Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #39

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. This week is a bit of an odd one as all the new cards shown have been the new G Guardians from Fighter’s Collection 2016.

If you don’t know what a G Guardian is, they are a new form of G unit that have 15000 shield. They are brought out by discarding a Heal trigger in your guard step to bring them out from the G zone into the Guardian circle, then afterwards they go face-up into the G zone. You can’t have more than four face-up G Guardians in your G zone at a time. You can call multiple G Guardians into the Guardian circle at once (Providing you pay all their costs) as well as bringing out cards from the hand to guard as well. From what we have seen so far most of them gain +5000 shield while meeting conditions, so more often than not they will be a 20000 shield. Another benefit to these cards is that it gets past the ruling for “Your opponent can’t call cards from hand to (GC)” because you are bringing it from the G zone, this will help people a lot against things like Chronojet Dragon and  Phantom Blaster “Diablo”. One last thing to note is that due to this new form of G unit the G zone has now been expanded and you can have up to sixteen cards in your G zone. Now that we’ve gone through the rules, let’s get to the actual cards.

G-FC03-042EN-RR_(Sample)Gear Chronicle’s G Guardian was originally a Heal trigger that I’m sure most Gear Chronicle players will recognise, Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru. When Uluru is placed on the GC you may put a normal unit and trigger unit from your drop zone to the bottom of your deck. If you did put two back in your deck then she gains +5000 shield. This is a great way to get Heal triggers back into your deck, and with Time Leap you’ll be able to shuffle deck, giving you a better chance to get those triggers again. Using Thunderbolt Shockwave Colossus will even allow you to turn Uluru face-down, while Uluru lets you put the heals back for even more G guarding!

Royal Paladin’s G Guardian is a little less useful with Holy Dragon, Laserguard Dragon‘s skill just needing a Grade 2 on your field for him to get the +5000 shield, though Royal Paladin do already have some pretty good guarders with KymbelinusHudiplus, and Scouting Owl. Laserguard does work well in most Royal Paladin decks but less so than most in a Sanctuary Guard deck that mostly relies on Grade 1s, though this doesn’t matter too much seeing as Sanctuary Guard decks are usually very fast and aggressive. I can only assume this was meant for modern Altmile decks with all the Grade 2 love in them but works well with all sorts like Jewel Knights, Blaster, and Alfred decks.

G-FC03-040-RR_(Sample)Next up we have a new Dark Irregulars succubus, Fake Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat. When Agrat bat Mahlat is placed on GC you must Soul Charge 2 and if your soul has six or more cards in it then she gains her +5000 shield. Having another way to Soul Charge in a Dark Irregulars deck is always handy and works great with the Blade Wings. The only problem with a G Guardian in Dark Irregulars is with only being allowed four Heal triggers you may find yourself Soul Charging a lot of them, so you may not want to have four of this girl in your G zone. However, if you are using this a Blade Wing deck then at least you have Blade Wing SullivanWings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold; and soon Wings of Reincarnation, Blade Wing Reijy to get cards from your soul back into your deck.

Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia is the Gold Paladin G Guardian and similar to Laserguard, her condition is a bit more simple than others. When she blocks, if you have two or more rear-guards then she gains +5000 shield. This can be a bit troublesome against Narukami, Kagero, or even Link Joker but it isn’t hard for Golds to do this kind of thing against any other deck, considering you just cover your field in whatever you can with Gold Paladins. Golds will be getting more support in the next main set so let’s hope they get something a bit more exciting then. GR G Guardian Gurguit please!

G-FC03-038-RR_(Sample)Link Joker’s Death Star-vader, Demon Maxwell has a very misleading name as his skill works so much better with Messiahs than Star-vaders. When Demon Maxwell is placed on GC you can lock one of your rear-guards in the back row and gain +5000 shield. This is a very good start for Messiahs to pull off their combos but with every other Link Joker deck it’s just… meh. It kind of hinders you but if you’re using this in a Glendios deck then you’re not really aiming for high power, just to lock your opponent down, so this may still prove useful for that.

And following the misleading name convention we have Dimension Police’s Enigman Patriot who doesn’t have any Enigman specific skills. It’s not too bad this time around, at least you can use it properly in an Enigman deck. When your opponent is attacking with 20000 or more power than Patriot gets her +5000 shield. This means you’ll always be able to pull this off if your opponent has strode on that turn. This is not as good in a Zeal deck as Zeals usually lower your opponent’s power but considering her name is “Patriot” you can’t expect her to work too well with the villains, and like with Gold Paladins, Dimension Police will get some more support in the next main set so we can expect some more G Guardians for them there.

bridesmaid dress with laceNeo Nectar’s new dragon, Sacred Tree Dragon, Rain Breath Dragon, proves to be a very powerful defense. When he hits the GC you may put a card from your hand onto the field and it gains Resist, if you do place a card down then Rain Breath gets +5000 shield. If you wish, you could then intercept with the new unit (If it has intercept that is) and it wouldn’t be able to be retired by cards like Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser thanks to the Resist, and also helps with things like Kagero and Narukami.

Lastly we have a promo G Guardian that is believed to be coming out as a box topper for Fighter’s Collection 2016. This promo is a Cray Elemental, Light Element, Agleam. When Agleam guards you don’t gain any more shield but you do get to draw a card, which could be a 10k shield that would allow you to guard more than the average G Guardian but it could also be a Grade 3 that doesn’t have any shield. I would recommend using this when you know it’s all you have to guard with because that way, even if it is a Grade 3, that’s going to help you on your turn and you may be lucky enough to draw something like a Perfect guard. If you are using situational G Guardians like the Royal Paladin and Gold Paladin ones then it would be good to run at least one or two of Agleam.

Well that’s everything for this week. What do you guys think of the new G Guardians? Are you glad that you can now have sixteen G units or do you think it’s too much? Be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #37

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. This week’s update is coming a little sooner than usual due to the Easter holidays but there are still some awesome cards to go through this week with some new Fighter’s Collection cards and all-new promos.

G-FC03-001-GR_(Sample)This first one up today is the new Royal Paladin GR stride for Fighter’s Collection, Divine Knight of Rainbow Brocade, Clotenus. As an ACT you can CB1, SB1, and G blast to superior call Grade 2s from the deck up to the same amount of face-up Divine Knight of Rainbow Brocade, Clotenus in the G zone. Then, if you also have five rear-guards and are at GB3, Clotenus himself gains +10000 power and an extra crit. Luckily with this skill happening before attacking you can very easily be on Brave and you can prepare for Clotenus but using Transcending the Heavens, Altmile to flip Clotenus face-up so you can superior call more Grade 2s and have a better chance of getting the power boost. The same thing can be applied to Climax Jewel Knight Lord, Evangeline if you plan on using this guy in a Jewel Knight deck.

Dark Irregulars get a pretty nice RRR stride with Rebellious Retainer of Fresh Blood, Frederick. With the ACT cost of putting a card from your hand into your soul to gain +1000 power for each card in the soul. You can use this multiple times in one turn but if his power gain goes to 10k or higher then you can’t do it anymore that turn but your rear-guards in the front row get +5000 power. I like how you choose from the hand because this gives you a better idea with what’s going to happen with Dimension Creeper and Hades Carriage of the Witching Hour who usually rely completely on luck whether they get into the soul or not.

G-FC03-004-GR_(Sample)Lastly for this week’s Fighter’s Collection cards we have the Link Joker GR stride, Genesis Dragon, Trancels Messiah. When Trancels Messiah is placed on the Vanguard circle, you may CB1 and G Persona Blast to lock all rear-guards of both players and unlock any units that were already locked before this effect, though this skill can only be used if you have a Messiah heart. While doing this, if you activate Alter Ego Messiah‘s on-stride ability before Trancels then you can lock one of your own units and unlock it again straight after. Using Alter Ego’s skill on Blast Monk of the Thunder Foot can be a big advantage to you to then have him unlock Dark Metal Chameleon when he attacks for him to gain +4000 power and Dark Metal’s skill of Counter Charging 1 when he is unlocked to make the whole cost of it CB1 instead of CB2. At the end of your turn Alter Ego’s other ability can then kick into play to Soul Blast 1, when one of your units is unlocked, to draw a card. If you have a big soul then it’s possible to be able to draw five cards at the end of your turn with this effect, making nine new cards in your hand for the whole turn if you count the starting draw and triple drive.

PR-0402_(Sample)Seeing as a lot of G units are characters from the future it’s only fitting that we would eventually see them as normal units and it seems they wanted to start this trend off with Bermuda Triangle’s Olyvia. The new Cheer Free Etoile, Olyvia has a CONT ability that gives her +5000 power for each face-up School Etoile, Olyvia in the G zone. When School Etoile, Olyvia strides over her then you must reveal the top seven cards of your deck and if they all have different names then call two of them to RC and choose a card from your hand and put it into your soul. People have been saying that to make this card consistent you must make your deck inconsistent and they are correct. You’ll have to be running a lot of 1s and 2s of card to pull this card off but at least that way it’s still more consistent than Mystery Flare Dragon.

Dreaming Step, Shizuku is a very odd card to have in the G series. Her ability is to drop a Grade 3 from hand so she can gain +5000 power, then if she is in harmony you look at the top five cards of your deck for a Grade 3 and put it into your hand. Back before the G series, this would have been pretty good with your Grade 3s still giving you some benefit after riding, but now that Grade 3s are valuable to use for striding it sorta kills Shizuku a little bit. The main benefit to this is you can use it before GB but I’m not sure if it’s really worth it… unless… Bermuda stall deck!

Meer gets a new stride form with Duo Absolute Sister, Meer. If you have a heart with Meer in the name and you SB1 you can bounce one Duo into your hand and search your deck for a Meer card to put into your hand. Then if you reveal three cards in your hand with the same name you can search your deck for another Meer. This helps greatly by giving you the resources you need to stride the two turns after this stride.

PR-0439_(Sample)Enough with the Bermuda love for now, other clans got promos too, including a Dark Irregulars promo, Eccentric Dissector. At the beginning of your main phase, this little Grade 1 with give you the option to Soul Charge 1. This has replaced the need for Yellow Bolt after all these years, and I’m glad it gives you the option to Soul Charge or not because it would have been a little embarrassing decking out because of this guy.

Hidden Edge Crow is a new Shadow Paladin promo who is a 6k Grade 1 but because 10k as long as you have less rear-guards than your opponent. I think this card would have been fine without the GB1 but alas, it has it, though having less rear-guards than your opponent isn’t hard for Shadow Paladins.

Kagero get two promos. The first one being Endless Flare Dragon who is a 9k Grade 2 who gains +3000 if you reveal a Grade 3 as he attacks. This is easy in the Dragonic Overlord decks with their need for lots of Dragonic Overlord Grade 3s to activate abilities. The second promo is Dragon Knight, Ruhlen who is also a 9k Grade 2 and when he intercepts you can give your Vanguard the ability to retire one of your opponent’s rested units if the attack on your Vanguard didn’t hit.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #27

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update. This week we get to see some Technical Booster fun along with a bunch of promos so be prepared for a lot of Technical goodness.

G-TCB01-022-R_(Sample)I’ll start off with the newly shown R stride for Nubatama. Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Zaramerakan seems to be a rather more complex version of Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan that works more with the new Afterimage keyword. When Zaramerakan’s attack hits you choose one card from your opponent’s hand and bind it and if you have three or more rear-guards with the Afterimage keyword then your opponent chooses a card from their bind zone and retires it. Not being able to choose which card to retire is a bummer but it at least allows you to put a card in the bind zone beforehand which Gedatsurakan didn’t let you do. Gedatsurakan would still be best for older Nuba builds though Zaramerkan works great in the new G decks.

Speaking of units with Afterimage, Stealth Rogue of the Mirror Moon, Tsubakuro is a new unit that specialises in defending though thanks to the Afterimage skill you can attack with him and then defend next turn. His skill is simple and with a GB1 that gives him +5000 shield making him a 10k guarder. The downside is that he’s a 6k Grade 1 so even when on the offence he won’t be doing much damage.

Another Afterimage unit is Stealth Dragon, Onibidoushi, a stand trigger that can either go back into your deck or into your hand. When he is placed on a rear-guard circle with a GB1 you can draw a card and put him back onto the top of your deck and give another unit +3000 power until the end of turn. It’s nice for the extra card though getting rid of a 10k shield like that can be risky. This card id yet another way for people to screw over my SP Witches…

With some Shiranui support we have the Heart Thump Worker clone, Stealth Dragon, Noroi. So as you may know with the Heart Thump Worker clones, when your G boss (In this case Shiranui) attacks you may put Noroi into your soul to draw a card and give Shiranui +5000 power. Along with this clone we also get the LB Enabler Stealth Beast, Kurosakazuki who can really help with the old bosses from BT13, Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujikiricongo and  Shura Stealth Dragon, Kabukicongo.

G-TCB01-015-RR_(Sample)On to Tachikaze we have the Amber clone Blade Dragon, Jigsawsaurus. There is a slight difference compared to most Amber clones and that is as well as the GB1 and CB1 you also have to retire one of your own units, if you do you can also retire one of your opponent’s and this unit gets +5000 power, as well as that he also allows you to draw a card if his attack hits a Vanguard. Thanks to the new Grade 3 Emperor Dragon, Gaiaemperor you can easily get that retired card back onto the field, reactivating on-call abilities and allowing you to rearrange your field.

You could combine Jigsawsaurus with the new Freeze Dragon, Freezernics who makes the best use of being retired. When he is retired, if you have a Gaia Vanguard, you can Counter Charge 1 and Soul Charge 1 and give another unit +2000 power.

When Beam Dragon, Apatomaser  is placed on rear-guard circle you may CB1 and SB1 if you have a Vanguard with Gaia in the name and Apatomaser gets +2000 and when he attacks, if he is engorged, he gets +5000 power and you draw an extra card. There seems to be a lot of drawing considering you can easily get these units back as soon as they’re put in the drop zone. This may eliminate any need for Draw triggers in G Tachikaze.

Savage Guardian is the new G Perfect Guard. It’s nice to see the Savages again and the Counter Charge will really help Tachikaze. Along with the new Perfect Guard we also get the Heart Thump Worker clone Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasalauncher who works with Gaia.

G-TCB01-041-R_(Sample)Spike Brothers have been shown to have two Perfect Guards, the standard G Perfect Guard, Kissmark, Alma and one without the Counter Charge but with additional skills, Untouchable, Milly. Milly has the charge ability to put into the hand from your rear-guard circle if her attack hits a Vanguard. This works great alongside the new Grade 3, Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova, who will allow you to bring her out from the deck and give her +5000 power for an 11k attack without boost.

When Axe Diver is placed on rear-guard you may CB1 and SB1 and when you have a Vanguard with Rising in the name you bind one of your own rear-guards and then call it back onto a rear-guard circle. This is great for getting your units to charge and if your unit is then charging it gets +5000 power until the end of turn. This can be superior called by units like Rising Nova in the middle of the battle phase to then essentially stand another unit back up and allow it to charge.

The Heart Thump Worker clone for Spike Brothers is Liar Lip who helps out with your Rising Vanguard and the Limit Break Enabler is Cheer Girl, Elza which is a lot of help for Bad End Dragger.

For promos there’s a big mix of things including a few much needed reprints. Whether these cards are going to be released in English or not is not yet known.

PR-0367_(Sample)The first new promo is Tickaway Dragon for Gear Chronicle. This is a very interesting Grade 1 that puts a card from your drop zone on the bottom of your deck when one of your other rear-guards in placed on the rear-guard circle due to a Time Leap effect. This will prevent you from decking out and allows you to put those all-important triggers and Perfect Guards back into your deck.

Tachikaze get a very simple booster with Savage Foxy. When she boosts if you have less rear-guards than your opponent, she boosts for an extra 2000 power, making her a 9k booster. Along with this Nubatama also get a booster that is a 6k Grade 1 that gets +4000 power when boosting a Vanguard with a GB1.

The last new promo is Chocolatier Ronne, a Bermuda Triangle Grade 1 who has a very Bermuda-y effect. When she is bounced back into the hand you can CB1 and SB1 to draw a card.

For reprints we have many but they are all very wanted cards. For Pale Moon we have Purple Trapezist, for Dark Irregulars Flying Librarian, Link Joker get Dark Metal Chameleon, Libergal for Royal Paladin, Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka will get her non-chibi form for Neo Nectar, and finally King Serpent for Granblue.

That’s all for this weekly update of the Technical Booster and promo cards. Be sure to check back next week for the next one!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #22

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! We have got some exciting new Fighter’s Collection cards shown this week. Luckily this week’s update will be a lot shorter than last week’s four-parter but the reveals are just as good, if not better.

G-FC02-009-RRR_(Sample)Seeing as Oracle Think Tank have had such bad luck with a lot of people finding the Susanoo support somewhat underwhelming it’s only right that they get some buff units to balance it out, and the best buff unit to get the job done is this young lady, Floral Witch Master, MiMi. Yes, the Oracle Think Tank Witches are back and better than ever! MiMi is a stride that comes in the next Fighter’s Collection and when she is placed on the Vanguard circle you may discard a card with “Witch” in it’s card name from your hand and if you have a “Witch” heart your opponent has to make the decision to either discard two cards from their hand or take one point of damage with all trigger effects of that check nullified. Due to this not needing a flip you can use her four times in a game and there are no restrictions on how much damage your opponent must be on so this skill can be the finishing blow. Your opponent will most likely have two or more cards in their hand at the time you use this but they may feel they can prevent more damage by keeping the cards in their hand so it’s a nice way to whittle them down. To ensure you have Witches in your hand while still keeping a stable field it may be wise to use Emerald Witch, Lala who can recycle your hand and Little Witch, LuLu for the extra draw.

G-FC02-026-RR_(Sample)In case you’re struggling to claw your way towards a Scarlet Witch, CoCo this set has you covered for another Grade 3 OTT Witch. Rose Red Witch, CuCu is an 11k Grade 3 who can work both on the Vanguard circle and rear-guard circle. When she is placed on either of the before mentioned circles, if you have a Witch Vanguard, and you have one or less cards in your soul you may Counter Blast 1 to draw two cards and discard one card from your hand. This allows for a bigger chance of having Witches in your hand for MiMi’s skill. This will also give more defensive options in the long run to have an 11k Grade 3 which OTT Witches did not have before, though luckily we do now have Light Elemental, Peaker so you can get CoCo to the same defensive power as CuCu. What they really need now is some more Grade 1 and 2 Witches, though with such support people might call out “Overpowered!” but I personally think these Witches are really cool and deserve more support after all this time.

Pacifica gets more support in this set with Friend of the Sun, Malucca. Malucca’s ability is extremely useful for the new Pacifica stride, Twinkle Happiness☆Pacifica. When Malucca is returned to the hand from the rear-guard circle and you have a Pacifica Vanguard you may search your deck for a Pacifica card and put it into your hand. You may then reveal three Pacifica cards from your hand with different names to Counter Charge 1, Soul Charge 1, and give another unit +5000 power. Combining this with Twinkle Happiness☆Pacifica makes it extremely easy for Pacifica to gain the extra critical by making it a lot more consistent to have those three Pacificas in hand.

G-FC02-003EN-GR_(Sample)From cute mermaid idols to giant flame dragons of death, we have some Seal Dragon support for Kagero with Helldeity Seal Dragon, Crossorigin. Crossorigin has the ACT ability with the cost of Counter Blast 1 and turn any G unit face-up and for every face-up Crossorigin choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and retire it, then for each rear-guard retired your opponent reveals the top four cards of their deck and chooses a Grade 2 from among them and calls it to an open rear-guard circle and then if your opponent has two or more Grade 2s Crossorigin gains +1 critical. This is a great, consistent unit for Seal Dragons and making it so your opponent has to call the units to open rear-guard circles is a nice touch. As we can see from the clans who had their two cards shown, the two cards a clan gets will work well together and are helping a certain build so we can expect another Seal Dragon unit.

Sword Physical Liberator, Magnus is a nice Grade 2 for Gold Paladin’s Bluish Flame Liberators. When Magnus is placed on a rear-guard circle from the deck and you have two or more cards with “Liberator” in their name on the Vanguard circle (Meaning you could have a Liberator legion, strode over a Liberator legion with a non-Liberator, or even strode over a single Liberator with a Liberator stride.) then you can look at the top three cards of your deck and search for one card with “Liberator” in it’s name to call to a rear-guard circle and put the rest at the bottom of your deck. If you called a Bluish Flame unit you may then put it into your hand. This allows you to have a better chance of using Prominence Glare‘s ability to drop a Bluish Flame to gain +1 critical and prevent your opponent from perfect guarding, and using Holy Flame‘s skill will give you a bigger chance of bringing Magnus out.

G-FC02-028EN-RR_(Sample)A new Shadow Paladin Witch has been shown, Witch of Intelligence, Dehtail. When Dehtail is placed on rear-guard and you have two or more cards with Witch in their original name on the Vanguard circle (This works the same as Magnus’s condition) then you can choose an opponent’s rear-guard circle that is occupied by a rear-guard and your opponent reveals the top five cards of their deck and searches for a Grade 0 from among them to call to that circle. As an SP Witch player I can say from experience how amazing this card really is going to be. The biggest worry with the new stride, Witch Queen of Transfiguration, Sinclair, was that your opponent wouldn’t have enough Grade 0s to activate her skill but this helps to pull it off and it’s a nice addition to have a rear-guard Witch who has a wider range of your opponent’s cards to work with to get those Grade 0s on the field. I will definitely be running this card but the Grade 2 slots in Witch decks are already very tight so watch out for what you take out for this card.




We have now had official announcements for G Trial Deck 8: Vampire Princess of the Hades Hour and G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom. We have two cards officially confirmed for the Trial Deck and those are the Grade 3 Night Mist Vampire Princess, Nightrose (who can Rough_Seas_Bansheebe seen to the left of the Trial Deck’s poster) and a reprint of a beloved critical trigger for Granblue, Rough Seas Banshee, with alternate art. This is a very exciting time for Granblue and I’m enjoying all this support for previously highly unsupported clans.

For the next Booster Set (Transcension of Blade and Blossom ) Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Nova Grappler, Pale Moon, Granblue, and Neo Nectar are all getting additional support as well as some Cray Elemental cards. So far not much has been revealed about this new set. What we do know however is it will contain Secret Packs (Booster packs containing five Secret Rares) which will include reprints of Blaster Dark Revenger “Abyss”; Revenger, Phantom Blaster Dragon “Abyss”; Blue Sky Knight, Altmile; Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha; and lastly Exxtreme Battler, Victor. There are two new units for G-BT06 that have had their names and pictures revealed, these are the new versions of Altmile and Ahsha, Transcending the Heavens, Altmile and Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha.

alty-and-ahshyWe also have the name revealed for a new Granblue stride, Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose and the pictures (but no names) for a Shadow Paladin dragon and a Nova Grappler Raizer Legion.

A robot and dragon

Lastly we just have a couple of promos. The first one is a Grade 1 Royal Paladin, Transition Sage, Lyron. When he is placed on a rear-guard circle you may Soul Blast 2 to draw a card. This is the second card that has this ability for Royal Paladin (The first one being Knight of Reform, Ladinas) though the previous one was also a promo so this may have just been PR-0374_(Sample)made to give people another chance of getting this kind of card. A big hand size is always nice but with a Soul Blast 2 in modern Royal Paladin decks it may seem like a very big cost to pay unless you have a lot of cards to fill the soul back up.

The second promo is for Link Joker. When Star-vader, Mulepton is placed on the rear-guard circle and your opponent has at least one locked card you may Counter Blast 2 to choose an opponent’s rear-guard circle and they must choose a card from their hand to place on that circle and locked. This will mostly be helping for Chaos Breaker decks and now that there is an efficient Counter Charger in the form of Confusion Star-vader, Zinc this card may see some play despite it’s high Counter Blast cost.

Well, this concludes this week’s update. The reveals this week have been very exciting a contain a lot of really cool and useful cards (But maybe I’m just saying this because of SP Witch support) and I hope the reveals stay just as exciting for next week well we’ll most likely see more Fighter’s Collection and hopefully some Granblue cards for the upcoming G-TD08 and G-BT06. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #21 Part 1

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! Due to so many cards being revealed over the past few days this week’s update will be split into multiple parts. This part will be going over the new Link Joker and Gear Chronicle shown for G-BT05 Moonlit Dragonfang as well as a Link Joker stride from the new Fighter’s Collection.

G-BT05-007-RRR_(Sample)“The Clown” (Chaos Breaker Dragon) himself has had a nice bit of support with the new “Chaos” cards. Death Star-vader, Chaos Universe allows you to choose one of your opponent’s empty rear-guard circles and they have to choose a card from their hand, place it on that circle locked, then if the number of face-up cards in your G-Zone is two or more you can lock another of their rear-guards. Not only does this allow you to use up your opponent’s hand but it also gets around the problem of them keeping their cards away from locking danger. This card only costs Counter Blast 1 and a G Persona Blast to use its skill and with Chaos Breaker Dragon’s skill you can retire cards that have just unlocked allowing for you to take advantage of those empty circles.

Star-vader, Chaos Bringer is a good option for a backup Grade 3 in Chaos Breaker decks. This card has Limit Break 4 (Yeah, remember that?) and at the beginning of your opponent’s main phase, if they have two or more locked cards you may, Counter Blast 1 to search your deck for “Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon” and ride it as stand. He also has the ability to Counter Blast 1 to lock an opponent’s back-row unit to make this skill more consistent. Because this skill will take effect in the main phase it will still allow for the Soul Blast of Chaos Breaker to retire your opponent’s card at the end of their turn and draw a card as well as Chaos Bringer helping to fill up the soul. People may want to use Infinite Zero Dragon instead for the easy double lock but Chaos Bringer is a strong card in its own right and has great searching capability which is what everyone wants in a deck.

G-BT05-070To get that second locked card to pull off Chaos Bringer’s ability you could use Disorder Star-vader, Iron who has the on-call ability to Counter Blast 1 and lock an opponent’s rear-guard if they already had a locked card. This only works if you have a “Chaos” Vanguard and with the Counter Blast 1 you may think that he’s just a worse Photon but he has another ability that gives him +2000 power if you have a “Chaos” Vanguard, making him an 11k locker.

There is also some more generic Star-vader support. Star-vaders get a new forerunner named Intricacy Star-vader, Carbon. If your opponent has a locked card then you can put Carbon into the soul to search your deck for a Grade 1 or less “Star-vader” and call it to rear-guard. Using this to bring out Confusion Star-vader, Zinc to help out for Chaos Breaker fuel or Eclipse Star-vader, Charcoal to be constantly in Limit Break will help you out a lot. Some people may not want to leave their first love of Dust Tail Unicorn though I personally prefer the idea of Carbon’s search and no Counter Blast.

Star-vader, Paradigm Shift Dragon is a Critical Trigger that may be put onto the top of the deck to lock a card on your opponent’s back row and then shuffle your deck. This does put a 10000 shield back into your deck but with Dark Zodiac and Glendios as your Vanguard this is can help you achieve World’s End.

The Fighter’s Collection card that has been shown is also a Star-vader and helps with Infinite Zero Dragon like Cleanup Star-vader, Bromine did. Death Star-vader, Quintessence Dragon is a stride unit who when he is placed on the Vanguard circle and you have a heart with “Infinite” in it’s name it gives you the option to Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 to lock an opponent’s rear-guard in the front and back row and then if you have four or more damage those units can’t be unlocked in your opponent’s next end phase. Currently the only “Infinite” Grade 3 there is for Link Joker is the break ride, Infinite Zero Dragon, but hopefully we will be getting a new Grade 3 “Infinite” in the near future.

G-BT05-034Onto Messiah’s Link Joker we have a rear-guard that prevents your opponent from unlocking a unit at the end of their turn. When Meteor Monk of the Violence Foot is unlocked you may Counter Blast 1 to choose an opponent’s locked card and keep it locked until for an extra turn. The great thing about this is you can keep doing it (Provided you’re willing to spend your Counter Blasts on it) and potentially continue to lock down an opponent’s column.

Mirror World Lion and Divide Monk of the Cliff Fist are two interesting units for Link Joker. They both have the skill of when they’re unlocked you may Counter Blast 1 and retire them to search your deck for two copies of the same card and call them to rear-guard. Now they both have Generation Break 1 and Mirror World Lion is a Grade 3 making it a bit risky to use his skill because that’s getting rid of three Grade 3s that you could use to stride. Divide Monk on the other hand is a Grade 1 and he really helps out with maintaining a good boost to your cards with his Neo Nectar-like skill.

A more useful Grade 3 for Messiah decks is Lady Battler of the Accretion Disk which, when her attack hits and you have Generation Break 1, you may lock one of your own rear-guards to then lock one of your opponent’s rear-guards. Her skill works both on the rear-guard circle and the Vanguard circle so no matter where she is she’s never just a vanilla. Combine this with Heaven-sent Child of Gravitational Collapse and you’ll have some seriously good self-locking capability. Heaven-sent Child also gives you a draw when you lock a rear-guard but you have to Counter Blast 1. There may be a lot of Counter Blasting but you can even that out with the new Starholder Dragon that Counter Charges 2 when his attack hits if you’re at GB1. This is a card that a lot of different clans need and hopefully we’ll see some more of it in the future.

G-BT05-022Gear Chronicle have had a few new cards including a Grade 1 version of Upstream Dragon, Steam Maiden, Melem. With a GB1 when she attacks you can give her +4000 power and after that battle put her into your deck, search for a Grade 0 and call it to rear-guard circle as rest and then shuffle your deck. There are multiple Grade 0s that work well with being brought out with this such as Brass-winged Gear Hawk, Heart Thump Worker, Vainglory-dream Gear Cat, and even the new Stand Trigger, Steam Battler, Ur-watal. Ur-watal is great for using Time Leap on for when he goes to the bind zone you can put him on the bottom of your deck to draw two cards and then choose one card from your hand, return it to your deck, and the shuffle your deck.

Gear Chronicle also get a new stride, Fiery March Colossus. When this unit attacks you may Counter Blast 1 and put one of your units to the bottom of your deck, you then put one of your opponent’s rear-guards to the bottom of their deck and then they can’t guard with the same Grade as that unit until the end of battle. This will prevent your opponent from perfect guarding your G-Unit which is amazing for a single R.

G-BT05-091Two Gear Grade 3s have been shown, Brestflare Dragon and Hammering Hammer Colossus. Brestflare gets +5000 power and +1 Critical every time a rear-guard that your opponent controls is put to the bottom of their deck if you pay the cost of putting one of your own rear-guards to the bottom of your deck. When he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 to put one of your opponent’s rear-guards to the bottom of their deck, allowing you to to activate the first skill. Hammering Hammer Colossus can Time Leap a unit when his drive check reveals a Grade 3. Both of these are good Grade 3s but I can imagine most people will stick with Chronojet and Balih or the Legions for Grade 3s.

Steam Knight, Lugal has a Silent Tom-like skill. When he is place on a rear-guard circle with GB1 you may Counter Blast 1, if you do he gains +2000 power and your opponent cannot guard with Grade 0s. With Time Leap you can bring him out repeatedly and continue to use his skill to make a beefed up Tom every turn. To help with having enough damage to Counter Blast you could use Steam Fighter, Mesh-he and Steam Fighter, Ur-ningin.

G-BT05-095Lost City Dragon is a great defensive option for Gears. When Lost City intercepts you may Counter Blast 1 to choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and the put it at the bottom of their deck and then they search their deck for a card with one Grade less then that card and they call it. This is an awesome card for switching out a powered up card that your opponent has before they can use it like Doreen the Thruster or Upright Lion. Another good card for defence is Steam Maiden, Balul who allows you to draw a card with a Counter Blast 1 when she is put into the bind zone. She doesn’t have a Generation Break but you may struggle to get her into the bind zone without it.

Steam Fighter, Ur-zaba gets a quick little boost in power when he is placed on a rear-guard circle where he gains +4000 power making him an 11k Grade 1. Steam Scara, Merkal would be a good card to target for Time Leap to bring Ur-zaba. When Merkal goes into the bind zone you can give a unit +5000 power. This can make some pretty strong columns with Ur-zaba and with Steam Worker, Etana who has the same ability as Merkal you can continue to grow your columns stronger.

A skill you may be familiar with is Adaptation Gear Bat‘s skill of dropping and drawing when he is placed on rear-guard. He only has 6k power so he may not seem very useful in games these days but at least Gear Chronicle have this ability like nearly all the other clans. The only other G-BT05 Gears left is the vanilla Critical Trigger, Paradox Cannon Dracokid.

That sums up all the cards for Link Joker and Gear Chronicle for G-BT05. Be sure to check part 2 where I will be talking about the Oracle Think Tank and Pale moon in the same set as well as a sneaky look at a new Nightmare Doll stride in Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #19

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! We can all now take a break from the relentless spoils for Aqua Force and finally focus on the upcoming booster and trial decks. Multiple cards have been shown for Gear Chronicle, Link Joker, Narukami, and Pale Moon.

G-TD06-014_(Sample)You may remember this little fella from an older update. Chrono Dran has been revealed to be in the next trial deck and not only had his skill shown but also the fact that he has two races (Gear Dragon and Zodiac Time Beast), though it is not yet clear if having two races will have any significance to the actual game. With a Generation Break 1, when Chrono Dran is put into the bind zone from a rear-guard circle you may instead put him into your soul to superior call a Grade 3 with “Chronojet” in it’s name from your deck. Then at the end of your turn you put the newly called unit into your hand. This allows for a strong column and something to ride or stride with next turn.

You may be wondering “If I’m not against Nubatama then how am I going to get Chrono Dran into the bind zone from rear-guard?” Well there’s no need to worry about that! Introducing the new Time Leap ability! We were first graced with the knowledge of this ability through the new stride unit from the next trial deck, Interdimensional Beast, Metallica Phoenix. By having a “Chronojet” heart and a G Persona Blast, the Time Leap comes into action. You may choose one of your rear-guards and put it into the bind zone. If you do, search your deck for a unit with a Grade that is greater than the unit you bound by one and call it to a rear-guard circle. At the end of the turn you must put the new unit to the bottom of your deck and call the bound unit back onto a rear-guard circle. This will work great for all sorts of on-call abilities and will allow for more cards to have on-bind abilities like Chrono Dran’s.

G-BT05-010-RRR_(Sample)Speaking of on-call abilities, today Clock Fencer Dragon was revealed for G-BT05. He is the first Grade 2 RRR we’ve had in a main booster for quite some time and shares the Time Leap ability that Metallica Phoenix has. He has no cost for his ability but it will only take effect if you have Generation Break 1.  He is called from hand, so you can’t make uber Time Leap combos for now. Unlike Metallica Phoenix, Clock Fencer isn’t “Chronojet” specific, so if you’re someone who uses Gear Chronicle but not Chronojet, you can still pull off Time Leap.

There is also a Grade 1 version of Clock Fencer Dragon that comes in the new trial deck called Timebreak Dragon. These two cards also help with Steam Maiden, Melian-Na who also comes in the trial deck. She’s a 9k Grade 2 that, with a Generation Break 1 and when placed on the field, gains 4k power. With a 8k Grade 1 behind her, she can get up to 21k power which is nothing to sniff at. With the help of Time Leap you will be able to easily bring her out many times in a game and have her gain the extra power.

Another unit that benefits from Time Leap is the promo Steam Maiden, Lacina-Ber. When she is put into the bind zone from a rear-guard circle, you can put one of your opponent’s units at the bottom of their deck. This is great seeing as the ability itself costs nothing! Hopefully we can see this promo come in English very soon.

I’m glad to see Gear Chronicle getting Time Leap – to me it finally makes them unique. Before now I saw them as being very similar to Kagero, but I feel like they have now made their own place in the game, and I’m always happy to see more use of the bind zone.

G-BT05-016-RR_(Sample)Excelics isn’t the only new Messiah on the block! We also get a new Grade 2 Messiah, Arrestor Messiah. When Arrestor is placed on a rear-guard circle, while you have a Generation Break 1, she gains +2k power and the ability to lock herself when she attacks to then lock a back-row unit on either yours or your opponent’s side of the field. This can really help Excelics to power up your whole field or retiring your opponents units by unlocking them. Another good choice would be to just leave your opponent’s rear-guards locked to limit their actions in the next turn, though if they have a small amount of cards in hand then retiring them can be equally as bad for them.

Lady Battler of the White Dwarf is getting a reprint in G-BT05 and will be able to unlock Arrestor for even more attacks. This card helps the new Messiah build a lot and can be used well with units like Neon Messiah and Awaking Messiah. If she unlocks a unit she becomes an 11k booster, so she could also boost Arrestor for an easy 22k column.

G-BT05-014-RR_(Sample)Dragonic Vanquisher has received some more support in this next set in the form of a Grade 1 and 2, both with a Generation Break 1. The first one I will talk about is the Grade 2, Rock Climb Dragoon. Rock Climb is a Glimmer Breath clone – when he’s placed on a rear-guard circle and you have a Vanguard with “Vanquisher” in its name, you may Counter Blast and Soul Blast 1 to have your opponent choose one of their rear-guards then retire and then bind that unit, after which Rock Climb will gain 2000 power. This card will definitely help with the Thunder Strike keyword to fill up the bind zone and if you’re using Rising Phoenix then this card will make up for lost power, though they may be fighting over who gets the soul.

The Grade 1 Vanquisher support, Chain Bolt Dragoon,  works really well with Rock Climb. Chain Bolt’s ability takes effect when one of your opponent’s rear-guards is retired due to the effect of one of your cards and if you have a “Vanquisher” Vanguard, once that’s happened your opponent must bind a card from their drop zone and you can choose one of your other rear-guards and give them +2k power. This only takes effect once per turn, but still, poor Granblue… Hopefully we will see Granblue get some bind zone abilities to make up for this abuse they have been given.

G-BT05-082-C_(Sample)Lastly we get some more Pale Moon units from G-BT05. Hell’s Gate Magician is Pale Moon’s Starlight Violinist clone. When he is placed on Vanguard circle or rear-guard circle you can Counter Blast and Soul Blast 1 to choose a Grade 2 or less from your soul, move it to a rear-guard circle and give it +5k power. This is Magia so at the end of the turn you must put that unit back into your soul. This unit is a Grade 2 with only 8000 power but due to the lack of Generation Break, you can use him early on in the game and use him on the Vanguard circle. Being a Magia, you can get him on the rear-guard circle using cards like Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty.

To bolster Hell’s Gate Magician’s power Fire Ring Wyvern is an 6k Grade 1 that can boost a Magia unit for 11k power, putting Hell’s Gate at 19000 power! This can also get Harri to 22k power and if they make a Magia 11k attacker or 12k attacker then you’re still going in for over 20k. Fire Ring Wyvern can easily allow for Pale Moon to gain some very strong columns. Fire Ring Wyvern also doesn’t have Generation Break, allowing you to hit your opponents hard and fast.

This concludes this weeks update! Although I do enjoy Clan Boosters I do prefer to see a nice mix of clans, and look! No United Sanctuary! You’ve changed, Bushiroad. Joking aside I do actually hope we see some United Sanctuary next week so we can get a good glimpse of the Magus cards. We should see some in this weeks episode so the chances are good that we’ll get some good skills spoiled. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

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G Trial Deck 5: Fateful Star Messiah

Pick up cards from G-TD05 Fateful Star Messiah on Big Orbit Cards: G-TD05 Fateful Star Messiah

G Trial Deck 5 is on it’s way and will be our first glimpse of the new Link Joker cards. Messiah, originally seen as Harmonics Messiah (a Cray Elemental and the first ever G unit), is now the new leader of Link Joker. She takes many forms in this Trial Deck and will be getting another form in G-BT03. Despite this, Messiah is not treated as an archetype in this deck, with the possible exception of Neon Messiah (more on this later).

The new Link Joker not only focus on locking their opponents, but also locking themselves and gaining benefits from this tactic. Cards can lock each other to give power boosts to the users field. Further, some units have abilities that unlock others by force, which can also give power boosts. Coupled with these abilities are effects that trigger when a card is unlocked. This means you can gain power by locking a card, gain power by unlocking it, and finally gain an extra ability when that card is unlocked.

Inside the Deck

Alter Ego Messiah

Alter Ego Messiah is the feature Grade 3 of the deck. Her on-stride ability allows you to lock one of your opponents rear-guards and gain +5000 power at the cost of locking one of your own rear-guards and counter blasting 1. This goes really well with her Generation Break: when a card is unlocked, you can soul blast 1 and draw a card. Because the end of stride and unlocking are both timed at the beginning of the end phase, you can choose to put your G unit back in the G zone and then unlock your cards, so you can use Alter Ego’s ability to draw a card.

We also get a Messiah G unit in this deck in Genesis Dragon, Judgement Messiah, who has a standard on-hit ability. It allows you to lock one of your opponent’s rear-guards in the front row and then unlock one of your units. This allows you to unlock the unit locked by Alter Ego upon stride to give that unit a chance to attack or boost. This ability was shown in the anime when Ibuki used Gravity Well Lady Battler to lock the unit behind her and gain a power boost, and then used Judgement’s ability to unlock that unit so she could get the power boost for free. This left a second unit to be unlocked at the end of the turn for Alter Ego’s draw ability.

Wings of Phenomenon, Wingmatter

The other Grade 3s we get in this deck are  Astrobreak Dragon and Wings of Phenomenon, Wingmatter. Astrobreak gets +3000 if you counter blast 1, which can boost the attack power high enough to hit a 11k or 13k Vanguard if the unit behind him has been locked. Wingmatter, on the other hand, has a more interesting ability: when he’s placed on the Vanguard circle, at the cost of locking one of your own rear-guards and counter blasting 1, you can lock one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards. This means even the weaker Grade 3s in the deck can cause some of your rear-guard abilities to activate once they have been unlocked. Additionally he also has a Generation Break 1 where he gains +6000 power when attacking a Vanguard.

Sunset Edge, Duskblade

We get a good selection of Grade 2s in this trial deck. The first one to stand out for me was Sunset Edge, Duskblade, who is an extremely useful unit in most Link Joker decks. With his Generation Break 1 skill, when he attacks a Vanguard and is being boosted, you can counter blast 1 and lock one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards.

For defence we have Lightspeed Cheetah which shows us that we will now be receiving 15k defenders in Trial Decks. If you lock one of your rear-guards that isn’t being attacked then this unit gains 10k shield when it intercepts. His power is only 8k, but this deck makes up for this with Gyre Flower, Dark Chakram, our new 12k grade 2 for Link Joker.

All this self-locking becomes very useful with Awaking Messiah. When Awaking Messiah is unlocked, you can choose another rear-guard, stand it, and give it +2000 power. This especially benefits Duskblade because his skill is not limited to one use a turn. If you manage to hit with Judgement Messiah, then you will be able to unlock this card in the battle phase to make the most of it’s ability. Using Amnesty Messiah from G-BT03 would also be a great way to unlock Awaking Messiah in the main phase.

Lockbreaker, Riddle Biter

The Grade 1s in this deck are fairly basic. There may be no 10k vanilla grade 2, but there is an 8k vanilla grade 1 in Asleep Messiah. A 10k Vanguard booster, Protosun Dracokid, is included to add some offensive power to the deck. Our defensive cards are Lady Keeper of Virtual Reality, who is the perfect guard of this set, and Grab Hand Gorilla, who gains +5000 power when being attacked.

Despite this, we do get one fairly interesting Grade 1. Lockbreaker, Riddle Biter allows you to unlock a rear-guard when he attacks and, if you do, he gains +4000 power. You could put him in the front row and put Awaking Messiah in the back row; then, once you unlock Awaking Messiah, Lockbreaker gains enough power to hit an 11k Vanguard and Awaking’s skill can activate.

The second skill that activates once the unit is unlocked comes from the forerunner of this set. Neon Messiah, who shares her name with the movie, moves into the soul when she is unlocked and allows you to search your deck for a Grade 3 with “Messiah” in its name and add it to your hand. This card makes it easy and consistent to get the Grade 3 you want.

Beloved Child of Superstring Theory is the special trigger of the set, and can go into the soul to give +3000 power to another unit. This works well to set up Alter Ego Messiah’s cost of soul blasting.

Once again it can be seen that Trial Decks are getting more and more powerful. I hope that they make these kinds of Trial Decks for more neglected clans such as Granblue or Tachikaze. This deck, along with the next booster, G-BT03, demonstrates that Link Joker will be able to handle most match ups for quite a while, but it will still be interesting to see what kind of support Messiah will get in the future.

Pick up cards from G-TD05 Fateful Star Messiah on Big Orbit Cards: G-TD05 Fateful Star Messiah