High Elves Sword Masters of Hoeth painting guide

So you’ve got you hands on the new The Island of Blood boxed set for Warhammer and you’re keen to get your miniatures on the tabletop and ready for battle. This painting guide can be used for many of the elves from the Island of Blood set and following it will give you a High Elves army painted to a good gaming standard.

Material used in this guide

Sword Masters of Hoeth from The Island of Blood
The Army Painter: Uniform Grey Spray Paint
Citadel Blazing Orange Paint
Citadel Blood Red Paint
Citadel Chainmail Paint
Citadel Elf Flesh Paint
Citadel Enchanted Blue Paint
Citadel Mechrite Red Paint
Citadel Mithril Silver Paint
Citadel Regal Blue Paint
Citadel Skull White Paint
Citadel Wash Badab Black
Citadel Wash Gryphonne Speia
Citadel Wash Ogryn Flesh
Fine Detail Brush
Standard Brush

Step 1 – Preparing the model

Remove Mould Lines and wash the model, this may sound stupid but I have painted lots of metal models (and a few plastic kits) which need to have baths and a good scrub before painting, so I feel it is just good practise to do it for all models.

Step 2 – Undercoat

Uniform Grey Spray (the Army Painter) – I love the Army Painter Sprays as they give good even coverage and dry as it hits the model.

Step 3 – Base Coat

High Elves Swordmasters of Hoeth Painting Guide Step 3Cloth  –   Painted with many Layers or Watered Down Skull White, aim for a milk-like look and consistensy, keep the recesses dark.
Armour – Paint with Chainmail.
Gems – Mechrite Red.
Sword – Chainmail.
Hair (and other blue bits :D) – Paint Regal Blue but kept the dark colours in the gaps for the hair.

Step 4 – Washes
High Elf Swordmasters of Hoeth Painting Guide Step 4Wash  –  All but white areas were washed with Badab Black.

Step 5 – Highlights

High Elf Swordmasters of Hoeth Painting Guide Step 5Cloth – Apply more White less diluted than in the previous stage but still quite watery.
Armour – Dry brushed with Mithril Silver Dry , alternatively just apply to each individual Armour plate.
Gems  – Highlight with Blood Red then Blazing Orange on top.
Sword – Highlight with Mithril Silver.
Hair – Highlight with Enchanted Blue.

Step 6 – The Face, final washes & clean up

High Elf Swordmasters of Hoeth Painting Guide Step 6Face – Paint with Elf Flesh, kinda an obvious one I know 😀
then wash the face with Ogryn Flesh.
Sword – Wash with Gryphonne Speia to give it some more tone.
Finally, neaten up areas detail where needed.

I believe that is all that I really need to say except that it was great fun to paint.