Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #35

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. We have quite the variation this week with Legend Deck 2 cards, Start Deck 2 cards, G-BT07, and promo cards!


The first thing we were shown for G-BT07 is the new forms of Gurguit, Gavrail, and Gallop. This makes the new Start Deck even more desirable knowing that Gurguit will be getting a new form. It will most likely be the GR of the set but luckily instead of four GRs per case, as of G-BT07 we will be getting ten GRs per case! I’m sure this is a change that many people have been waiting for and are excited about.

Doreen_the_ThrusterMore exciting news about this set is that a highly sought after card is finally getting the reprint she deserves. If you don’t know about Doreen the Thruster she is a card from the original BT03 and proved to be a powerful asset in any Dark Irregulars deck. With her skill of getting +3000 power until the end of turn every time something goes into the soul combined with her being a Grade 1 has allowed her to remain powerful even in new G decks. Most people who use Gilles de Rais want this card because of Gille de Rais’ skill of preventing your opponent from using a Grade 1 or higher to guard, it’s already hard enough guard a G unit in the first place.

To accompany Doreen in this set we have Wings of Reincarnation, Blade Wing Reijy, another familiar face. This new form of Reijy is still a Grade 3 with two skills, his first one works from the soul and gives you the option to Counter Blast 1 and drop three cards from your hand, if you do when your Grade 3 Blade Wing Vanguard’s attack didn’t hit then you can ride Wings of Reincarnation, Blade Wing Reijy stood. His second skill would have you Soul Blast 15 when he is on the Vanguard circle if you have the original Blade Wing Reijy in the soul to give you +15000 power and +2 critical! Though it is a lot of power, it can be easily nullified with a perfect guard so it’s more of a final push, all or nothing. On the bright side, if everything does go wrong then your attack then you can at least use the new Blade Wing Tibold stride to put all those Soul Blast’d cards back into your deck, preventing you from decking out and getting all those triggers back into your deck.

steam-knights.fwGear Chronicle get a new useful Time Leaper Grade 2, Steam Knight, Mudal. When Mudal’s attack hits a Vanguard, if you are at GB1,  you can bind Mudal to Soul Blast 1 and Time Leap another unit. He doesn’t come back at the end of the turn but as an ACT you can Soul Blast 1 to bring him onto a rear-guard circle with +2000 power. Being able to pick and choose when to bring him back out with him safe in the bind zone against most clans makes him a nice little unit to bring into your deck. You may even want to use his Soul Charge to fuel something other than himself like Steam Fighter, Mesh-he to replenish your Counter Blasts.

Kimnara is back with his new form, Mighty Dragon Mage, Kimnara. First off he has the Blaze keyword that will make your Vanguard “Blazing” if at the beginning of your first attack you have more rear-guards than your opponent. Next, if your Vanguard is Blazing then at the end of the battle that Kimnara attacked you can Counter Blast 1 and put him into the soul to retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards. He can be useful thanks to the lack of Generation Break but he’s a Grade 2 with only 8k power so unfortunately he probably won’t be seen in many Kagero decks.

angel.fwWe get a nice little Grade 1 for Angel Feathers in the next Booster. Nurse of Smash Heart only has 5000 power but each time a unit is put from the damage zone into the drop zone you may Soul Blast 1 to draw a card. With the benefit of it not having a Generation Break means even the early heal triggers can give you more benefits. In the late game, using things like Holy Seraph, Raphael and Dreamlight Unicorn will help to pull off her effect and you’ll suddenly have hardly any damage and a load of cards in your hand to defend with.

Dimension Police also get some love with Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter. He is one of the Glimmer Breath clones but I feel he is one of the more useful ones of the lot. When Grandrifter is placed on a rear-guard circle, you have a Gallop Vanguard, and you are at GB1 then you may Counter Blast and Soul Blast 1 to give Grandrifter +4000 power and to give your Vanguard +4000 power with the added skill that if your Vanguard attacks with 40000 or more power then you draw a card.

marciaFinally for G-BT07 is the Gold Paladin, Knight of Thin Sun, Marcia. She is another 8k Grade 2 lacking in any Generation Break but she does get the Resist skill to make the 8k more worth it as well as one other ability. She has the Unite keyword that means when two or more units are placed on the rear-guard circle or guardian circle in one turn then her Unite conditions have been met and if she is United, at the end of the turn you can put her into the soul to Counter Charge 1, essentially making you get rid of her for a Soul Charge and Counter Charge. This is a nice little trick to be able to Unite your other units every turn without losing too much and she could also work well in some of the older Gold Paladin decks with her not needing to rely on Generation Break.

Continuing with the Gold Paladins it’s time to go through the Start Deck 2 cards. First of all is Knight of New Sun, Catillus, another Unite card. When he is United he gains +3000 power. This may seem like your usual 12k Grade 2 at first but thanks to Unite working for the guardian circle too then he can become a 12k on your opponent’s turn too, hopefully stopping your opponent from trying to kill your rear-guards.

There is also a Grade 3 version of Catillus coming in this deck, Divinity Lancer Dragon, with it becoming a 14k Grade 3 on either your’s or your opponent’s turn. He will make a nice backup Grade 3 for Gurguit and even if you don’t stride you can still get some power in thanks to Lancer Dragon.

Holy Mage, Elio will be the one to superior call the units from the top of the deck. When this Grade 2’s attack hits you can Counter Blast 1 and put him into the soul to look at the top three cards of your deck and put one of them onto the rear-guard circle. He is another card that can be used in early game which makes him seem a lot better and easy to use in all Gold Paladin decks.

G-LD02-004_(Sample)Onto the Legend Deck and we finally have the boss card shown, Dragonic Overlord “The Legend”! When this unit is placed on the Vanguard circle you can Soul Blast 1 and Counter Blast 1 to look at the top five cards and search for a Flame Dragon race Grade 3 to put in your hand. Then with a GB2, CB1, and dropping a Flame Dragon Grade 3 from your hand, Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” gains +15000 power and an extra Drive check AND once per turn, if he attacked a rear-guard, you can drop three cards from your hand and re-stand Dragonic Overlord and he keeps his new triple drive. This is a extremely strong Grade 3 and getting four of these in the Legend Deck as well as four L’Express just continues to add to the immense power of this deck.

For the perfect guard of the deck we have Aermo back as clone of the PGG Nemain. When Flame of Peace, Aermo is used to guard then you may nullify the attack if you drop another card from your hand. If you have another Flame of Peace, Aermo in the drop zone then you can draw a card and drop a card. Chances are most people will still be using Protect Orb Dragon but Aermo will help you get the Flame Dragons in your hand for “The Legend”‘s skill.

People have been waiting for Conroe, and yes, his new form is just as good as his old one. Lizard General, Conroe at first seems pretty standard, when he is placed on a rear-guard circle you can reveal a Grade 3 from your hand and search your deck for a card with “Overlord” in the name and put it into your hand, then drop any card from your hand. A lot of clans have had this kind of card but it works great for Overlord decks because of things like Dragonic Overlord “The X”, The End, and “The Ace” which involve dropping Dragonic Overlords from your hand and the new “The Legend” for dropping Flame Dragons. His second ability is an ACT which would have him retire himself to give your Overlord Vanguard the ability that lets you Counter Charge 2 everytime it attacks. Considering Dragonic Overlord cards tend to attack 2 – 3 times a turn this second skill basically resets your damage zone for Counter Blasts which means you can activate all your crazy abilities all over again.

All that’s left of the Legend Deck are the triggers, which are all vanilla. The crit, Tenpou Master, Hakkai. A second crit, Seiten Master, Goku (That’s quite the down-grade… it’s a little embarrassing.). Kenren Master, Gojo the draw trigger. Finally Sanzou Master, Genjo the heal trigger.

G-FC03-005-GR_(Sample)For Fighter’s Collection Pale Moon will have a GR stride, Dreamy Axel, Milward. With a GB2 you can Soul Blast 1 and G Blast to Magia out two units with an added 4000 power. Then choose as many of your rear-guards equal to the amount of Dreamy Axel, Milwards face-up in your G zone, and when those units’ attacks hit a Vanguard you can choose a card from your soul and call it over another card. Using Darkside Princess will add to this power boost putting her at 17000 power on her own and with her going into the soul anyway you may as well bring something out on top of her.

Kagero get a RRR stride, Flame Emperor Dragon King, Iresist Dragon, who is useful as the first and potential back-up if things go wrong. When this unit’s attack hits you can Soul Blast 1 to retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards and also retire the other rear-guard sharing the column. The second part of this effect gets past resist and will give you a better chance to put your Vanguard in the Blazing state next turn.

Now onto some promos, starting off with the Gear Chronicle promo, Crunching Worker. When Crunching Worker is placed on a rear-guard circle you can either have him lose one grade or gain one grade which will allow you to Time Leap him to anything from Grade 1 to Grade 3, making him an extremely flexible unit. I hear that the space for Grade 1s in Gear Chronicle is a little tight so this poor guy might struggle to see some play but I think he’s a very useful and interesting card.

PR-0398_(Sample)Next we have a couple of promos that were originally only shown in the manga. The first one is Raven Hair Ezel. He is the first of his kind with having a Break Ride-like ability but needing an Ultimate Break (Limit Break 5) to activate it, leading people to dub it Ultimate Ride or Ultimate Break Ride. When he is placed over a Grade 3 Ezel Vanguard and you have five damage then this unit gains +10000 power and your opponent cannot use Grade 1s or higher to guard. This is really a final push card but him being a Grade 3 himself will at least allow you to ride over him again and pull off the effect once more. If Ezel gets a bit more support in G-BT07 then this card may see a good place in current decks.

Secondly we have Excite Battle Sister, Gelato. When she is placed on the Vanguard circle you can Soul Blast 1 if you have a Battle Sister heart to look at the top cards of your deck equal to the amount of Battle Sisters you have on the field and choose one of the cards to put into your hand. Unfortunately Battle Sisters need a little bit more power before they can match the rest of Oracle Think Tank but that’s not to say that this card is bad, they just need something else to help them, maybe a big Battle Sister finisher.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #33

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. With the G-BT06 spoils out the way things have mellowed down a little and this week we have some Legend Deck cards and Fighter’s Collection 2016 cards, as well as a few promos!

G-LD02-008_(Sample)First of all let’s start off with some familiar faces, well, these not-so-familiar faces because they’ve become dragons, because Bushi. Tahr is one of these newly turned dragons with his new form being Spear of Flame Dragon, Tahr. As an ACT on the rear-guard circle you can CB1 and SB1 to give another unit +4000 power and when that unit attacks a vanguard it lets you look at the top five cards from the top of your deck to search for a Grade 3 or higher Flame Dragon from among them and puts it into your hand. Also having a GB1 means you can’t rely on this card if you get Grade Locked but does help Dragonic Overlord “The X” and Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord “the Ace” drop from hand extra Dragonic Overlords to fulfill their skills. Due to you being able to search for a Grade higher than 3 you can also use this skill to have a better chance of getting Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague though you may not be using Nouvelle Vague in a stride-heavy deck so the GB1 may cause a problem.

Next we have another oldy with Armor of Flame Dragon, Bahr (The race of Bahr and Tahr is still ‘Demon’ so why are they dragons!?). With another GB1 unit, Bahr can intercept for 15k shield with the cost of putting a Flame Dragon from your drop zone to the bottom of you deck. This is another great card to have with the previously mentioned Overlords, allowing to recycle the cards you dropped for the skill.

G-LD02-001EN-RRR_(Sample)Nouvelle Vague gets a new form, still Grade 4 but this time as a stride! Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express has a GB2, CB1, and a G Persona Unit to get the Glory skill of not allowing your opponent to guard with Grade 1s or higher, preventing your opponent from perfect guarding. The second part of the skill stops your opponent’s sixth card’s trigger from activating, eliminating all hope of getting the miracle heal. This a truly amazing card as long as you don’t value friendship.

To get L’Express to even higher power to make that Glory skill more important we have Dragon Partner, Monica who is a 7000 power Grade 1 who gains 3000 power when boosting a Flame Dragon and if you are at GB1. At first this may not seem like much but it will put L’Express to 36000 power and that will make a lot of difference when your opponent can only guard with Grade 0s.

So in this deck we have the teacher (Overlord), the bully (Nouvelle Vague), and of course we have to have the weird kid in the corner that no one talks about (Amber Dragon). Yes Amber Dragons are back and the new card, Amber Dragon, Midnight, lacks actual Amber Dragon support (Sorry guys), instead he will just be used as a supporting Grade 3. With a GB1 and CB1 when Midnight is placed on a rear-guard circle you can retire a Grade 1 or less your opponent controls. This is a little underwhelming and will most likely be replaced by one of the Overlords but it’s a nice little backup for budget decks.

G-FC03-023-RRR_(Sample)Now on to Fighter’s Collection with so Mega love… I mean Colony love… not sure which one sounds worse… Anyway! Wild Strike Mutant Deity, Struggle Dipper is a great new Megacolony stride who gives three of your units +1000 power for each of your opponent’s rested units with a CB1 and a G Blast. This is a nice first stride and will even give you the GB2 you need for Darkface‘s skill and with being able to put three units up by +6000 power turns your units into nice early beat sticks. Still not quite Regalie’s kind of power and you have to rely more on how your opponent sets things up but it may scare your opponent into using less attacks then they can actually use.

Spike Bros get an extremely useful stride with Superheavy Tank, Tiger Centurion that allows all your units to go into the Charging state with just a simple CB1! As well as putting as many as your Charge units into the Charging state as you like you can also give any units without Charge +2000 power until the end of the turn making it good in both new and old decks.

PR-0378_(Sample)Gold Paladins get a couple of new promos, a stride and a forerunner. The stride is Golden Dragon, Rising Shine Dragon (Rise ‘n’ Shine.. I see what you did there, Bushi! Get it? Because Golds have morning related names now. I’ll leave..) which gives you the option to CB1 and G Blast on-hit to look at the top three cards and put up to two of them onto the rear-guard circles. This really helps with the new Gold Paladin keyword but I’ll go into that in a minute. The G Blast makes the cost seem a bit steep for an on-hit ability like his but it will put Gurguit at his GB2 which is a really good skill so it at least helps with that.

So with Knight of Early Morning, Koel we get our first glimpse at Gold’s new keyword, Unite. So Unite takes effect when two or more of your units were called to rear-guard circle or guardian circle in the same turn. When Koel is United, as an ACT and with a GB1 he can go into the soul which allows you to look at the top three cards of the deck and you put up to one of those three onto the rear-guard circle and that unit gets +2000 power. This seems like a better option to Rising Lionet but there is a chance that the extra power Lionet gives you would benefit you a lot.

PR-0392_(Sample) (1)Lastly we have a couple more promos. The first one is Sword Master Mimic for Granblue. When Sword Master is placed on a rear-guard circle from the drop zone he gets +3000 power until the end of turn, and if he’s Hollowed then you can give another unit +3000 power. This works great with Raceruler for being able to give both side columns a nice boost all around.

The second promo is the Royal Paladin, Sonicgal. This little pup has a GB1 and Brave ability. At the end of the turn, if he is Brave, then you can retire him to Counter Charge 2 and draw a card. This works well for Hope Keeper seeing as she could get to be using up a lot of your Counter Blasts but I’m not sure how strict Brave deck’s Grade 1 line up will be so the usefulness of this card is hard to say at this point.

That’s all for this week. I’m enjoying that the Fighter’s Collection cards are a little more flexible this time around though I do think it was also good with supporting older decks so hopefully we will see a little of both. The Kagero deck is shaping up to be something truly nasty and I can imagine that a lot of the cards in it will be very popular with tournaments and hopefully new players too. I hope there was something revealed this week that interested you and be sure to check in again next week for the next weekly update.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #32

Welcome again to the weekly Vanguard update. All the G-BT06 cards have finally been revealed so I will go over all the new cards shown for it but before I get into that large amount of cards I’ll quickly go over some of the Legend Deck and Starter Deck cards.

G-LD02-002_(Sample)A stride for Kagero has been revealed for the Legend Deck. Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire (Wait.. are you the emperor or is Dragonic Overlord..? I’m so confused!) has a risk of having to pay the cost before the ability’s conditions are met. When Vortex Desire attacks you may G blast (Choose any face-down card in your G zone and turn it face-up) to then gain the ability where if his attack hits you choose one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards and retire it for every Flame Dragon on the Vanguard circle. This basically means if you have Dragonic Overlord (Just an example of a card with the race of Flame Dragon) as your Grade 3 Vanguard you’ll be able to retire two units as Vortex Desire is a Flame Dragon himself, and if you were to have Vortex Dragonewt and your Vanguard while legion’d and you stride then you can retire three.

Say that Mr. Vortex’s attack doesn’t hit, that doesn’t mean his attack will go in vain. With the twin-headed dragon, Berserk Lord Dragon you can Counter Blast 1 when your Grade 4 Vanguard attacks to retire one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards. This along with Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem makes the most  of using more Grade 3s in your deck so you can stride more consistently.

Who remembers Undeux? Probably those of you who didn’t exile him from your deck as soon as you got Conroe to replace him. Well he’s been crying lonely tears for a long time now, for so long that his sadness has made him stronger. He is just a Fullbau Brave with the ability to go into the soul and put an Overlord from your deck but this helps a lot more with Overlord decks than Blaster, especially with Dragonic Overlord “The Ace”.

G-SD01-001EN_(Sample)In the new G Start Deck 1 for Gear Chronicle we’ve been told that it will all be reprints apart from one card. That card is the Grade 4 unit, Thunderbolt Shockwave Colossus. This card is a G zone refresher of sorts which, when he goes back into the G zone, can Counter Blast 1 to turn one face-up G unit face-down, allowing you to use those units again. This unit can have it’s uses but the Counter Blast hurts it a bit and you might struggle to find room for it. There are other options like Wakey Wakey Worker who doesn’t use up Counter Blasts but you’ll have to decide if you want to run stands just for him or now.

Onto the G-BT06 cards and staying in the Dark Zone I will introduce our lovely new Pale Moon units! The first one being the Grade 1, Cutie Paratrooper, an extremely useful but Harri specific card. With a GB1 and when she’s brought out from the soul from a Magia ability, Soul Charge 1 and choose another unit from the soul to Magia out in the same column as this card and that new unit gets +5000 power. With Harri’s skill you can call Cutie Paratrooper out with CB1 and give her +5000 power and then use her skill to fill the rest of the column and giving the column a total boost of +10000 power… That’s nasty.

Now Artillery Man isn’t the best Grade 3 ever but I really like him and I feel that he would at least make a good backup. Once per turn with a GB1 when a card is put into your soul you may retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards with the same Grade as the card put into your soul, as well as that he has another once per turn skill that allows you to put a card going into your soul into the drop zone instead and Artillery Man him self gains power equal to the card put in the drop zone. The second skill isn’t GB1 restricted so pulling off some early powerful plays will help you and if your opponent decides to stall on Grade 2 then you have a skill to back you up.

Gold Paladin’s skills have been stolen yet again, this time by Dreaming Pegasus. When this Grade 2 is placed on the rear-guard circle, with a GB1, look at the top three cards of your deck and put one into your soul and put the rest to the bottom of your deck. With Granblue getting Disappear-running Zombie it does seem that Pale Moon drew the short straw with this skill, though it is still powerful.

Now, if you’re looking for a card for early game then Pale Moon do have a new 6k Grade 1, Signal Snake Tamer. With a CB1 and resting himself Snake Tamer will let you look at the top card of your deck and search your soul for a card with the same Grade and bring it out to field. I know I said this was early game, and technically it is, but if you want to use this skill to its fullest then I’m afraid you’ll need to do some setting up first. Chances are when you have a Grade 1 Vanguard that you’ll have a very small soul or most of the time no soul at all. It is a shame and if they gave him 7000 power he might have been used more but this little unit may be going to the backbench, though I hope someone can find a good use for him and maybe one day I’ll see him in competitive play.

Lastly for Pale Moon we have a Silver Thorn critical trigger, Silver Thorn Assistant, Dixie, to give support to Luquier. Her skill is short and simple allowing you to put her to the top of your deck and shuffle if you have a Luquier Vanguard to choose a Silver Thorn in your soul and bring it out onto the field. This can be used to bring herself out from the soul if she got accidentally soul charge’d in to then put more triggers back into the deck.

G-BT06-001EN-GR_(Sample)A couple of weeks ago we saw the new Ahsha stride and now it’s time for Altmile to get his glorious new form. Transcending the Heavens, Altmile has a GB2 which will let you Counter Blast 1 and G blast (only if you have an Altmile heart) to give him two skills. The first skill activates when Altmile attacks a Vanguard which will let you search your deck for a Grade 2 and bring it to the field with +5000 power. This is a nice bonus if you attack first with your rear-guards, allowing you to get in an extra attack. His second skill gives the whole front row +2000 power for each face-up copy of Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile (The previous Altmile stride unit) in your G zone. This can go up to a buff of +8k to the front row and combine that with the Grade 3 Altmile’s on-stride skill of giving +5000 power to two units as well as this Altmile’s superior call with +5000 power and you’re going to have a seriously powerful turn.

Another superior caller comes in the form of an 8k Grade 2 named Hopesong Angel. Much like Starlight Violinist and Benizel has you SB1 and CB1 for a superior call one, though unlike the two previously mentioned cards Hopesong Angel isn’t restricted to Grade 2 searching, instead he searches your deck for a card with Brave and calls it to rear-guard circle. Another plus this has over Benizel is it isn’t GB restricted, allowing you to use this early game to set up your Brave-filled field.

As for the actual Brave units we have three new High Beasts with the keyword. Firstly the defensive unit with Brave, Scouting Owl, a Grade 1 who acts as a 10k shield if you SB1 and move him from a rear-guard circle to the guardian circle. A great way to fight back in a defensive manner when you’re being pushed too far by your opponent’s attacks. The second Brave unit, Shyngal, is a more offensive one with the Brave. This Grade 2 is given +2000 power and if he hits a Vanguard you can Counter Blast 1 to draw a card. Similarly the stand trigger Salgal allows you to draw a card while in brave only this time it’s when he is placed on Vanguard circle and at the end of turn you have shuffled him back into your deck. The great thing with Shyngal and Salgal is that you draw the cards in your end phase so it does not interfere with any of your other Brave skills and with the new stride stands seem a lot more useful in Royal Paladin builds.

G-BT06-031-R_(Sample)Nova Grappler finally get their Glimmer Breath clone with Extreme Battler, Abarail. With a GB1, if your Vanguard is Victor, and when this unit is placed on a rear-guard circle, you may SB1 and CB1 to give Abarail +2000 power and when he attacks a Vanguard choose one of your rear-guards and stand it with an extra +5000 power. This is a great effect allowing for two powerful attacks though Cool Hank is especially great for using in Rush decks.

Moving down the Grades we have the Perfect Guard, Extreme Battler, Gachibattle. When Gachibattle is placed on the guardian circle he gives the usual skill of dropping one to nullify attack as well, if you are on GB1 and you have another copy in the drop zone then can choose one of your rear-guards and it’s given a skill to Counter Blast 1 and at the beginning of one of your guard steps on that turn you can bring that chosen unit to the guardian circle with +10000 shield.

Next in the Extreme Battler series get a new forerunner with GB1. Extreme Battler, Cabtron can put himself into the soul and by Counter Blasting 1 at the end of the battle that this unit boosted to stand one of your rear-guards and give it +2000 power. This is a nice and easy way to get those Rush abilities activated. Extreme Battler, Runbhol may still be a choice for many people though due to Cabtron eating away at the Counter Blasts when you could be using them on things like Cool Hank and Abarail.

Speaking of Runbhol there is a very similar Grade 1 option, Ratchadamnoen Kid. Ratchadamnoen only stands back up once a card with Rush has been stood up in the same column. Due to this Rush restriction it allows Ratchadamnoen to have a 7k base but not having a GB1 does wonders for this card and is sure to be used in nearly all Rush decks.

Raizer get some more support with a new legion with the leader being Ultimate Raizer Glory-hand. Now Glory-hand can legion with either the old unit Ultimate Raizer Dual-flare or the new unit Ultimate Raizer Speed-star. If another of your Raizers stands from an effect of one of your units and if Glory-hand is in Legion then that stood unit gets +5000 power. He has the power but does not have an ability to stand units himself but that’s where his mate comes in. While on the rear-guard circle and your vanguard is in legion Speed-star can Soul Blast 1 Raizer to gain +3000 power and if his attack hits a Vanguard you can stand another unit and Glory-hand will give that unit +5000 power.

Shinobiraizer‘s skill activates when another of your Raizers in the same column stands due to an effect. He allows you the chance to look at the top three cards of your deck and if you do you and all the shown cards are all Raizers you can put one of the cards into your hand and put the other two in the drop zone, however, if one or more of the revealed cards isn’t a Raizer then they all go into the drop zone. This skill is a good way to have a choice in what you draw while also giving you fodder to legion with seeing as the amount of Raizer legions are slowly building.

Finally for Raizers we have a forerunner, Turboraizer Custom. As an ACT you can CB1 and retire Turboraizer Custom to give one of your units the ability to stand after they have attacked with an added +5000 power. This is another way to fill your drop zone in preparation for legion-ing and the skill itself helps out Glory-hand, giving the stood units +10000 power.

Lastly for Novas we have the triggers. Extreme Battler, Buchinurk is the critical trigger who is the Heart Thump Worker clone who goes into the soul when you Victor Vanguard attacks to give it +5000 power and draws you an extra card. A stand trigger under the name of Beast Deity, Great Eater can go back into the deck when one of your units stands from an effect, and if it does you can draw a card. The stand trigger Perfect Referee 2.99 gives another unit the Rush keyword to give it +5000 power when it attacks a Vanguard after restanding. Other than that we also have a vanilla heal trigger, Training Therapist, and a vanilla draw trigger, Totem Brothers.

G-BT06-100-C_(Sample)A great little Maiden of card for Neo Nectar has made an appearance with the addition of Maiden of Rambler.  When you are paying the cost of striding she counts as a Grade 2 and when she hits the drop zone from playing the stride cost then you can call her to a rear-guard circle and draw a card. This is interesting in the way that it encourages you to you more than just one card to stride also lowering the pressure of thinking you need a Grade 3 to drop to stride effectively. She only gets these abilities if you have a Maiden of Vanguard but they are getting pretty powerful lately and even have their own legion and stride.

Maiden of Noisette is a new forerunner for the sub-clan with an ability to CB1 with Maiden of in the name and putting Noisette into the soul to give two of your Maiden of units the ability to draw a card if their attacks hit and if you have two units on your Vanguard circle with Maiden of in the name.

To help you get your Maiden of Rambling Rose and Maiden of Trailing Rose for the legion skills there is Maiden of Damascena. When Damascena’s attack hits a Vanguard you can Counter Blast a card with Maiden of in the name to search your deck for a Grade 3 Maiden of and put it into your hand. Not having a GB makes me love this card because it makes the deck a lot more consistent and works well early and late game.

Red Leaf Dragon is an interested Grade 3 allowing you to have up to sixteen of it in your main deck and at the beginning of the main phase, either on the Vanguard circle or rear-guard circle, you can Counter Blast 1 to search for another copy of him and place it on rear-guard circle and the unit you CB’d with gets +1000 for each Red Leaf Dragon on the field until end of turn. This will work great for keeping a constantly cloned field and also having the option to have more than four eliminates the risk of too many falling into your damage zone.

As well as Afoo Roccoli having one of the most ridiculous pieces of artwork in Vanguard this Grade 1 also has a pretty decent skill. With a GB1 and when an attack hits in the battle that he boosted you may retire him to choose one of your units and superior call another copy from the deck. Yet again this just helps Neos get the constancy they need though finding space for this guy is going to be a little tricky.

As for some Bloom support we have Crop Maker Dragon. When Crop Maker is placed on a rear-guard circle you may CB1 to retire a unit with the Bloom ability to search your deck for up to two copies of that card and place them on the rear-guard circle and they gain +3000 power. It gets a bit awkward with Crop Maker being a Grade 2 by it being limited to what you can clone if you want to make full use of his skill but by bringing out Greenshot Elf you can turn her into a booster and she will even gain extra power through Bloom.

Finally for Neo we have Tomboy Elf who continues the Bloom support by putting a normal unit from your drop zone into your deck, allowing you to give a unit with the Bloom keyword a buff of +2000 power for each card on the field with the same name.

G-BT06-S07Onto the Granblue support and we have a new Grade 3, Ghoul Dragon, Gast Dragon. Gast Dragon has Hollow and a GB skill that allows you to mill two card from the top of your deck when he attacks a Vanguard and he gains +3000 power AND if he is Hollowed then he gains an extra +5000 power. Now you may be thinking that you would prefer to use him as payment for stride… why not do both? He has another skill to choose one of your Grade 2 or higher rear-guards and retire them and CB1 to call this card to a rear-guard circle, allowing you to make use of his Hollow keyword several times in a game.

Another Grade 3 Granblue that has been revealed is Sleepless Ship’s Captain, Blackgeek. When Blackgeek is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to choose a Grade 2 from your drop zone and bring it onto the field and as an ACT once per turn you can CB1 to call a card from your drop zone and give it +5000 power and at the end of the turn retire that unit.

The Grade 3s don’t stop there as we have some support for the Seven Seas subclan with Seven Seas Dragon Undead, Prisoner Dragon. Similar to Gast Dragon, this unit can CB1 and retire a Grade 2 or higher to call himself though this time it is when your Seven Seas Vanguard has attacked, allowing for some extra attacks by attacking with your rear-guards and then replacing them for this fella. Dragon Undead also gains +2000 power when brought out onto the field from the drop zone so he is able to penetrate crossride levels of defence.

As for Grade 2 Seven Seas support we will be getting Seven Seas Witch Doctor, Raceruler. When Raceruler is placed on a rear-guard circle and if you have a Seven Seas Vanguard you may CB1 to call a unit from your drop zone and that unit gains +5000 power until end of turn. At the end of the turn you must retire that card but it leads to some powerful early plays.

Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner is a new forerunner who’s skill works from the drop zone. At the beginning of your main phase you may mill four cards from the top of your deck to call this card to a rear-guard circle. Unfortunately you have to retire him at the end of the turn but it at least fills your drop zone up a bit. Grenache has shown to be everyone’s favourite Granblue forerunner at the moment but Nightrunner may see some action with future Granblue releases.

If you thought Disappear-running Zombie was great then you’re going to love Ghostie Great King, Obadaia. When Obadaia hits the Vanguard circle you search your deck for three cards and put them into the drop zone. This sorts out the randomness of milling from the top of the deck but it doesn’t stop there. If two or more of the cards you put into the drop zone had the Hollow keyword then you can choose a Ghostie normal unit from your drop zone and place it onto the rear-guard circle. Not only does this guy have amazing art but he also has an amazing skill!

And for the final clan we have Shadow Paladin. I’ll start with their new Grade 3, Death Spray Dragon. Death Spray has a GB1 skill that activates at the end of his battle if you CB1 and retire one of your units and has you retiring one of your opponent’s rear-guards. This guy does work on the rear-guard circle but generally because of the high cost he may not be used in battle much.

G-BT06-028-RA card that will be seen a lot though is Cradle Knight, Oscar who is here to directly support Claret Sword. If you have a Claret Sword Vanguard and are at GB1 you can put Oscar into the soul to search your deck for a Grade 1 and shuffle your deck then put the Grade 1 on top of your deck and Counter Charge 1. Some may still be wanting to keep David but after I tell you about this new stand trigger you may think differently.

Demon Eye Mage, Alsur is a new stand trigger and he is truly something. When he would be retired he gets David’s skill of counting as two units and when he is put into the drop zone you can put him into the deck and shuffle. This is an amazing card for Shadows and will make many want to use stand triggers in many different Shadow decks.

For Revengers we have Vigor Revenger, Maul. When Maul is placed on a rear-guard circle and you have a Grade 3 or greater Revenger then you may CB1 Revenger to put a card from your deck into your hand with the same name as a card on your Vanguard circle. This will mostly be used for Raging Form Dragon for his Persona Blast skill to ride another copy of himself after attacking. After that there are nothing more than some vanilla triggers for Shadows, those triggers being Grave Horn Unicorn a critical trigger, Ingenius Strategist, Ophir a draw trigger, and Illegal Alchemist a heal trigger.

Well that is finally everything for G-BT06. It is definitely an interesting and diverse booster with so many different sub-clans and different builds in general getting supported. I am personally looking forward to this set. Be sure to check in next week when I’m sure there will be more Legend Deck cards revealed.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #20

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! We have a huge amount of cards to get through this week from the Monthly Bushiroad reveals cards from all the different clans and even showing cards from the new G Technical Booster: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE, which gives support to the very unsupported Tachikaze, Spike Brothers, and Nubatama!

G-BT05-104-C_(Sample)To start off we have a card that every deck can use. Remember Miss Mist? That one card that was essentially a perfect guard against Legions with Grade 2 mates? Well thanks to this new little Cray Elemental everyone can have that power within their hands! If you use this little guy to guard and your opponent has a Grade 2 Vanguard then he completely nullifies the attack. Unlike Miss Mist, Heat Elemental, Juju can’t use this card to perfect guard anything below Grade 2 but being able to perfect guard most Legions is what will really draw people to the card.

History-maker Dragon, who has been shown a lot in the anime, has been revealed to come in Trial Deck 6. With a Generation Break 1 when he attacks a Vanguard you can Counter Blast 1 to Time Leap one of your other rear-guards (Place it in the Bind Zone and search your deck for a card with one Grade higher then that card and place it on a rear-guard circle. Then at the end of the turn put the newly called unit at the bottom of your deck and call the bound unit back to a rear-guard circle.). This is a great card for a Trial Deck and doesn’t need to be boosted unlike Amber. Another Trial Deck card is an 11k Grade 3, Classic Gun Dragon. When he is placed on Vanguard or rear-guard circle you can give a rear-guard the Time Leap ability when that unit hits a Vanguard to then choose another of your rear-guards and Time Leap it. It seems that even with just the Trial Deck cards you’ll be able to flop all your cards around the field and reap the benefits of on-call abilities and on-bind abilities.

Techical.4Now for the clans that everyone has forgotten about! For the Technical Booster I’ll start with Tachikaze’s Destruction Tyrant, Twin Tempest. With a Generation Break 2, Counter Blast 2, Soul Blast 2, AND retiring three of your rear-guards, this Stride unit retires all rear-guards on the field. Luckily this effect happens when he attacks, giving your rear-guards a chance to attack first. Make sure not to forgot Tachikaze’s abilities of coming back after being retired, allowing for even more attacks and an easy fill of your field. It’s a very heavy cost but I’m expecting a Grade 3 with an on-stride skill of Counter Blast 1 to call two units you retired back to rear-guard, as well as perhaps some units that are free to call back but have a Generation Break 1.

An odd but cool Grade 3 that Tachikaze gets is Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando. He has a good ol’ Limit Break 4 which allows him to retire one of his “Ancient Dragon” rear-guards at the end of the turn to choose a Grade 3 from your Soul, Ride it, then put Spinocommando from your Soul into your hand and then draw an extra card. On the turn that he is placed on the Vanguard Circle he can also call an “Ancient Dragon” that was put into the Drop Zone to a open rear-guard circle with a Counter Blast 1 with “Ancient Dragon” in it’s name. Getting Spinocommando back in your hand can either be used to Stride, help to activate his second skill every turn, or even just for for extra rear-guard power, the draw is always nice too. A great card to use this with would be the Break Ride, Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver, to give you +10000 power and +1 Crit every turn!

Techical.3The strider for Nubatama is Stealth Dragon, Shiranui, and as always with Nubatama this guy will be messing with your opponent completely. With a Counter Blast 1 when you Stride over this guy you choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and bind it, then your opponent has to discard a card from their hand. With a hit from Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan you will be able to discard two cards from your opponent’s hand which can easily make a big difference for what your opponent can do on their turn. If your opponent manages to get their hand size up again then that can still work in your favour. With Shiranui’s GB2, if the number of cards in your hand is less than your opponent’s, then he gets +5000 power and +1 Crit! From this card I have a lot of hope for the future of these demon-dragon-ninjas.

The Spike Brothers card that has been shown, Bulldozer Daub, has also shown off Spike Brothers’s new keyword, “Charge”. A unit goes into the Charge state when they are placed onto a rear-guard circle due to an effect, then at the end of the turn it goes to the bottom of the deck. In exchange for them going back to the deck they are gifted with powerful abilities which Bulldozer Daub will be showing off. He’s a Grade 3 with a GB1 that, when he’s in Charge state, gains +10000 power until the end of the turn. This is an amazing back-up Grade 3 and may finally be the one to replace Juggernaut Maximum. I’m sorry, Juggernaut Maximum, though I’m sure many players would thank you for helping them since the very beginning.

The new Susanoo Stride, Destroyer Dragon Battle Deity, Kamususanoo, has caused a fair bit of disappointment to the fans of Oracle Think Tanks. With a G Persona Blast he gains the ability that, when his attack hits, look at the top two cards of your deck and choose one to put in your hand and then put the other at the bottom of your deck. He also gains a GB3 which gives all the rear-guards +2000 power. The main issue people have is that the first part of his skill needs his attack to hit and you have to pay the cost before he’s hit. Only drawing one extra card is a bit small for a RRR Oracle Think Tank  Stride but I feel the second part really helps OTT. Giving +2000 power to all rear-guards will make Silent Tom that much better and with a boost from the new Imperial Shrine Guard, Sumiyoshi you can get Silent Tom to 21k power! More support for Susanoo comes in the form of Imperial Shrine Guard, Akagi which is the Glimmer Breath clone. When he’s placed on rear-guard circle with a GB1, CB1, and SB1, with a Susanoo Vanguard, you can look at the top two cards of your deck, choose one to put in your hand, and then he gains 2k power. Some people may still want to use Diviner, Kuroikazuchi instead but this guy can by nice for the extra power and getting a choice between two instead of just drawing one from the top of your deck.

G-BT05-004-RRR_(Sample)People may be disappointed with Susanoo but when it comes to the Magus’s it’s completely the opposite! One Who Sees the Stars, Globe Magus is the Stride unit for the Magus sub-clan and does what they do best on a much larger scale than ever before. If you have a heart with “Magus” in it’s name Globe Magus gains a Continuous ability that allows it to look at the top card of your deck at any time as many times as you like while she’s the Vanguard. This will be great for Stellar Magus to easily be able to draw extra cards when she attacks, and it’s always nice to see if you’ll be getting triggers. You can use this effect just before she goes back to the G Zone to see what card you would be getting if you were to take damage on your opponent’s turn.

Flip Crooney is a nice little generic Grade 3 back-up for Oracle Think Tank. With a GB1 and Oracle (Having five or more cards in hand) if his attack hits you may look at the top two cards of your deck and put one into you hand. With no cost this a sweet ability and having Susanoo’s power boost you can make a pretty easy 21k column with him. Beam Shower Turtle Allows for the strong power to be accompanied with strong defence. When he is placed on the guardian circle you may Soul Blast 2 to give him an extra 10k shield, making him a 15k defender. It is likely that there will be a few cards in your Soul that you don’t need so the cost of this card doesn’t seem too bad. The last of the Oracle Think Tank is Magical Calico. He is a new Forerunner with GB1 and Oracle and the ability to go into the Soul and drop one card to search for three cards in your deck, reveal them to your opponent, your opponent then chooses two of the three cards to put into the drop zone and the last one goes to your hand. This may be useful for Legion decks but the GB1 kinda makes it a little harder to use.

G-BT05-005-RRR_(Sample)Like Susanoo, Dragonic Vanquisher has had his Stride Fusion revealed. Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher “VOLTAGE” can be a great alternative for Conquest Dragon depending on how your deck works. With a G Persona Blast he gains two abilities, the first one being an on-hit ability where your opponent must retire one of their rear-guards and then you choose two of their units in the drop zone and bind them. The second one is a GB3 that gives your front row +3000 power for each card in your opponent’s bind zone. This can add up for some ridiculously strong units in the front row but does require some good preparation first.

As well as having Rockclimb Dragoon and Voltage Horn Dragon, there is also a forerunner that binds. Wildrun Dragoon has a GB1 that allows him to go into the soul to let your opponent choose a card from their drop zone to bind and then if you have a Thunder Break 2 you can give a rear-guard +5000 power. Dragon Dancer, Bernadette is a 6k Grade 1 with a Thunder Strike 2 that allows for a  Soul Blast 1 to give the boosted unit +3000 power and if the attack hits you can Counter Blast 1 to have your opponent retire one of their units and then binds it. All this power and binding will rack up to help for a final push with “VOLTAGE”.

G-BT05-006-RRR_(Sample)The new Eradicator Stride seems like a powered up version of Gauntlet Buster Dragon which is most likely why they work together. True Eradicator, Finish Blow Dragon gets the fairly cheap cost of Counter Blast 1 and G Persona Blast to gain the ability where he gains +5000 power and +1 Crit for everyone of your opponent’s rear-guards that are retired on that turn. As a bonus, if you have Gauntlet Buster as a heart, he gets to retire a unit when you pay for this skill. This can be used with so many different cards to maximise the effectiveness such as Cho-Ou, Voltage HornKoenshak, Cho-Jun, Saucer Cannon Wyvern, and more.

Eradicator, Angercharge Dragon can also help give a power boost to Finish Blow. When Angercharge is placed on a rear-guard circle you may Counter Blast 1 with “Eradicator” in its name to take the top card of your deck and put it into your damage zone. If that card have “Eradicator” in it’s name then your opponent must retire one of their cards. At the end of the turn you heal a card in the damage zone, meaning you can heal the card you Counter Blasted. This is a good back up but risky and if you’re at five damage he becomes useless unless you want to lose.

Clown Demonic Dragon, Lunatech Dragon allows for a strong first Stride for Pale Moon. You may G Persona Blast when he is placed to give him the effect where every card that comes out from your Soul onto a rear-guard circle gains +2000 power. Considering your units will be coming in and out of the Soul like nobody’s business this extra power will really help, especially when you can only bring a couple out so your front row will be able to hit without needing a boost. If you then have a GB3 he gains an extra critical just like that! This is a pretty solid card but we’ll have to see what the new Harri Stride can do before we can really judge Lunatech.

Darkside Princess is a Grade 2 Pale Moon unit allows you to give it +5000 power and if you do then she is sent to the Soul after the battle. This card works really well with Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty, allowing you to call a new unit with Magia where Darkside Princess once stood. Through Betty you can then call Flying Peryton who has Magia and GB1 for when he is placed on a rear-guard circle you have Soul Charge 1 and then you are able to choose a card from your Soul to call to the rear-guard space in the same column as this card. It would retire Betty used in this way but it will give you a fresh new stood column to attack with.

Another way to get Flying Peryton could be through Burst Rough Dragon. with a GB1 you may SB1 at the beginning of your main phase to call a card from your Soul to a rear-guard circle and then put it back at the end of the turn. Also when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to choose a Grade 2 from your Soul and place it on a rear-guard circle. The second ability isn’t Magia so it stays there and you are able to Stride the same turn.

GBT05042Accomplished Pen and Sword Gear Hound Continues with Gear Chronicle’s Time Leap abilities. When your drive check reveals a Grade 3 and you are at GB1 you may Time Leap this unit. Making this a Grade 3 will allow for a continuous attack force on your side and if you have two of these then your opponent will be using up a lot of their hand to defend your front row. There is also a Grade 1 version of this called Becoming Cornerstone Gear Turtle.

Steam Battler, Ku-bau is a Grade 3 that takes advantage of being Time Leapt (Time Leap-ed? I dunno..). When he is placed on rear-guard circle from the Bind Zone you may Counter Charge 1. He also has a Vanguard ability for when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to give another unit the Time Leap ability so at the end of the battle that that unit attacked, you may Time Leap it. Just to make sure every Grade gets Time Leap Tick Tock Worker was shown to be able to Time Leap another rear-guard by going into the Soul. Hopefully they’ll make more cards that take effect in the Bind Zone so all this Time Leaping will be even more effective.

Messiah has gained even more forms! Her new forms are Sacrifice Messiah who locks herself when another of your rear-guards are locked. If you do you may Counter Charge 1 and you can choose a rear-guard to give +3000 power. Being able to lock itself when something else has been locked is great for Amnesty Messiah and Excelics Messiah to gain those power boosts. Blink Messiah is the second new Messiah who is a Heart Thump Worker clone. When your Vanguard with “Messiah” in its name attacks, you may put this into your Soul and your Vanguard gains +5000 power and you draw a card.

Well, this concludes this rather large update. I have to say the thing I find the most exciting out of all of this is the new Technical Booster which is released on February 19th. I just really enjoy seeing not very supported clans getting a big boost. It’s also nice to see all these Keywords being used in the cards, it makes every clan just that little bit more different. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #17 Guest Writer!

Hello! I’m Simon and I will be today’s guest writer! You will usually find me lurking around the store, prodding customers and shouting table numbers out. So while James is busy swashbuckling pirates on the English Channel or calculating the trajectory ready for his personal voyage to Mars (He’s a part time rocket scientist ya know), I’ll take you through this week’s latest Cardfight Vanguard spoilers and syphon off some of my incredible knowledge for you to gleam. And by incredible knowledge I mean my complete lack of understanding of any Clan other than Link Joker. So, onwards, to the cards!

I’ll start today by talkingHappiness Collector about Happiness Collector, the new Forerunner from Pale Moon’s first ever Trial Deck, G-TD07 Illusionist of the Crescent Moon (I started with a Forerunner, get it?). Her ability, with a GB1 condition, is to place her into the soul when another unit enters RG and in return you Soul Charge 1 and draw a card. Now that is good value from a Forerunner. Happiness Collector could potentially be a recurring source of draw by doing some Soul juggling (See what I did there?) and because there’s no CB/SB cost involved, it’s practically free! Hopefully the next Pale Moon card that pulls units out of the soul won’t be too Magia keyword specific but only time will tell there.

The Pale Moon TD also brings a beautiful delight in the form of a new Stride unit, Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda. Her sole ability (I’ll stop now) is an on-hit, Soul Charge 1, bounce any unit out of the Soul, give it +2k power and then return it whence it came at the end of Ardor Dragon Master, Amandaturn. Immediately I’m drawing a comparison to Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford which was the PM Stride from FC2015. Both units have a very similar ability but with enough differences to justify either inclusion in a deck. Amanda has the unique ‘Magia’ keyword which until we see more units utilising it will be difficult to judge so we’ll have to compare the rest of the ablity for now. She Soul Charges 1, Clifford doesn’t, and indiscriminate charging can be mixed in a PM deck. You can then call any unit, Clifford can only call G2 or lower, so she wins there. Then the unit has to be returned, whilst Clifford lets it stay out and play. Again this is a mixed point because some units want to stay on the field, others would benefit from being called out repeatedly. With all that in mind, I’m in favour of Amanda over Clifford but it really does depend on the deck’s construction and your preferences.

Let’s leave the Dark Zone to its tricks though and cast our eyes out over calm seas to Magallanica. Too calm. I sense a storm is approaching! Yes that was a torturous introduction to the new G-CB02 Commander of the Incessant Waves spoilers but we got there in the end.

Blue Wave Drago, Dagger Master DracokidFirst unit that comes in to view is Blue Wave Dragon, Dagger Master Dracokid, a new Forerunner for that makes anyone planning on playing Blue Waves go weak at the knees. Rather then reiterate, I’ll drop the rules text in and let you revel in the majesty. [ACT](RC) Generation Break 1:[Counter Blast (1) & Put this unit into your soul] Choose one of your vanguards with “Blue Wave” in its card name, until end of turn, it gets “[AUTO](VC)Wave-2nd time or more:When this unit attacks a vanguard, draw a card.” and “[AUTO](VC)Wave-5th time or more:When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of that battle.”.

“I heard you like restanding your Vanguard, oh, but you want to be rewarded for restanding them? Well sure, draw a card and then next time have an extra Crit, its on the house!” Ok so I may be bigging Mr Dagger Master up a little but he is a great supporter for a blowout turn, not only netting you cards but also forcing your opponent to seriously consider which attacks to guard or not. Some players will argue the +1 Crit at the end is redundant, but is it? This could cause your opponent to actually let early swings through, as Crit Triggers are not guaranteed, in order to keep PG’s lined up for that 5th swing. Either way I think this little Tear Dragon is something to watch out for and snipe away if you can.


Surfing up the Grades brings us to Battle Siren, Chloris, a G1 with an interesting pair of Battle Siren, Chlorisabilities. Her first one is on Wave-4th or more, Soul Blast 1 if she’s boosting to bind the top card of your deck face up. This is where it gets very interesting. At the beginning of a guard step where you’re attacked you can cast an inquisitive glance at the cards you’ve binded, maybe pensively touch a finger to your lips, venting over the tough predicament you’re in, then SNATCH THOSE BINDED CARDS UP AND SLAM THEM DOWN IN THE GC WITH +5K SHIELD! OH YES YOU CAN! Ahem. Sorry for that outburst. It’s just really awesome to see an alternative hand of sorts, something you can use to guard in a Clan known primarily for its aggression. Whilst your opponent will have total awareness of what’s happening and could potentially remove Chloris, causing you to lose those cards, the opportunity for that extra guarding is an intriguing one.

Following on from this, and its a tough few acts to follow, we have Blue Wave Soldier, Bright Shooter who is a simple supporter for Striding. His Wave-4th ability means after boosting, if you have a Blue Wave VG, choose a G3 from drop zone and slip it back in to hand. As I said, a simple supporter. This lets you get back anything you dropped for a Stride cost and at 7000 Power… Wait… He’s RR rarity? Oh. Ok. Let’s move on to the next card shall we?

Blue StorBattle Siren, Chlorism Battle Princess, Theta, who is also a RR, is a G1 that with the proper setup can swing in with a hefty punch. So long as you have a Maelstrom VG she gets +2k in battle and then if Wave-2nd she gains another +3k, making her in total a 12k G1 hitter if you have Mael. Which isn’t terrible and combined with switchers and other various AqF shenanigans she could prove herself useful.



Let’s be honest though, those cards were just warm-up acts, they’re the bread to your sandwich, necessary parts of the whole but they’re not the reason you’re making an Aqua Force sandwich. Oh no. You’re here for the spreads, the main meat, the delicious filling that overpowers everything else. And we have an classing filling revealed this week but with a twist. I present to you… Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (Break Ride)! Yes, he’s back, and this time he’s ready to be ridden!Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (Break Ride)

Drawn out analogies and terrible puns aside, the new Break Ride version of Maelstrom is making waves already (I couldn’t resist that one). My interpretation of his two abilities won’t do him just so I’ll copy them out below and you can devise delirious devastating turns in your own mind.

[AUTO] Limit Break 4:[Counter Blast (1)] When an <<Aqua Force>> rides this unit, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your vanguards, until end of turn, that unit gets [Power]+10000, and “[AUTO](VC)Wave-4th time or more (This ability is active during the specified battles of each turn):When this unit attacks a vanguard, draw a card, choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, retire it, and until end of that battle, your opponent cannot call grade 0 cards from hand to (GC).”

[AUTO](VC)Wave-3rd time or more (This ability is active during the specified battles of each turn):When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, search your deck for up to one card with “Maelstrom” in its card name, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

The end result of combining the new Break Ride with the Crossride is not only your opponent’s complete and utter inability to guard against your valorous attack, but they also lose a RG and you get to tutor out of your deck fodder ready for a Stride or to set up the same scenario again. That is just brutal. Do I need to say more?

Out there, on the horizon, that are other Grade 3’s then just the majBlue Wave Dragon, Anger-boil Dragonestic Maelstrom and GCB02 also brings AqF players Blue Wave Dragon, Anger-boil Dragon. Twin abilities show you his true aim, that of restanding your RG’s, primarily with the aid of striding a Tetra-boil Dragon (Yet to be revealed sadly, but he’ll be magnificent I’m sure). On GB2, Wave-2nd, if Anger-boil attacks a VG he gets a +5k boost then Stands a RG granting it a +10k power boost! That’s an amazing pump for no cost, although it will be a few turns in to the game at this point. Secondly if the afore mentioned Tetra-boil Strides, then a +3k boost is passed on and Wave-2nd allows two RG’s to Stand, albeit with just +3k boosts this time. A good ability but we really could do with seeing Tetra-boil before we pass too much judgement.

And with that my short time with you is at an end. This has been an enlightening experience for me, as my main protagonist is a lover of all things Aqua-ery and this I hope you’re enjoyed reading through my rant and you will be returned to your regular James-san broadcast next week!

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #16

Welcome back to our weekly Vanguard update! This week we have a bigger variety of cards from different clans but Aqua Force is still reigning supreme with the amount of cards they have shown us throughout the past seven days.

One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas
One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas – SP

To start off with the Aqua Force cards, we have seen the return of the G leader himself, Thavas. Not only are we getting a new SP alternate art of the original One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas, but we’ve also had revealed to us the new Thavas G unit. One Who Rules the Storm, Commander Thavas, following the trend of Altmile and Ahsha, does not require a “Thavas” heart. With a G Persona Blast you can give a rear-guard +5k power and the ability to attack from the back row, then with a Generation Break 3 if a unit attacks on the fourth battle of that turn, you choose three of your opponent’s rear-guards and your opponent chooses one of those three and retires it. This will definitely help against strong retiring rear-guards like Twilight Arrow Dragon and Voltage Horn Dragon to make sure your rear-guards are secure and consistent. Attacking on the fourth battle with your Vanguard while having One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas in your heart will allow you to retire two of your opponent’s rear-guards. Some people may think that this skill is a little underwhelming compared to Lambros‘s skill but the ability to mess with your opponent’s field is never a bad thing and quite honestly a lot of skills are going to seem underwhelming compared to Lambros but that doesn’t mean they are bad skills. The new Thavas works very well with the new Aqua Force units and the ability to turn most units into a more powerful version of Battle Siren, Stacia gives Aqua Force the consistency they need.

Battle Siren, Adelaide
Battle Siren, Adelaide

To help him more, Thavas-specific rear-guards have been revealed. Battle Siren, Adelaide (Who unfortunately looks nothing like everyone’s favourite Cheer Girl) proves to be a very important unit for any Thavas deck. With a Generation Break 1, when Adelaide is placed on the rear-guard circle and if you have a grade 3 or higher “Thavas” Vanguard, then you may Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 to give her +2k power and the ability to re-stand once per turn after she has attacked a Vanguard. There is no Wave restriction so you can use her skill on your first battle or her last which is extremely helpful for letting all the rest of your units attack when they need to. Unlike Magnum Assault, Battle Siren, Adelaide does not need  a boost, allowing her to be thrown around the field with units like Couple Dagger Sailor and Blue Storm Marine General, Michael and still managing to easily use her skill. Another way you may use her is to attack on her own for 11k and then have Adelaide boosted on her second attack to ensure that the attack will be able to get through both times. Another Thavas-related card in this set is the Heart Thump Worker clone, Kelpie Rider, Petros. Petros’s skill can help Aqua Force a lot by going into the soul, which gives Adelaide and High Tide Sniper some fuel, and the extra draw is always handy to making sure Aqua Force has a consistent field.

Blue Storm Battle Princess, Limpia
Blue Storm Battle Princess, Limpia

To help with the Legions, we will be getting Blue Storm Battle Princess, Limpia. Limpia is a Grade 2 that when she attacks on the third battle or more, if your Vanguard is in Legion, you may Counter Blast 1 to give her an extra 3k power and to draw a card. This unit will most likely be used in most Aqua Force Legion decks for it’s great benefits. The only way this falls short is if you Stride as her ability won’t take effect because Striding will temporarily stop your Vanguard from being in Legion. This will give people a hard choice to make on the Stride Phase but I feel her +1 to hand will make Striding not nearly as needed in Aqua Force Legion decks. Blue Storm Battle Princess, Doris is a Stand Trigger to also help with Legion. Her ability is much like the Storm Riders and Couple Dagger by letting her switch places with the unit behind her after attacking. She has to attack on the first battle to pull off this skill and you have to have a Vanguard in Legion, but as a little extra Doris gives +5k to the unit she switched with and then she goes back into the deck. This is a good way to make sure you can pull off all the battles you need but it would be best to only use her as a last resort. With her 4k power it is unlikely that she will be able to hit your opponent’s Vanguard unless you can find a way to give her an extreme power boost. With all this Legion support hopes are high that a new Legion will be revealed soon for this set.

Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet
Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet

To increase the chances of getting the Legion cards that you want to Ride, Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet will help search for the one you are looking for. When this unit boosted a successful attack on a Vanguard, if it is the third turn or more and you have a Vanguard with “Blue Storm” in it’s name, you may search your deck for a Grade 3 with the ability to Legion and add it to your hand. With the lack of Generation Break, this card can activate even before you have reached Grade 3 so you have a better chance of getting your perfect field set up earlier on. This can easily be used throughout the whole game, giving you plenty of Stride fuel in your hand or to make sure your columns are swinging in for well powered attacks. We also get a new Grade 3 which makes a great backup for Blue Storm. Blue Storm Marine General, Sebastian is a pretty powerful Common who can get an extra draw and retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards. The only restriction this card has is that it needs to be the third battle or more. This is a really useful Grade 3 to be used in a lot of Blue Storm decks and the pressure put on your opponent to guard would make a good opportunity for Glory Maelstrom to come in with his guard restriction.

For more drawing, Battle Siren, Nicoletta will allow you to draw one card if her attack hits on the second battle or more and with a Generation Break. Violent Shooter is the Grade 1 equivalent of Marine General of the Sound Speed, Nectarios by letting you Soul Blast for a power boost and an extra attack. For Resist units we get Flashroll Command and Power Scout Orca Soldier. They are both Resist units that gain 3k power when attacking on the second battle or more with Flashroll being a 6k Grade 1 that becomes a 9k attacker, and Orca Soldier being a 8k Grade 2 who then becomes an 11k attacker. The last Aqua Force card shown was Blue Wave Marine General, Phoevos. When he attacks, if it is the third battle of the turn and you Counter Blast 1, Phoevos gains 2k power until the end of turn and at the end of that battle he can re-stand. So far the only other “Blue Wave” is Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon, but we know there will be a new “Tetra” in this set called Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Tetra-Boil Dragon so perhaps Tetra-Boil will need it to be the fifth battle or more to activate his effect if Phoevos is anything to go by.

As I said at the beginning, Aqua Force is not the only clan we have seen throughout the past seven days. We have been shown a sneak peek of what is to come for the new Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter and G Booster Set 5: Moonlit Dragon Fang.

Witch Queen of Transfiguration, Sinclair
A Picture Taken of the New Fighter’s Collection Poster -Witch Queen of Transfiguration, Sinclair-

I’m always excited for Fighter’s Collections as it’s great seeing every clan getting support, even the ones that I don’t use. So far we have seen four units, two being G units and the other two being normal units. One card I am looking forward to in my own deck is Witch Queen of Transfiguration, Sinclair. If you have a “Witch” heart and the number of Grade 0s your opponent has on the field is two or more, you may Counter Blast 1 to reveal the top ten cards of your opponent’s deck and your opponent chooses one Grade 0 from among them and Rides it, and then at the end of the turn your opponent chooses a card from their Soul and Rides it. If your opponent wishes to guard with a Grade higher than 0 then at the beginning of their guard step they can Counter Blast 1 to guard with as many cards in their hand as they want.

Shadow Paladin Witches have been suffering a bit lately due to Triggers gaining better and better rear-guard skills thus making their main mechanic a little less effective than before but with this card it proves that Shadow Paladin Witches still have plenty of life left in them. If your opponent keeps replacing the Grade 0s you have been putting on their field throughout the match then it’s a good idea to keep some Deidres and Danas in your hand for when you stride this card. You won’t be able to use Securna and Goewin with this card due to them needing a Vanguard in Legion but the Grade 0 Vanguard your opponent will have is a big enough minus on its own. With the need for your opponent to Counter Blast to be able to guard with anything higher than a Grade 0 it will prevent them from using a lot of their skills in their next turn and if all their damage is face-down you know they won’t be able to use a Perfect Guard.

An old Link Joker who gets support is the original Break Ride for the clan, Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon. With Cleanup Star-vader, Bromine’s skill at the end of your turn, if you have a Grade 3 Vanguard with “Star-vader” in it’s name and your opponent has a locked card, you may retire Bromine to search your deck for a card with “Infinite” in it’s name and Ride it as Rest. This is a nice little boost to make sure that you will always have a Break Ride ready for your next turn and is a great reward for retiring one Grade 1.

Blade Wing Sullivan
A Picture Taken of the New Fighter’s Collection Poster -Blade Wing Sullivan-

Dark Irregulars have gone for a bit more of a defensive approach with their new Grade 3. Blade Wing Sullivan, like Blade Wing Reiji, requires fifteen cards in the Soul. If he does then every card you guard with will get +10k Shield but at the end of the guard step that you have fifteen or more cards in your Soul you must Soul Blast 2. Giving all Guardians +10k Shield is a massive boost, this makes Grade 3s 10k defenders and most Grade 0s 20k defenders. The biggest problem is maintaining your Soul without decking out. It might be nice for Dark Irregulars to get a Dreaming Dragon clone. To help the Soul build up, when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you can choose one of your rear-guards and search your deck for three copies of that card to put into the Soul. This can give Demon Bike of the Witching Hour, Hades Carriage of the Witching Hour, or Demon Chariot of the Witching Hour a big continuous power boost. Some people might also want to put Dimension Creeper into the Soul to increase the soul even more and give cards like Doreen the Thruster and Sweet Predator a powerful temporary boost. People may want to use Blade Wing Reijy for early game pressure and then ride this card for late game defence.

The last unit we saw for Fighter’s Collection was One Who is Loved by the Seven Seas, Nightmist. This is very similar to the previous Fighter’s Collection Granblue unit, Pirate King of the Abyss, Blueheart. Like Blueheart, you can Counter Blast 1 to Call two units from the Drop Zone but this time you don’t need to Call them over other units, the restiction being you need a heart with “Seven Seas” in the name which at the moment is only the Break Ride, Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist. At the end of the turn you have to retire the newly called units but being able to call those units over and over helps you use Granblue’s on-call abilities like Sea Strolling Banshee’s and King Serpent’s. With King Serpent you can make Nightmist’s Counter Blast free due to King Serpent Counter Charging when he comes onto the field from the Drop Zone.

Chrono Dran
A Screenshot From the Anime of Chrono Dran

The anime has revealed a few cards. One of the most notable being Chrono Dran, a new Grade 0 for Gear Chronicle. The skill has yet to be revealed and all we really know about it is that it’s a forerunner, but seeing as he seems to be a fairly important character in the anime we can expect good things from his ability.

There was one other interesting card shown in the anime, and that was Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah. The ability was fully shown later in the week. If you have a face-up copy of Amnesty Messiah in you G Zone you may Counter Blast 1 and turn a copy of Amnesty Messiah face up, then you can unlock as many cards as you want and every card that you unlocked on your side of the field gains 3k power, while every card you unlock on your opponent’s side of the field is retired. Then, if you unlocked three or more cards, Excelics Messiah gains an extra critical. This card is following Aurageyser‘s theme of turning over the previous version of the character (This one being Excelics turning over Amnesty) but due to Amnesty not needing a G Persona Blast, you can use Excelics up to three times in a game.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #15

Welcome back to our weekly Vanguard update! This week mostly consists of cards for the upcoming Clan Booster 2: Commander of the Incessant Waves so we will be seeing a lot of new Aqua Force units. card that we have heard about before is Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Aristoteles, and now the skill has finally been revealed! If it is the third battle or more of that turn, you can Counter Blast 1 to retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards. This is a really useful G-unit to snipe your opponent’s best rear-guards on your first Stride, and the attack doesn’t have to hit unlike Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon. I’m sure people will find the true worth of this card when they are up against units like Commander Laurel and Doreen the Thruster. We also get a new Forerunner for the Clan that works with Thavas. Kelpie Rider, Mitolos gives you an extra attack by going into the soul when your grade 3 or greater Vanguard with “Thavas” in it’s name attacks on the third turn or more. You can then search your deck for a grade 3 with “Thavas” in it’s name, and call it to a rear-guard circle. At the end of that turn you may put the card you called into your hand, this will allow you to be able to stride next turn. Also if you stride with the new Thavas G-unit (Skill yet to be revealed) then you will be able to ride Thavas next turn if you didn’t have him as your Vanguard, but of course this will only be really helpful if the Thavas Stride does not require a Thavas Heart for its skill.

Wave Hunt Sailor is a new card that will help you refresh the Damage Zone and Soul, many Clans have had a similar card to this but this card isn’t restricted by a Generation Break. When her attack hits, if it is the third battle or more, you may Counter Charge 1 and Soul Charge 1. Aqua Force don’t Counter Blast overly much apart from Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon, but the Soul Charge would help a lot for High Tide Sniper to dish out those +10k attacks. Another card the Soul Charge might help with is Mission Messenger Gull Soldier who has two useful abilities. Gull Soldier helps in both attack and defence, with a Generation Break 1 if it’s the forth battle or more that he boosted you may put him back into your hand to help you prepare for your opponent’s next turn. His second ability allows you to Soul Blast 1 when he is placed on a rear-guard circle to give another unit +3k. This small boost can go a long way for Aqua Force. For example, it can give Storm Rider, Basil the advantage by letting him attack for 12k which could make him more viable than Storm Rider, Diamantes so you don’t have to use up valuable Grade 3 space. Battle Siren, Mallika and Wave Hunt Sailor are going to help Gull Soldier a lot by keeping the Soul topped up.

One card that a lot of people are excited about is the new Perfect Guard for Aqua Force’s Blue Storm subclan. Blue Storm Shield, Homeros‘ first skill works a lot like the old Perfect Guards by not being able to Counter Charge but allowing you to guard any unit, but Homeros will only be able to Perfect Guard if you have a “Blue Storm” Vanguard. To make up for this limitation he has a second ability which works on the rear-guard circle. If it is the third battle or more that this unit boosted, you may Soul Blast 1 and return this unit to your hand as long as you have a “Blue Storm” Vanguard. This will allow you to dish out boosted attacks while still having a Perfect Guard in your hand at the end of the turn. Yet another unit that will be using the Soul is Marine General of the Sound Speed, Nectarios. With a Soul Blast of 1 on the first or second battle, this unit gets +2k and then you can search the top four cards of your deck for a unit with the “Wave” ability, call it on top of this card, and then put Nectarios to the bottom of the deck. Some people may use this instead of Couple Dagger Sailor for it’s slightly more flexible ability, though you could use both in the same column to have that column attack three times! Great if your Vanguard is Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom or Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom “Яeverse”.

 Two new Grade 3s for Aqua Force have been revealed for this set. One being Ocean Horseman, Skiros, the first RRR to be shown for this set. This card has a Generation Break 1 that gives the whole front row the “Resist” ability (Meaning that they can’t be chosen by your opponent’s effects) when he is on the vanguard circle. This ability will cause Clans like Kagero and Narukami to have trouble taking out your strong front row units. His second ability works on the vanguard and rear-guard circles, when he attacks a Vanguard he allows you to check the top five cards of your deck for a Grade 3 or greater and add it to your hand. The second ability needs to be the third turn or more but does not require any Generation Break so you can use it early on to prepare for Stride or, if your main Grade 3 is another unit, to have a better chance of finding the Grade 3 you want. I’m sure many Thavas users will be happy to have this as their backup Grade 3. The second Grade 3 is Titan of the Trench Patrol and is a Grade 3 version of Nectarios by allowing you to Soul Blast 1 to gain 2k and at the end of battle, look at the top  four cards of the deck, search for one with the “Wave” ability, call it over this unit and put this unit to the bottom of your deck. This unit will at least allow you to hit Cross Ride units without a boost but nowadays not many people will be using Cross Ride units.

On a less Aqua Force-y note, an image for a Pale Moon promo has been revealed. Nightmare Doll, Julieta’s skill is currently a mystery but it will be great to see more of the Nightmare Dolls that have been around since Pale Moon started. This is also the first Nightmare Doll to be shown that isn’t a Grade 3. I feel there is a good chance that this could follow Nightmare Doll, Catherine’s footsteps in supporting the old Nightmare Doll, Alice.

That concludes this week’s instalment of Cardfight!! Vanguard news, check back next week for more updates!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #14

Welcome back to our weekly Vanguard update! This week introduces more cards from Vanguard and Deletor, while also revealing new support for Aqua Force, Pale Moon, Gear Chronicle and Oracle Think Tank.


Flowing Jewel Knight, Altgallo (pictured) offers Jewel Knights an alternative unit to Jewel Knight, Swordmy. When its attack hits a vanguard while the number of your other rear-guards with ‘Jewel Knight’ in their names is three or more, you can Soul Blast 1 to call one Grade 1 or less Jewel Knight from your deck. This is a low cost to gain a unit, but is unreliable in the fact that it can only call your fifth unit and, further, that it needs to hit to do so. While this adds a strong on-hit pressure, and most likely will force guards, it seems unlikely to contest the niche that Swordmy occupies; the ability to Counter Blast 1 on-call to call a Grade 1 Jewel Knight from the deck is both reliable and powerful, to the extent that it is even used outside of the sub-clan. It is hard to see Altgallo see much play except as a budget replacement or if Swordmy becomes banned or restricted – Altgallo is by no means a bad card, but Swordmy does the same job better. Meanwhile, Packgal is a new Grade 1 unit with 5000 power, with the ability to Soul Blast 2 to Counter Charge 2. This effect has been seen in many other clans, and is always a nice option to have, especially for Sanctuary Guard decks and those which have heavy Counter Blast costs. As a High Beast, Packgal can be called by the effect of Swordsman of Light, Blaster Javelin Larousse (released in the same set), who also happens to place two cards into the Soul for the cost for his effect. Packgal certainly won’t find a place in every deck, but will be a card worth considering if Counter Charging is needed. Finally, they receive three new ‘vanilla’ triggers in Player of the Flash, Niviana (heal), Hot Sand Knight, Rudford (stand) and Pirrolo (critical).

G-CB02-006-RR (Sample)Aqua Force’s ‘Ripple’ sub-clan receives more support this week, gaining three new units. Torrential Ripple, Podromos (pictured) can G-Persona Blast when he hits a vanguard (while having a Heart card with ‘Ripple’ in the name) to look at five cards from the top of the deck, search for up to two cards with ‘Ripple’ in their name from amongst them and call them to separate rear-guard circles. The ability to gain two more cards with no real cost is very good, even if the attack does need to hit for the ability to work. With the new Legion pair of Breaking Ripple , Militiades and Thundering Ripple, Genovious, having ‘Ripple’ heart cards is easy to achieve too, and Podromos offers a good Stride unit while waiting to fulfil Genovious’ Persona Blast. This is helped by the new critical trigger, Demise Ripple, Orest. At the end of the battle that it boosted, if the number of other rested units with ‘Ripple’ in the name is two or more, you can look at five cards from the top of the deck, search for one ‘Ripple’ from among them, reveal it to your opponent and add it to your hand. This is intended to help set up the Persona Blast of Genovious, but adds a great amount of consistency to the deck besides. If Ripples receive their own Perfect Guard, this card will be one of the greatest consistency tools in their arsenal. The final ‘Ripple’ revealed is Turbulent Ripple, Lavisse, a 9000 power Grade 2 who can gain 3000 power when he attacks if the number of rested units with ‘Ripple’ in their names are two or more. This effect is good, if not exciting, but as there are only two Grade 2 ‘Ripple’ units at the moment, he will surely see much play in the deck.

G-CB02-028-C (Sample)Tear Knight, Timos (pictured) adds a new control aspect to the clan: at Generation Break 1 and Wave 2, when his attack hits a vanguard, you may choose up to one of your opponent’s rear-guards and retire it. This is a newer version of Tear Knight, Valeria, who has a similar ability, albeit at what we would now call ‘Wave 4’. The benefit of Timos is that his effect is a lot easier to activate than Valeria’s, however it is limited to much later in the game – Valeria can activate on the vanguard circle and, with a good start, retire an opponent’s rear-guard on the player’s second turn. These effects are good, but they struggle to find a home in Aqua Force. Aqua Force rely on their Grade 2 units to activate their higher Wave abilities, using cards like Magnum Assault, Tidal Assault or Couple Dagger Sailor to chain multiple attacks, or units such as High Tide Sniper to guarantee that they can threaten the vanguard even when un-boosted. As such, the Grade 2 space is often quite tight in the deck, so, even if this skill is nice, there simply won’t be room for it in the majority of decks. Cobalt Neon Dragon, an 11000 power Grade 3, is the last card revealed for Aqua Force this week. His skill activates as either the vanguard or the rear-guard at Wave 2, granting him 2000 power when your other unit attacks. This can be nice when brought out from the back row (potentially by the effect of Couple Dagger Sailor), but ultimately there are better options for back-up Grade 3s.

BT13-007EN-RRRStar-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon (pictured) receives some new support in G-BT05. Confusion Star-vader, Zinc is a 7000 power Grade 1 with a very useful ability. If you have a vanguard with ‘Chaos’ in its name and your opponent has a locked card, you can put her into your soul to Counter Charge 2 and Soul Charge 2. This helps to fund all of his skills, while also providing for rear-guards which can lock. He receives further support in what is presumed to be a Stride unit Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe, whose effects are yet to be revealed. Gear Chronicle have had two new units revealed  – Steam Maiden, Dah-nish and Metalglider Dragon. Dah-nish is a 7000 power Grade 1 that will come in the next Gear Chronicle Trial Deck with a Generation Break 1 skill. When she is placed on a rear-guard circle, you choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, return it to the deck, then your opponent may choose to call a unit from the deck which is a single Grade less than that unit, and shuffle the deck. As this is free, it is an easy piece of disruption that can serve as a retire (on Grade 0s or Grade 1s, provided your opponent does not which to call a unit) or strip the deck of triggers (with Grade 1s). It can also power up units like Brass-Winged Gear Hawk, and so can be quite useful. Metalglider Dragon is an 11000 power Grade 3 also with a Generation Break 1 ability. When it is placed on either a vanguard or rear-guard circle, you can Counter Blast 1 to place an opponent’s Grade 1 or less unit on the bottom of the deck. This is a simple retire effect, and works well with units such as Interdimensional Dragon, Faterider Dragon. However, as Gear Chronicle like to use Grade 3s which are either Chronojet Dragon or can search for Chronojet Dragon, he might struggle to find a home in most decks.
BT03-003EN-RRRIn other news, Pale Moon have had two new units revealed. The first, Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty, is a 7000 power Grade 1 released in the upcoming Trial Deck. At Generation Break 1, you can Counter Blast 1 at the end of the battle she boosted a rear-guard to put the boosted unit into the Soul and call one card with the Magia ability out of the Soul. This is going to be a very reliable way for Pale Moon to gain more attacks, and also signals that Magia is most likely the keyword for being called from the Soul. Nightmare Doll, Catherine is a Grade 3 with 11000 power which is designed to make Nightmare Doll, Alice (pictured) more relevant in the current game. The ability to gain multiple attacks and to trigger Pale Moon effects is very useful, yet she is limited by her 10000 power, which is what Catherine fixes! Her CONT skill is to give all rear-guard Alices 1000 power and an ability which activates at the end of a battle that they attacked, but did not hit. For Counter Blast 1, they are then able to call a ‘Nightmare Doll, Alice’ from the Soul, then move themselves into the Soul. Owing to the current wording, this cannot be the same Alice as just attacked, meaning that players will need to run multiple copies to get the most out of Catherine’s effect. Catherine’s second effect activates when she is placed on the vanguard circle, allowing her to search her deck for a card, put it into the Soul, then shuffle the deck – this allows her to easily get copies of Alice where they are most useful. Cards like Purple Trapezist and Miracle of Luna Square, Clifford can help to recycle Alices who have moved into the Soul, allowing access to further attacks.

Oracle Think Tank gain new Tsukuyomi support in Handedly Housekeeper, a 7000 power Grade 1. Her ability allows her to pay Counter Blast 1 when placed on a rear-guard circle to search the top five cards of the deck for a ‘Tsukuyomi’ card from amongst them and add it to your hand, then to put the rest on the bottom of the deck in any order. This helps to ensure that the Ride-chain goes smoothly, while also contributing to the stack at the bottom of the deck.

Narukami receive a new 10000 power Grade 3 in Djinn of Twofold Striking. His ability activates on either the vanguard or rearguard circles, at Generation Break 1 and Thunder Strike 2. For a Soul Blast, he gains 2000 power and, when he attacks, you may choose an opponent’s vanguard and a rear-guard and battle both of them at once. This does not specify that you have to choose a front-row rear-guard, so it can attack the back row as well! Assuming that he receives a 7000 power boost, he forces 10000 shield against the vanguard and (if they have a 9000 power Grade 2, for example) 15000 for the rear-guard. However, as Narukami struggle with Soul Charging, it is likely that his skill will only be able to be used a couple of times per game, though it will be very powerful when it is used.

Finally, a few more potential Stride units have been revealed. We have already touched on Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe, but there also appears to be one for Narukami in Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher ”VOLTAGE”, one for Pale Moon in Masked Divine Dragon Tamer, Harry and a new Susanoo called Dragon-defeating Battle Deity, Kamu Susanoo. All these units, along with Nightmare Doll, Catherine have been shown to be receiving sleeves in the next set.

That concludes this week’s instalment of Cardfight!! Vanguard news, check back next week for more updates!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #13

Welcome back to our weekly Vanguard update! This week sees five new cards for Royal Paladins released, including a new Stride unit, while two new Deletors have been revealed. Further, a new card has been released which hints that the upcoming Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom might be a Breakride, while the first card in Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter has been revealed!

G-CMB01-002-RRR (Sample)

Reincarnation Dragon, Holy Squire Dragon (pictured) is the new Stride for Alfred’s Royal Paladins. Holy Squire Dragon requires an Alfred heart card, but is very useful in the context of the Vanguard and Deletor set. By G-Persona Blasting a copy of himself, you unlock all of your locked cards, then gain two continuous skills: the first grants all your rear-guards 2000 power, while the second skill is available at Generation Break 3, granting Holy Squire 3000 power for every rear-guard you control. This means that, if he is used as your second Stride of the game, you will be able to use all of his effects. The unlocking skill is only useful in Link Joker matches, and the need for an Alfred heart means that this cannot be used as a tech choice for other decks. The second skill is primarily useful for unboosted Grade 2s, making 9000 power units 11000 without overly much effort. This skill grants 4000 power to columns, but it does not really help most columns reach 21000 without the use of 10000 power or 8000 power units, or units which can gain at least 1000 power with their skills (such as Knight of Fragment). The third skill allows it to gain power in a similar way to Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon, although it does not gain an extra critical – this is balanced out by the increased pressure it grants to rear-guard columns, although most players will prefer Saint Blow as it can be used in many more decks than this. Two more Alfred-specific cards have been revealed: Signpost Sage, Eluron and Spinning Sage, Berck. Eluron is a new forerunner whose skill can be used when you have an ‘Alfred’ Vanguard. By Counter Blasting 1 and moving him into the Soul, you can search your deck for any Grade 2 or less unit and call it. This is a very useful and flexible effect, allowing you to call units such as Knight of Twin Sword to gain more rear-guards, or Blaster Blade, Blaster Blade Spirit, or Blaster Blade Seeker (If using Alfred Exiv) to remove your opponent’s vital units. Spinning Sage, Berck, on the other hand, is more restricted in its use. For a Soul Blast and a Counter Blast, if you have an ‘Alfred’ vanguard, you may unlock up to two of your units, then give up to two of your units 2000 power. Berck had the potential to be excellent, but sadly is too restricted to see much play. Outside of the Link Joker match-up, there are no targets to be unlocked – the Alfred restriction limits it from being used in Broken Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei ‘Яeverse’ decks, where it would be more useful. As such, the only reliable use for the skill is to grant 2000 power to up to two units, but this is not worth the cost. As such, Berck will probably only be used in the context of Vanguard and Deletor matches.

G-CMB01-016-R (Sample)

Salvation Sage, Benon (pictured) is also released in Vanguard and Deletor, but he is not restricted to Alfred decks. His skill costs Counter Blast 1 and allows you to call a 6000 power unit from your deck, so players might like to call Hidden Sage, Miron or Sword of Hope, Richard to draw a card. The drawback, of course, is the low power units which you are forced to use, substantially lowering your offensive presence unless skills are used to increase their strength. In other news, Jewel Knights receive a new forerunner in Jewel Knight, Raisegal. This 5000 power unit can give a unit called from the deck (once per turn) 3000 power, provided that you have three or more other rear-guards with ‘Jewel Knight’ in their names. This is less restricted than it seems, requiring only two other Jewel Knights at the time of call. Raisegal works very well in conjunction with Banding Jewel Knight, Miranda when used in an Ashlei deck, allowing Miranda to hit 21000 (with a 7000 power boost) when called from the deck. You can also use it with Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracie if you are not using an Ashlei build.

G-CMB01-001-GR (Sample)Original Deletor, Eigorg (pictured) is the new Deletor Stride, and offers Link Joker their second unique alternate win condition. At Generation Break 2, if you have a ‘Deletor’ Heart, you can Counter Blast 1 and retire a Deletor to Delete all of your opponent’s vanguards, lock up to one card in their back row, then force your opponent to Banish Delete a card. Then, if the number of cards in your opponent’s Damage Zone is four or more and the number of cards face-down in their Bind Zone is 13 or more, you win the game. This is a very strong card: its first effect is great value, as retiring a unit and Counter Blast 1 for a Delete and a Lock is cheap. The win-condition effect serves as a nice bonus – it seems feasible to pull off in a game, but equally does require work to actually use, as most cards can only Banish Delete a single card each use. As such, Eigorg is useful throughout the whole game – he can delete efficiently throughout the game, and keeping a copy in reserve for late game in case you can fulfil the alternate win condition is a good idea. Biting Deletor, Girba is a new critical trigger which, after boosting and if your opponent’s vanguard is Deleted, can return to the top of the deck to Counter Charge 1 and force your opponent to Banish Delete a card. This can help to push for winning through Eigorg’s effect, or simply to provide more resources so that you can Delete more often. Losing 10000 shield is somewhat bad, but considering that Deleting reduces the opponent’s offensive capabilities, it is not overly costly.

PR-0343 (Sample)Blue Storm Battle Princess, Choralia (pictured) is a new promo card for Aqua Force. When she is placed on a rear-guard circle, you can discard a Grade 3 card to search your deck for up to one card named ‘Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom‘ and add it to your hand. As this effect is similar to Eternal Bringer Griffin (who searches for Dragonic Overlord, later given a Break Ride), people have inferred by analogy that Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstom will be reprinted with a new Break Ride effect, especially given their upcoming Clan Booster. If so, Choralia will make it significantly easier for Maelstrom decks to set up the Cross Ride, while also potentially enabling the Break Ride to be combined with it (provided that the speculation is true). Another promo card has been revealed for Pale Moon in Daydream Tone, Arny, a 9000 power Grade 2 with the Generation Break 1 skill to Counter Charge 2 on hitting a vanguard. Pale Moon have long been one of the heaviest users of Counter Blasts, so this will be a very welcome addition to the clan! In other news, Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter has had some information revealed about it. The first card confirmed is a reprint of Twinkle Happiness☆Pacifica, a Japanese Promo. This version will come with different art, and also has led some people to suspect that the set will once more be Stride-focussed. There are going to be 48 cards in the set, possibly showing that each clan will receive two new cards: a banner seems to depict a Seal Dragon, an Angel Feather similar to Nociel, a new form of Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon, Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist and Beast Deity, Ethics Buster. This focus on existing Grade 3 units does hint that they might become G-units, especially considering that Beast Deity, Ethics Buster already has three Grade 3 forms. Though the fact that Nightmist’s only grade 3 form is a break ride there is a chance that this new form could be a cross ride for him.

Finally, it seems that in the new series of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis, members from the original cast will return, so we should expect to see Leon Soryu, Naoki, Miwa, Ren and Kai. The new series will focus on a quest called “G Quest” where Chrono will strive to become a Clan Leader. The season also introduces the idol group Rummy Labyrinth. This is a duo of Luna Yumizuki (a Pale Moon user who will be featured on the Trial Deck) and Am Chouno (a Granblue user whose Trial Deck will also soon be released). This implies that we might see a lot more of those two clans in booster packs when the next series airs.

That concludes this week’s instalment of Cardfight!! Vanguard news, check back next week for more updates!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #12

Welcome back to our weekly Vanguard update! This week reveals many cards from Vanguard and Deletor (including several reprints) along with the name of a new Aqua Force Stride from Commander of the Incessant Waves, Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Aristoteles!

As Vanguard and Deletor’s Royal Paladins all revolve around the classic unit, King of Knights, Alfred, it should come as no surprise that his reprint has now been confirmed! He will be printed as a single rare in the set, allowing easy access to the deck’s most important unit. The theme of the Comic Royal Paladins is that their abilities only work when you have an ‘Alfred’ vanguard, so both experienced and new players alike will surely welcome this reprint! The Revival Legion unit, King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell, is also reprinted as a single rare in this set, enabling easy access to a full Legion line-up. Further, as they had previously only been printed as a revival legion, this set will introduce their matching legion art for the first time! Meanwhile, Flash Shield, Iseult is also receiving a Rare reprint in this set, enabling easy access to the old-style Perfect Guards. The final reprint this week for Royal Paladins is the draw trigger, Margal. One of the goals of Vanguard and Deletor is to be able to be used to create a full deck, and the easy accessibility of the main Grade 3 and the Perfect Guard will surely make this an attractive budget choice.

G-CMB01-028-C (Sample)

There are three new Royal Paladin units which have been revealed, and the first is Wave Sage, Thana (pictured). His ability is that, when he is placed as a rear-guard, if you have a Grade 3 vanguard with ‘Alfred’ in its name and all your vanguards are at stand, you can search your deck for up to one card with ‘Alfred’ in its card name, ride it, and grant it 5000 power for the turn. This ability seems rather odd at first – the deck seems best when it uses Alfred in Legion, yet Thana undoes that. However, Thana shines when he is used against the Deletor units that also come in this booster, being able to undo Delete for free. As a reminder, Delete turns your vanguard face down, removing its power and effects, but does not change its name or Grade – Thana therefore seems to mainly be useful in the context of this pack, but as a new Alfred unit is still a possibility, it is hard to be certain. Blaster Dark’s original form is released in this pack as Swordsman of Light, Yunos. He is a 7000 power Grade 1 who gains 5000 power when another unit is called through the effect of one of your cards, provided that your vanguard is an ‘Alfred’ unit. This enables him to serve as a 12000 attacker on the front row or to boost any 9000 unit to hit 21000 power. If he is combined with Swordsman of Light, Blaster Axe Guerard, they can hit 26000 combined, which is a very powerful column. It seems to me that Yunos will see a fair amount of play for his flexibility of use, making him a valuable addition to the deck. The final unit is Knight of Gale, Hudibras, a 6000 power Grade 1 with a pseudo-Intercept ability. At the beginning of the guard step of the battle that your vanguard with ‘Alfred’ in its name was attacked, you may discard a card from your hand to move him to the guardian circle at Rest, then give him an extra 10000 shield value. This can be a very useful skill, as you do not lose any shield value by calling him to boost – he even is able to avoid some ‘guard denying’ abilities, as he does not get called to the guardian circle, but rather moved there by an ability! He might not see the most play of the Grade 1s in this set, but players will certainly welcome having him as an option.

PR-0340 (Sample)

Waving Deletor, Greidoll (pictured) is designed to be the back-up Grade 3 to Docking Deletor, Greion, with a powerful skill. While Greion’s ability is strong, its hefty Counter Blast cost somewhat limits its late game – Greidoll can be used to mitigate this. Once per turn, you can Soul Blast a card named ‘Docking Deletor, Greion’ and retire a ‘Deletor’ rear-guard to Delete your opponent’s vanguards and force your opponent to Banish Delete a card from their Drop Zone. This is a very low cost for Deleting, and can be a viable alternative to Striding later on in the game. The second effect of Greidoll is that, when its attack hits a vanguard, you may Counter Blast 1 to search the top five cards of the deck for a ‘Docking Deletor, Greion’, put it into the soul, retire an opponent’s rear-guard in the front row, and force the opponent to Banish Delete a unit in their Drop Zone. This is a very strong ability, and provides a huge amount of pressure if their vanguard is Deleted. Counter Blast 1 is already good value to remove an opponent’s rear-guard, and the potential (however infrequent) to set up a future Delete of an opponent’s Vanguard is strong. Greidoll seems to be a great support unit for Greion, being both stronger and weaker in some regards, and so will certainly be sought after.

G-CMB01-010-RR (Sample)

Liedown Deletor, Givun (pictured) is another hotly-anticipated card, although very situational in its use. At the end of the battle where it attacked a Vanguard, if you have a Grade 3 Vanguard with ‘Grei’ in its card name, you can stand all your Vanguards at the hefty cost of Counter Blasting 1 Deletor and retiring itself, along with four other Deletor rear-guards. This is not an ability which can be used often, as Deletors are already somewhat retire heavy, but can serve as a powerful finishing move. The strength of Givun is that all of the columns can attack before being retired, so, if the opponent’s Vanguard is Deleted, even relatively weak columns can force the opponent to spend large amounts of their resources guarding. Most players who run this card will only use two copies – it has a strong effect, but it is too situational to be useful for the majority of the game. Instill Deletor, Ender is the G Perfect Guard for the set, and it’s very impressive. Its bonus skill is not to Counter Charge, but rather to Delete an opponent’s vanguard at the end of the turn if their vanguard was deleted when it was used. This is a boost that Deletors definitely needed, granting them the ability to keep their opponent shut down merely by defending. Ender’s skill cannot be used against Stride units, but is still extremely useful – it punishes players who cannot Stride on the turn they were deleted, and is also a Deletor Perfect Guard, allowing it to be used for Counter Blasts when taken as damage.

Sprout Deletor, Luchi offers the deck a new Forerunner, with an ability which activates when it is retired as a cost for a Deletor vanguard’s ability. It may lock an opponent’s back-row rear-guard and force them to Banish Delete a card from their Drop Zone. This works really well with the ‘Grei’ cards, although many players will still value the ability to draw and Counter-Charge that Acquire Deletor, Igor offers. In addition, Ferment Deletor, Gaian offers ‘Grei’ more support. It is a Grade 1 with 7000 power that can, when an opponent’s vanguard becomes Deleted, Soul Blast 1 to gain 3000 power and Banish Delete a card of your opponent’s choice. This lets it easily boost for 10000, and works very well with the new Swift Deletor, Giari. Giari is a Grade 2 with 9000 power which, when it is placed on the vanguard circle or a rear-guard circle,  can retire a Deletor rear-guard to retire an opponent’s front row rear-guard, Banish Delete an opponent’s card from their Drop Zone and gain 2000 power until the end of the turn. This is an exchange with slightly favours you, and so will be used in quite a few decks.

Finally, Illfate Deletor, Dorohn has been revealed. It is a 7000 power Grade 1 with a useful cycling ability – at the end of the battle it boosted a Deletor vanguard, you can discard a card and move it into the soul in order to draw two cards and force the opponent to Banish Delete a card from their Drop Zone. This can be very helpful to add consistency to the deck, and so will see a fair amount of play.


Deletor receive a fair few reprints in this set. Juxtapose Deletor, Zaele (pictured) is being re-released along with its mate, Juxtapose Deletor, Gaele. Of these, it seems Gaele will be the most sought after, considering that it can lock an opponent’s front row unit for free if their vanguard is Deleted. Clipping Deletor, Evo was previously exclusively a promo card, and is re-released in this set. At Counter Blast 2, it can call any Deletor from the deck, provided the opponent’s vanguard is Deleted. This is somewhat expensive and competes for the valuable resource of Counter Blast; however, given that Deletors retire their own units for their costs, Evo can be very useful to continue fuelling these skills. Greedy Deletor, Jail will be welcomed for its ability to Counter Charge on hit, helping to mitigate the heavy costs in the deck. Meanwhile, Looting Deletor, Gunec offers a sensible retire-target as, when it is placed on a rear-guard circle, you can Soul Blast 2 to draw a card. Idolizing Deletor, Guim offers a strong dedicated booster, being able to lock front-row units when the attack it boosted hits, while Penetrate Deletor, Iggy offers the same sort of skill as a dedicated Grade 3 rear-guard. Overall, the Deletor reprints are somewhat of a mixed bag – some will certainly be found very useful, while others seem to have been reprinted simply because they were promo cards.

That concludes this week’s instalment of Cardfight!! Vanguard news, check back next week for more updates!

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