Mantic Games’ Corporation Marines components

We’ve just had our Corporation samples through from Mantic Games and we thought we’d share a pic of the various components.

Mantic Games Coporation Marines - Components
Mantic Games Corporation Marines – Components

This hopefully gives you an idea of how the models go together.

The basic corporation marines boxed sets come with three special weapons -Top right.

Officer options include powerfist and pistol.

The main difference with regard to posability between these and GW Imperial Guard is the fact that Cadian Shock troops have separate legs and torsos.

However, the sculpts are really nice and they are of course considerably cheaper than Imperial Guard.

Mantic Games’ Corporation are available to pre-order at 25% discount*: Warpath Corporation

*8th March 2012

Mantic Games Warpath sci-fi wargame details…

Details have now been released of Mantic Games New Sci-Fi game Warpath.

  • Warpath is a mass-combat sci-fi game
  • It is set in an all new science fiction universe
  • It has been designed and written by gaming legend Alessio Cavatore
  • It contains art, sculpting and painting all by hobby leaders – Mike McVey, Golem.
  • First release the Orx Marauders
  • The Warpath game itself in stores in November – ships 11/11/11
  • The Forgefathers (Squats / Space Dwarfs) arrive in December 2011
  • Compatible with all 30mm sci-fi games and figures
  • Warpath will retail at £49.99 – Pre-order from Big Orbit Games at £37.49: Warpath Battleset

The boxed game is available from 11th November 2011 and includes:

Warpath Box

Two New Armies Forgefathers & Orx: Two fully plastic, balanced armies to play with right out of the box, including troops, heavy weapons and a vehicle/ordinance each

Game in a Box: includes all you need to get playing with immediately such as rules, getting started and dice

Simple, Fast and Furious Rules: a highly tactical mass-combat science fiction game boasting an innovative turn structure and simple, fluid rules

Here’s a pic of one of the metals we can expect next year:

Warpath Forgefather
Warpath Forgefather

Future releases include Corporation Troopers (Humans we believe) coming in January & a scret Eighth Race coming Easter 2012.

Mantic Games Announces Sci-fi Range – Warpath

Mantic has announced that they are launching their first sci-fi miniatures range and game later this year, this new range is released under the name of Warpath.

A range of plastic kits will be available as well as a brand new ruleset written by Warhammer 40,000 author Alessio Cavatore.

More details on Warpath and the new Mantic Miniatures will be made available later on in the year.