiel.

Brillouin Blister

Brillouin Blister is the ultimate weapon against re-standing Vanguards, as his guard ability prevents an opponent’s Vanguard from standing back up until the end of the turn. This doesn’t work against Raging Form Dragon or Thing Saver Dragon because they re-ride instead of re-stand.

Gear Chronicle get another grade 3, Brasschain Dragon, who has an expensive counter blast of 2 to send one unit to the bottom of your opponent’s deck. You can use Steam Fighter, Mesh-he’s soul blast combined with Brasschain to counter charge straight after, making the skill essentially a counter blast of 1.

Cosmic Hero, Grandranger gives a 10k boost to a Vanguard, making it easier to get past the power threshold for Dimension Police’s grade 3 skills. Another grade 1 that helps the Vanguard use his ability is Deity of Blacksmith, Hephaestus. Every time this card boosts you soul charge 1. This can set your Vanguard up well, but you also have a greater risk of decking out.


The new Touken Ranbu clan appears to be Japanese only for now but there’s a possibility that it will get an English release.

This clan gets a new mechanic called “Shinken Hissatsu”, which activates when you have three or more damage. Unlike limit break and ultimate break, this also activates for your rear-guards.

Apart from Shinken Hissatsu, it is unclear what this clan’s main mechanics will be. It seems there will be a lot of powering up of other units who have Shinken Hissatsu, but whether this will be their main mechanic or not is yet to be seen.

In the future, we will also be talking about new units shown in the anime or how certain units were used, but seeing as there was not much card fighting in the last episode, we’re skipping it for this week’s post.

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Modern Masters 2015 – What We Know & Curious Speculation

Modern Masters 2015Everyone is excited for the second Modern Masters set, due to be released on May 22nd 2015, but right now we only know about a limited number of cards. I’ve picked a few of the more interesting cards and given a few thoughts on them below.

The Eldrazi

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn was one of the first cards spoiled for MM2 and it was an easy guess that the other two titans would follow, but now its official: Kozilek and Ulamog will be reprinted in this set along with All Is Dust. So, that covers the big guys, but what about the rest? MM2 still needs to be playable in Limited formats, so I’m certain that we will see the other Eldrazi cards such as Spawnsire of Ulamog and Hand of Emrakul in the set. However, I wouldn’t bank on the coloured cards such as Kozilek’s Predator being present, simply because the MM2 draws from a lot of older sets and pushing all of the Eldrazi support cards would take up a lot of room.

Vendilion Clique

Faeries isn’t a big deck right now but I’m sure with this reprint and a few other supporting cards in-set we may see a very small resurgence in the popularity of this archetype. There’s not much to say about this card other then to mention the ‘broken glass’ moment with the artwork, pointed out to me over social media. The new artwork looks like two girls using a selfie stick. Check that artwork. Yep, you see it now.

All The Commands

The full cycle of Lorwyn Commands is being reprinted in MM2 which will help players finish off their Scapeshift and UW Control decks with slightly easier access to Cryptic Commands. The other Commands make for interesting plays and will work well in Limited play but otherwise its really Cryptic that we’re after.

Splinter Twin

Another card that has spiked in popularity, especially since the banning of Pod, is Splinter Twin and its great to see it being reprinted in MM2. A lot of players are keen to get a hold of this card and funnily enough it’s quite a key component to the Twin Exarch deck.

Tarmogoyf and Bob

Both of these powerful cards were reprinted in the first Modern Masters and were arguably the most popular cards from that set and now they’re gracing MM2 with their presence. Bob, or Dark Confidant to use his real name, is being reprinted with his new ‘Skrillex’ artwork that we saw in the first Modern Masters which has divided players slightly. Some prefer the original, others the new style, but it all comes down to personal opinion.

With regards to Tarmogoyf, it’s an important card and highly sought after which combined with MM2’s limited print run means its unlikely to change its price. I hope that this second reprint might have an impact on reducing the price but it stands to reason that it could follow last year’s printing and actually shift the price up.

Spellskite and Fulminator Mage

These two cards are solid sideboard choices in Modern, especially Spellskite, it’s fantastic to finally have better access to the card. This is first time these two have been reprinted since their initial releases years ago. Whilst Fulminator Mage is mostly used in Living End and Jund to help against decks such as Scapeshift, Spellskite is great to side in against Infect plus it fits well in the sideboard of Affinity thanks to it being an Artifact creature.

The Missing Red Mythic

At the time of typing we are missing any rumours or confirmation of a Red Mythic Rare for MM2. Wild speculation of what it could be:

  • Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker – He was reprinted in MM1 but Wizards has shown they’re not against reprinting again with Bob and Tarmo, so Kiki is high on my list of potential cards.

  • Thundermaw Hellkite – He was much beloved back in his Standard days, could he be in MM2? Unlikely but I’m already running short of good, reprintable Red Mythics, which leads me to…

  • Ajain Vengeant – As suggested to me by a regular in the store, this guy could possibly be the reprinted here. He fits the known sets that cards are being pulled from, he has been used in Modern, plus it brings another Planeswalker into the set.

In the following weeks we’ll start to see a lot more of the set including the Commons and Uncommons and we can see how well the set will play on its own in Limited formats. Right now the headline cards are fantastic and I can understand why players are so excited for this set to be released.