Mantic Games Warpath sci-fi wargame details…

Details have now been released of Mantic Games New Sci-Fi game Warpath.

  • Warpath is a mass-combat sci-fi game
  • It is set in an all new science fiction universe
  • It has been designed and written by gaming legend Alessio Cavatore
  • It contains art, sculpting and painting all by hobby leaders – Mike McVey, Golem.
  • First release the Orx Marauders
  • The Warpath game itself in stores in November – ships 11/11/11
  • The Forgefathers (Squats / Space Dwarfs) arrive in December 2011
  • Compatible with all 30mm sci-fi games and figures
  • Warpath will retail at £49.99 – Pre-order from Big Orbit Games at £37.49: Warpath Battleset

The boxed game is available from 11th November 2011 and includes:

Warpath Box

Two New Armies Forgefathers & Orx: Two fully plastic, balanced armies to play with right out of the box, including troops, heavy weapons and a vehicle/ordinance each

Game in a Box: includes all you need to get playing with immediately such as rules, getting started and dice

Simple, Fast and Furious Rules: a highly tactical mass-combat science fiction game boasting an innovative turn structure and simple, fluid rules

Here’s a pic of one of the metals we can expect next year:

Warpath Forgefather
Warpath Forgefather

Future releases include Corporation Troopers (Humans we believe) coming in January & a scret Eighth Race coming Easter 2012.