Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #41

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. The Fighter’s Collection 2016 cards are almost at an end and we only have five G Guardians to have revealed to us after today. We have also had a trickle of G-BT07 Gold Paladin units units spoiled this week.

PR-0434_(Sample)Before I go into the G-BT07 Gold Paladins, there is one promo Gold Paladin to show. Knight of Morning Day, Edadus is a Grade 1 who gains +2000 power when he is United. He is actually surprisingly useful as he doesn’t need to attack for the +2000, so he is a possible 9k booster. Along with Knight of New Sun, Catillus you can make a 21k column. Not only that, but unlike Catillus, Edadus does not have GB1 so you could rush your opponent early game and get in some extra damage.

One of the new G-BT07 Gold Paladins is Dawngal, a pretty interesting Grade 3. He only has 10000 power but when he’s placed on rear-guard circle he gains the ability to boost until the end of that turn. This would work well for cards like Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore who has the potential to call five units from the top of your deck. I’ve seen this version Garmore used a few times and the person using him usually calls more Grade 2s and Grade 3s than necessary who would usually not be able to boost, but at least you could throw Dawngal behind one of the Grade 2s now, and if you have an 11k Grade 3 or 2 in from of him then your opponent will need to start using 15k shields to block that column. Dawngal also has a GB1 Unite skill where he gains +5000 shield and intercept. Using him up like this is a good way to keep a rear-guard space free for other units and free from lock, and when against heavy retiring clans like Kagero this at least lets you retire him for a purpose that helps you.

Holy Mage, Connor is another units with good defensive capabilities. He’s a Grade 1 with 6000 power and when he is placed on the guardian circle you can Soul Blast 1 to give him +5000 shield, or when he’s placed on the rear-guard circle you can pay the same cost to give him +5000 power until the end of the turn. The blocking skill helps when using Gurguit‘s GB2 skill but the Soul Blast becomes a bit costly with Gurguit’s SB1 and CB1. So long as Golds get a lot of Soul Charging in the next set this card will be fine, but for now it can seem costly in the long run.

The only other Gold Paladin so far shown for G-BT07 is Scarface Lion, a Critical trigger. This unit has the usual effect of working with the G boss of the clan. When your unit with Gurguit in its name attacks, Scarface goes into the soul and you give Gurguit +5000 power and draw a card.

G-FC03-034-RR_(Sample)Onto the Fighter’s Collection cards we have Murakumo’s Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Hogen Wing. When he is placed on the guardian circle you can choose one of your Grade 1 or greater rear-guards and find another copy of it from your deck and place it on the guardian circle. Then at the end of the battle phase when the cloned card would be put into the drop zone, you put it on the bottom of your deck instead. You can use the standard perfect guards with this skill, though to do so you would need to already have a perfect guard in the rear-guard which isn’t usually advisable. Even if you did put a perfect guard on the rear-guard circle, you could always get it back into your deck by cloning it with Yasuie‘s skill and then using Homura Raider to put all three copies into the deck. This could be foretelling the future of Murakumo’s defensive skills as we may get more units like Emissary Crow that have cloning abilities that activate on the guardian circle.

Carrying on with the Japanese-theme, Jinx Stealth Hermit, Abudataishi is the G Guardian for Nubatama. If your opponent has six or less cards in their hand then Abudataishi gains +5000 shield. This kind of condition is not hard to achieve with Nubatama if using cards like ShiranuiDreadmaster, and Gedatsurakan. Brave decks will suffer a lot against this unit unless they get a lot of end-of-turn drawing in the future.

G-FC03-030EN-RR_(Sample)Goddess of Seven Colors, Iris is the G Guardian who’s skill will be a huge help to any Genesis deck. When she is placed on the GC you can choose three cards from your drop zone and put them into your soul, if you do, she gains +5000 shield. With this in a Regalia deck you can recycle Mirror Regalia, Achlis and Regalia of Fate, Norn into the soul to continue to give your opponent extra power on Soul Blast. With Witches you can guard with Witch of White Rabbits, Cardamon and Witch of Quill Pens, Oneon and still have a way to get them onto the field.

Nova Grappler’s Righteous Superhuman, Blue Prison gets  +5000 shield when you have more or equal damage to your opponent. It doesn’t seem very Nova Grappler-ish and I’m sure if you told someone about this ability they would think it was just some Cray Elemental, but with the new Rush keyword they definitely focus more on offence than defence. This will probably seem like an “okay” card to use in any of the older Nova Grappler decks but it’s generally an easy condition to meet so it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Bridal Hats Bridal Hair AccessoriesAnother G Guardian that is easy to beef up to 20k is Selene Medley, Nadja, a Bermuda Triangle unit. When she hits the GC you can reveal a card from your hand and if you have a unit on your field with the same grade as the revealed card then she gets +5000 shield. Duos help a lot with this skill, especially with cards like Duo Gorgeous Lady, KazuhaDuo Lovely Devil, Vepar, and Duo Mini Heart, Rhone who have the potential to search your deck for cards and put them into your hand.

Kagero get Flame Emperor Dragon King, Asile Orb Dragon who gets his +5000 shield when your opponent has four or less rear-guards. This works great against Shadow Paladin, Tachikaze, Murakumo, Nubatama, Magia, Hollow, and many other decks, though doesn’t do so well against Kagero’s natural enemy, Royal Paladin.

Lastly we have a promo for Bermuda Triangle, Wonder Frill, Nanoka. Nanoka is a Grade 2 with 9000 power and Harmony and if her attack hits and she is in Harmony then you can Counter Charge 1, and if you do you may bounce her into your hand. This unit would make a nice rear-guard for a Riviere deck or a Lauris deck as both Riviere and Lauris can give +10000 power to a column, giving this unit a better chance at hitting, and as Riviere has a high Counter Blast, the Counter Charge this card gives will prove especially useful.

Join me again for next week for more spoilers on the latest sets, decks, and promos.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #34

Welcome back to another weekly update of the new cards for Cardfight!! Vanguard. This week we get a better look at what the new Fighter’s Collection has to offer so let’s dive right in a see if there are any cards that can help your clan.

G-FC03-015-RRR_(Sample)First off is Tachikaze with their new stride, Destruction Tyrant, Grado Gigant. When this unit attacks you can activate its Engorge ability which will give it +5000 power for each unit it consumes and if the number of units is three or more then you get to draw a card. This works especially well with Gaia Emperor allowing you to attack once again with two of the retired units and the draw will help you defend next turn just by getting rid of something minor like a draw trigger in your hand. This generally makes for a great first stride for Tachis and I would highly recommend having at least one of these in a Gaia Emperor deck.

Next up we have a Genesis stride who acts like a mini Vanargandr. This new unit, Vanquishing Beast War Deity, Tyr, has an ACT that has you Soul Blast 3 to check the top card of your deck and choose whether to put it on the top or bottom of your deck. The Soul Blast gives you an additional skill where every time you are to reveal a Grade 1 or greater in your drive check then you Soul Charge 3. With this high amount of Soul Charging you will want to be careful on how many times you use this guy, I’d say using him once for your first stride would be good for a game but you may want a second one as backup. This is also a nice way to give cards like Mythic Beast, Hati and Mythic Snake, Jormungand a good power boost early, though Doom Brace can be an equally good unit to use for your first stride.

G-FC03-003-GR_(Sample)Time for Nova Grapplers and they finally get the stride people were waiting for with Meteokaiser, Bustered. People are saying that this new card is a replacement for Victoplasma and I can see why. When Bustered attacks you can Counter Blast 1 and G Blast one G unit and you can restand an amount of rear-guards equal to the amount of face-up Meteokaiser, Bustereds in your G zone. If you do this then at the end of the battle, if you have five rear-guards, you can Counter Blast 1 again and drop two cards from your hand to restand Bustered but he only gets one drive check. Being to stand up himself and up to four rear-guards will be devastating for your opponent, especially with the new Rush skills but I’ve also heard that this works great for Beast Deities by them just constantly standing, forcing your opponent further and further back. There certainly seems to be a wide gap between GRs and RRRs in this set.

As tradition with Neo Nectar our all-powerful stride is a cute little animal, and of course it looks like a cat with wings but apparently that makes it a dragon, this being Omniscience Dragon, Hrimthurs. At the end of the battle that this unit attacked a Vanguard you may Soul Blast 1 to give a rear-guard +4000 power, you may give them a second +4000 power and if you do they are retired at the end of the turn, if that unit had 20000 power or more when it was retired then you also get to draw a card. Combine this guy with Bigbelly and Crayon Tiger for more drawing and better chances of getting that 20000 power and luckily Hrimthurs doesn’t use and Counter Blasts which will help out the deck a lot. I’d recommend aiming the power boost at Guru Wolf and you can defend yourself for days with the amount of cards you’ll have in your hand.

G-FC03-014-RRR_(Sample)Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gonrakan is a new stride for Nubatama that forces your opponent to choose two of their rear-guards when he hits the Vanguard circle and they have to put all other rear-guards in their bind zone. If three cards were put into the bind zone through this then your opponent chooses two cards in their bind zone and puts them into the drop zone and puts anything that wasn’t put into the drop zone into their hand at the end of the turn. To weed away their rear-guards further you can use Shiranui’s on-stride ability to stop those intercepts.

Lastly for this week’s Fighter’s Collection cards is Lucky Rise, Elprina the Bermuda Triangle stride who simple but so, so effective. With the ACT to Soul Blast 1 you can bounce two units back to your hand. You can only use this once per turn but it is crazy to let you sort out your field and then get amazing bounce benefits and will let you re-establish your Harmony skills. This can also be used to refuel yourself by bouncing units that will give you Soul Charges and Counter Charges.

G-DG01-004_(Sample)So for the new DAIGO deck coming out, along with Sanctuary Guard Dragon and Sanctuary Guard Guarantee we were promised a new Sanctuary Guard Grade 3, Sanctuary Guard Arc, and his skills have finally been revealed. Firstly his GB2 skill gives all Grade 1 and lower units +5000 power. So unlike Sanctuary Guard tradition of Grade 1s giving power, the power is given to the Grade 1s. He also gets an on-stride ability to discard one card and search your deck for one Grade 1 or less and bring it onto the field, on top of that, the newly called unit and your Vanguard get +3000 power. As you can probably tell, this works amazingly well with Sanctuary Guard Regalie and we have yet to see what the skill of the new Sanctuary Guard Imperial stride but we can only guess that it will most likely word with having a large amount of Grade 1s as is Sanctuary Guard tradition.

Daigo himself even gets a promo stride for Entrager. Sanctuary Guard DAIGO is just a vanilla stride unfortunately but due to him being Entrager the chances of us actually getting him in English is extremely slim.

PR-0433_(Sample)Continuing with the promo cards we have a Gear Chronicle card, Steam Maiden, Kuluracina. When she is placed on the rear-guard circle each player may put a card from their drop zone into their deck. If both players do put a card away then the player controlling Kuluracina gets to Counter Charge 1. Having to rely on your opponent to put one back into the deck is very risky. They may want to put their triggers or perfect guards back but they will probably think it’s not worth it if you’ll be able to pull off more deadly skills.

For Kagero we have Dragon Knight, Pharrell, a 15k booster for Blazing units. He’s usually a 5k Grade 1 but if he’s boosting a unit with Blaze he boosts 10k and if that unit is Blazing then he gives 15k! This can lead to some very strong columns but we’ll have to see what kind of cards will have Blaze in the future.

Lastly we have a Blaster Dark promo which has alternate art similar to the Blaster Blade promo recently. Blaster Blade’s art showed him with Thing Saver in the background where the new Blaster Dark has Phantom Blaster in the background.

That’s everything for this week. Join me again for next week where there will most likely be more showing for Kagero’s new cards as well as more Fighter’s Collection cards and perhaps even some G-BT07 spoilers.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #32

Welcome again to the weekly Vanguard update. All the G-BT06 cards have finally been revealed so I will go over all the new cards shown for it but before I get into that large amount of cards I’ll quickly go over some of the Legend Deck and Starter Deck cards.

G-LD02-002_(Sample)A stride for Kagero has been revealed for the Legend Deck. Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Vortex Desire (Wait.. are you the emperor or is Dragonic Overlord..? I’m so confused!) has a risk of having to pay the cost before the ability’s conditions are met. When Vortex Desire attacks you may G blast (Choose any face-down card in your G zone and turn it face-up) to then gain the ability where if his attack hits you choose one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards and retire it for every Flame Dragon on the Vanguard circle. This basically means if you have Dragonic Overlord (Just an example of a card with the race of Flame Dragon) as your Grade 3 Vanguard you’ll be able to retire two units as Vortex Desire is a Flame Dragon himself, and if you were to have Vortex Dragonewt and your Vanguard while legion’d and you stride then you can retire three.

Say that Mr. Vortex’s attack doesn’t hit, that doesn’t mean his attack will go in vain. With the twin-headed dragon, Berserk Lord Dragon you can Counter Blast 1 when your Grade 4 Vanguard attacks to retire one of your opponent’s Grade 2 or less rear-guards. This along with Emperor Dragon Knight, Nehalem makes the most  of using more Grade 3s in your deck so you can stride more consistently.

Who remembers Undeux? Probably those of you who didn’t exile him from your deck as soon as you got Conroe to replace him. Well he’s been crying lonely tears for a long time now, for so long that his sadness has made him stronger. He is just a Fullbau Brave with the ability to go into the soul and put an Overlord from your deck but this helps a lot more with Overlord decks than Blaster, especially with Dragonic Overlord “The Ace”.

G-SD01-001EN_(Sample)In the new G Start Deck 1 for Gear Chronicle we’ve been told that it will all be reprints apart from one card. That card is the Grade 4 unit, Thunderbolt Shockwave Colossus. This card is a G zone refresher of sorts which, when he goes back into the G zone, can Counter Blast 1 to turn one face-up G unit face-down, allowing you to use those units again. This unit can have it’s uses but the Counter Blast hurts it a bit and you might struggle to find room for it. There are other options like Wakey Wakey Worker who doesn’t use up Counter Blasts but you’ll have to decide if you want to run stands just for him or now.

Onto the G-BT06 cards and staying in the Dark Zone I will introduce our lovely new Pale Moon units! The first one being the Grade 1, Cutie Paratrooper, an extremely useful but Harri specific card. With a GB1 and when she’s brought out from the soul from a Magia ability, Soul Charge 1 and choose another unit from the soul to Magia out in the same column as this card and that new unit gets +5000 power. With Harri’s skill you can call Cutie Paratrooper out with CB1 and give her +5000 power and then use her skill to fill the rest of the column and giving the column a total boost of +10000 power… That’s nasty.

Now Artillery Man isn’t the best Grade 3 ever but I really like him and I feel that he would at least make a good backup. Once per turn with a GB1 when a card is put into your soul you may retire one of your opponent’s rear-guards with the same Grade as the card put into your soul, as well as that he has another once per turn skill that allows you to put a card going into your soul into the drop zone instead and Artillery Man him self gains power equal to the card put in the drop zone. The second skill isn’t GB1 restricted so pulling off some early powerful plays will help you and if your opponent decides to stall on Grade 2 then you have a skill to back you up.

Gold Paladin’s skills have been stolen yet again, this time by Dreaming Pegasus. When this Grade 2 is placed on the rear-guard circle, with a GB1, look at the top three cards of your deck and put one into your soul and put the rest to the bottom of your deck. With Granblue getting Disappear-running Zombie it does seem that Pale Moon drew the short straw with this skill, though it is still powerful.

Now, if you’re looking for a card for early game then Pale Moon do have a new 6k Grade 1, Signal Snake Tamer. With a CB1 and resting himself Snake Tamer will let you look at the top card of your deck and search your soul for a card with the same Grade and bring it out to field. I know I said this was early game, and technically it is, but if you want to use this skill to its fullest then I’m afraid you’ll need to do some setting up first. Chances are when you have a Grade 1 Vanguard that you’ll have a very small soul or most of the time no soul at all. It is a shame and if they gave him 7000 power he might have been used more but this little unit may be going to the backbench, though I hope someone can find a good use for him and maybe one day I’ll see him in competitive play.

Lastly for Pale Moon we have a Silver Thorn critical trigger, Silver Thorn Assistant, Dixie, to give support to Luquier. Her skill is short and simple allowing you to put her to the top of your deck and shuffle if you have a Luquier Vanguard to choose a Silver Thorn in your soul and bring it out onto the field. This can be used to bring herself out from the soul if she got accidentally soul charge’d in to then put more triggers back into the deck.

G-BT06-001EN-GR_(Sample)A couple of weeks ago we saw the new Ahsha stride and now it’s time for Altmile to get his glorious new form. Transcending the Heavens, Altmile has a GB2 which will let you Counter Blast 1 and G blast (only if you have an Altmile heart) to give him two skills. The first skill activates when Altmile attacks a Vanguard which will let you search your deck for a Grade 2 and bring it to the field with +5000 power. This is a nice bonus if you attack first with your rear-guards, allowing you to get in an extra attack. His second skill gives the whole front row +2000 power for each face-up copy of Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile (The previous Altmile stride unit) in your G zone. This can go up to a buff of +8k to the front row and combine that with the Grade 3 Altmile’s on-stride skill of giving +5000 power to two units as well as this Altmile’s superior call with +5000 power and you’re going to have a seriously powerful turn.

Another superior caller comes in the form of an 8k Grade 2 named Hopesong Angel. Much like Starlight Violinist and Benizel has you SB1 and CB1 for a superior call one, though unlike the two previously mentioned cards Hopesong Angel isn’t restricted to Grade 2 searching, instead he searches your deck for a card with Brave and calls it to rear-guard circle. Another plus this has over Benizel is it isn’t GB restricted, allowing you to use this early game to set up your Brave-filled field.

As for the actual Brave units we have three new High Beasts with the keyword. Firstly the defensive unit with Brave, Scouting Owl, a Grade 1 who acts as a 10k shield if you SB1 and move him from a rear-guard circle to the guardian circle. A great way to fight back in a defensive manner when you’re being pushed too far by your opponent’s attacks. The second Brave unit, Shyngal, is a more offensive one with the Brave. This Grade 2 is given +2000 power and if he hits a Vanguard you can Counter Blast 1 to draw a card. Similarly the stand trigger Salgal allows you to draw a card while in brave only this time it’s when he is placed on Vanguard circle and at the end of turn you have shuffled him back into your deck. The great thing with Shyngal and Salgal is that you draw the cards in your end phase so it does not interfere with any of your other Brave skills and with the new stride stands seem a lot more useful in Royal Paladin builds.

G-BT06-031-R_(Sample)Nova Grappler finally get their Glimmer Breath clone with Extreme Battler, Abarail. With a GB1, if your Vanguard is Victor, and when this unit is placed on a rear-guard circle, you may SB1 and CB1 to give Abarail +2000 power and when he attacks a Vanguard choose one of your rear-guards and stand it with an extra +5000 power. This is a great effect allowing for two powerful attacks though Cool Hank is especially great for using in Rush decks.

Moving down the Grades we have the Perfect Guard, Extreme Battler, Gachibattle. When Gachibattle is placed on the guardian circle he gives the usual skill of dropping one to nullify attack as well, if you are on GB1 and you have another copy in the drop zone then can choose one of your rear-guards and it’s given a skill to Counter Blast 1 and at the beginning of one of your guard steps on that turn you can bring that chosen unit to the guardian circle with +10000 shield.

Next in the Extreme Battler series get a new forerunner with GB1. Extreme Battler, Cabtron can put himself into the soul and by Counter Blasting 1 at the end of the battle that this unit boosted to stand one of your rear-guards and give it +2000 power. This is a nice and easy way to get those Rush abilities activated. Extreme Battler, Runbhol may still be a choice for many people though due to Cabtron eating away at the Counter Blasts when you could be using them on things like Cool Hank and Abarail.

Speaking of Runbhol there is a very similar Grade 1 option, Ratchadamnoen Kid. Ratchadamnoen only stands back up once a card with Rush has been stood up in the same column. Due to this Rush restriction it allows Ratchadamnoen to have a 7k base but not having a GB1 does wonders for this card and is sure to be used in nearly all Rush decks.

Raizer get some more support with a new legion with the leader being Ultimate Raizer Glory-hand. Now Glory-hand can legion with either the old unit Ultimate Raizer Dual-flare or the new unit Ultimate Raizer Speed-star. If another of your Raizers stands from an effect of one of your units and if Glory-hand is in Legion then that stood unit gets +5000 power. He has the power but does not have an ability to stand units himself but that’s where his mate comes in. While on the rear-guard circle and your vanguard is in legion Speed-star can Soul Blast 1 Raizer to gain +3000 power and if his attack hits a Vanguard you can stand another unit and Glory-hand will give that unit +5000 power.

Shinobiraizer‘s skill activates when another of your Raizers in the same column stands due to an effect. He allows you the chance to look at the top three cards of your deck and if you do you and all the shown cards are all Raizers you can put one of the cards into your hand and put the other two in the drop zone, however, if one or more of the revealed cards isn’t a Raizer then they all go into the drop zone. This skill is a good way to have a choice in what you draw while also giving you fodder to legion with seeing as the amount of Raizer legions are slowly building.

Finally for Raizers we have a forerunner, Turboraizer Custom. As an ACT you can CB1 and retire Turboraizer Custom to give one of your units the ability to stand after they have attacked with an added +5000 power. This is another way to fill your drop zone in preparation for legion-ing and the skill itself helps out Glory-hand, giving the stood units +10000 power.

Lastly for Novas we have the triggers. Extreme Battler, Buchinurk is the critical trigger who is the Heart Thump Worker clone who goes into the soul when you Victor Vanguard attacks to give it +5000 power and draws you an extra card. A stand trigger under the name of Beast Deity, Great Eater can go back into the deck when one of your units stands from an effect, and if it does you can draw a card. The stand trigger Perfect Referee 2.99 gives another unit the Rush keyword to give it +5000 power when it attacks a Vanguard after restanding. Other than that we also have a vanilla heal trigger, Training Therapist, and a vanilla draw trigger, Totem Brothers.

G-BT06-100-C_(Sample)A great little Maiden of card for Neo Nectar has made an appearance with the addition of Maiden of Rambler.  When you are paying the cost of striding she counts as a Grade 2 and when she hits the drop zone from playing the stride cost then you can call her to a rear-guard circle and draw a card. This is interesting in the way that it encourages you to you more than just one card to stride also lowering the pressure of thinking you need a Grade 3 to drop to stride effectively. She only gets these abilities if you have a Maiden of Vanguard but they are getting pretty powerful lately and even have their own legion and stride.

Maiden of Noisette is a new forerunner for the sub-clan with an ability to CB1 with Maiden of in the name and putting Noisette into the soul to give two of your Maiden of units the ability to draw a card if their attacks hit and if you have two units on your Vanguard circle with Maiden of in the name.

To help you get your Maiden of Rambling Rose and Maiden of Trailing Rose for the legion skills there is Maiden of Damascena. When Damascena’s attack hits a Vanguard you can Counter Blast a card with Maiden of in the name to search your deck for a Grade 3 Maiden of and put it into your hand. Not having a GB makes me love this card because it makes the deck a lot more consistent and works well early and late game.

Red Leaf Dragon is an interested Grade 3 allowing you to have up to sixteen of it in your main deck and at the beginning of the main phase, either on the Vanguard circle or rear-guard circle, you can Counter Blast 1 to search for another copy of him and place it on rear-guard circle and the unit you CB’d with gets +1000 for each Red Leaf Dragon on the field until end of turn. This will work great for keeping a constantly cloned field and also having the option to have more than four eliminates the risk of too many falling into your damage zone.

As well as Afoo Roccoli having one of the most ridiculous pieces of artwork in Vanguard this Grade 1 also has a pretty decent skill. With a GB1 and when an attack hits in the battle that he boosted you may retire him to choose one of your units and superior call another copy from the deck. Yet again this just helps Neos get the constancy they need though finding space for this guy is going to be a little tricky.

As for some Bloom support we have Crop Maker Dragon. When Crop Maker is placed on a rear-guard circle you may CB1 to retire a unit with the Bloom ability to search your deck for up to two copies of that card and place them on the rear-guard circle and they gain +3000 power. It gets a bit awkward with Crop Maker being a Grade 2 by it being limited to what you can clone if you want to make full use of his skill but by bringing out Greenshot Elf you can turn her into a booster and she will even gain extra power through Bloom.

Finally for Neo we have Tomboy Elf who continues the Bloom support by putting a normal unit from your drop zone into your deck, allowing you to give a unit with the Bloom keyword a buff of +2000 power for each card on the field with the same name.

G-BT06-S07Onto the Granblue support and we have a new Grade 3, Ghoul Dragon, Gast Dragon. Gast Dragon has Hollow and a GB skill that allows you to mill two card from the top of your deck when he attacks a Vanguard and he gains +3000 power AND if he is Hollowed then he gains an extra +5000 power. Now you may be thinking that you would prefer to use him as payment for stride… why not do both? He has another skill to choose one of your Grade 2 or higher rear-guards and retire them and CB1 to call this card to a rear-guard circle, allowing you to make use of his Hollow keyword several times in a game.

Another Grade 3 Granblue that has been revealed is Sleepless Ship’s Captain, Blackgeek. When Blackgeek is placed on the Vanguard circle you may CB1 and SB1 to choose a Grade 2 from your drop zone and bring it onto the field and as an ACT once per turn you can CB1 to call a card from your drop zone and give it +5000 power and at the end of the turn retire that unit.

The Grade 3s don’t stop there as we have some support for the Seven Seas subclan with Seven Seas Dragon Undead, Prisoner Dragon. Similar to Gast Dragon, this unit can CB1 and retire a Grade 2 or higher to call himself though this time it is when your Seven Seas Vanguard has attacked, allowing for some extra attacks by attacking with your rear-guards and then replacing them for this fella. Dragon Undead also gains +2000 power when brought out onto the field from the drop zone so he is able to penetrate crossride levels of defence.

As for Grade 2 Seven Seas support we will be getting Seven Seas Witch Doctor, Raceruler. When Raceruler is placed on a rear-guard circle and if you have a Seven Seas Vanguard you may CB1 to call a unit from your drop zone and that unit gains +5000 power until end of turn. At the end of the turn you must retire that card but it leads to some powerful early plays.

Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner is a new forerunner who’s skill works from the drop zone. At the beginning of your main phase you may mill four cards from the top of your deck to call this card to a rear-guard circle. Unfortunately you have to retire him at the end of the turn but it at least fills your drop zone up a bit. Grenache has shown to be everyone’s favourite Granblue forerunner at the moment but Nightrunner may see some action with future Granblue releases.

If you thought Disappear-running Zombie was great then you’re going to love Ghostie Great King, Obadaia. When Obadaia hits the Vanguard circle you search your deck for three cards and put them into the drop zone. This sorts out the randomness of milling from the top of the deck but it doesn’t stop there. If two or more of the cards you put into the drop zone had the Hollow keyword then you can choose a Ghostie normal unit from your drop zone and place it onto the rear-guard circle. Not only does this guy have amazing art but he also has an amazing skill!

And for the final clan we have Shadow Paladin. I’ll start with their new Grade 3, Death Spray Dragon. Death Spray has a GB1 skill that activates at the end of his battle if you CB1 and retire one of your units and has you retiring one of your opponent’s rear-guards. This guy does work on the rear-guard circle but generally because of the high cost he may not be used in battle much.

G-BT06-028-RA card that will be seen a lot though is Cradle Knight, Oscar who is here to directly support Claret Sword. If you have a Claret Sword Vanguard and are at GB1 you can put Oscar into the soul to search your deck for a Grade 1 and shuffle your deck then put the Grade 1 on top of your deck and Counter Charge 1. Some may still be wanting to keep David but after I tell you about this new stand trigger you may think differently.

Demon Eye Mage, Alsur is a new stand trigger and he is truly something. When he would be retired he gets David’s skill of counting as two units and when he is put into the drop zone you can put him into the deck and shuffle. This is an amazing card for Shadows and will make many want to use stand triggers in many different Shadow decks.

For Revengers we have Vigor Revenger, Maul. When Maul is placed on a rear-guard circle and you have a Grade 3 or greater Revenger then you may CB1 Revenger to put a card from your deck into your hand with the same name as a card on your Vanguard circle. This will mostly be used for Raging Form Dragon for his Persona Blast skill to ride another copy of himself after attacking. After that there are nothing more than some vanilla triggers for Shadows, those triggers being Grave Horn Unicorn a critical trigger, Ingenius Strategist, Ophir a draw trigger, and Illegal Alchemist a heal trigger.

Well that is finally everything for G-BT06. It is definitely an interesting and diverse booster with so many different sub-clans and different builds in general getting supported. I am personally looking forward to this set. Be sure to check in next week when I’m sure there will be more Legend Deck cards revealed.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #30

Welcome again to the weekly Vanguard update. We finished off all the Technical Booster cards last week so now it’s time to look deeper into the future with the next booster set, G Booster 6 Transcension of Blade and Blossom.

G-BT06-010-RRR_(Sample)Neo Nectar are the first up with their new Grade 3, Centaurea Flower Maiden, Ihnes. This lady shows us once again the power of Bloom with her ability allowing you to get some extra shield in preparation for your opponent’s next turn. When Inhes’ Bloom is triggered (By having another copy of her landing on a rear-guard circle) it gives all the other copies of her the ability to go to the bottom of the deck then look at the top five cards for one with Bloom and put it into your hand. Now if  you want the Bloom cards in your hand a little earlier then you also get a chance to get one when you ride her; When she hits the Vanguard circle you can CB1 and SB1 to look at the top five again and search for a Bloom to put in your hand. Ihnes is a really good support Grade 3 for Ahsha and even has potential to be the main boss in a lower budget Neo Nectar deck. Though maybe people will just want her for her beautiful artwork.

Neos also get a nice perfect guard. Remember all the Technical bros getting the G perfect guard and the special G perfect guard with the extra abilities? Well it seems that’s going to be a thing with all clans now. Neo Nectar get Cherry Blossom Blizzard Maiden, Lilga who has the Bloom keyword, making her a great target for Ihnes to put to the hand. Lilga’s Bloom costs a CB1 but with that it allows you to put all of the cards with the same name into the hand. This gives you a nice opportunity to use Lilga offensively until something better comes along and then pop her back in the hand for a quick defend. This works so well with Ihnes that you could easily of had all your perfect guards in your hand at some point. If you quickly swap your Vanguard to Ahsha and are using Early-flowering Maiden, Pia that will allow you to put the perfect guards back into your deck, allowing for more perfect guard searching!

G-BT06-011-RR_(Sample)We have a similar card to Ihnes for Royal Paladin with Model Knight, Orhan. Similar to Ihnes, when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you can CB1 and SB1 to search your top five cards for a card with Brave and put it into your hand. His other ability is very different to Ihnes’s though. With a GB1 and if his Brave is active (Meaning you need to have three or less cards in your hand for it to be active) he gives the whole front row +3000 power which may not seem like much but that is even in your opponent’s turn so the more he’s attacked the harder it will be to hit him. This will work great against Aqua Force with their continuous yet weak attacks. As well as Ihnes I feel you can make a budget deck with Orhan as your boss if you were looking for a more defensive Royal Paladin deck.

If you are going for the Altmile build though then you might want Counterattack Knight, Slayman. This trusty Grade 2 has a GB1 skill that allows you to CB1 and drop a card from hand when attacking to search your deck for a Grade 2 and bring it onto the field with an extra +2000 power. He doesn’t eat up the soul like Benizel and doesn’t need to be boosted like Knight of Twin Sword but he does need Altmile as the Vanguard and dropping a card for it may seem questionable, but wait! His skills don’t end there. He also has the GB1 Brave ability that gives him an extra +3000 power as long as Altmile is your Vanguard and like Orhan’s skill it even works on your opponent’s turn, which will annoy your opponent when they thought the only unit they would be able to hit is your 9k rear-guard. They’ll be dreading Slayman by the end of the game.

G-BT06-049-C_(Sample)“But Brave is such an awkward condition to meet” I hear you screaming, well luckily there is a solution for this, meet your new favourite G Royal Paladin! Knight of Power Charge! His 6000 power may put a few people off but you can retire him through an ACT to choose any amount of cards in your hand and put them into the bind zone face down. Retiring him and not being able to easily superior call him is a bit of a bother but if you have ten cards in your hand and you want to activate your Brave skills then he’ll be your best friend.

Rush is a new keyword given to the Nova Grapplers, a clan we haven’t seen for a while. Rush activates once the unit restands due to an effect of a different card. The first card to show off this keyword is the Grade 1, Kumah the Destroyer. When Kumah’s Rush is active he gains +5000 power so he doesn’t have a super-mega-ultra crazy skill but with the other G Novas already giving around 5000 power then he can get extremely strong with standing him up a lot in battle.

To accompany him is the Grade 2, Master Kungfu. Master Kungfu has an on-hit Rush skill which gives you the option to CB1 when his attack hits to stand up another unit and give it +5000 power. You might want to target another Master Kungfu with this to keep an onslaught of attacks coming your opponent’s way or give it to Kumah for a +10000 boost of power.

G-BT06-016-RR_(Sample)Pale Moon are getting a new stride by the name of One Who Tells the Demise, Mephisto. If you flip faceup another G unit (Editor’s Note – G-Blast!) then all your units gain +1000 power for each faceup card in your G zone called One Who Tells the Demise, Mephisto. Then for every two faceup cards in your G zone you can call one unit onto a rear-guard circle and give it +5000 power and at the end of the turn it goes back into the soul. Mephisto is an extremely strong finisher with bringing out new units with the potential of having an extra +8000 power as well as Intensely Spicy Clown getting more more power for each unit brought out plus Intensely Sweet Clown who gains another +5000 when brought out from the soul.

Acrobat Bear will help you with getting the cards you need into the soul. With a vaguely Gold Paladin-y skill, this little Grade 1 has you search the top three cards of your deck when placed on the rear-guard circle. The search is to put any one of the three cards into your soul and put the rest to the bottom of your deck. He does need a GB1 so he won’t be used in every deck but he is good at what he does.

Crescent Moon Juggler is a Glimmer Breath clone that allows you to Magia one card and give that unit and Moon Juggler +2000 power until the end of turn. Like all Glimmer Breath clones it costs a CB1 and SB1 with a GB1. Luckily you can use him multiple times if you were to use other cards to Magia him out of the soul.

Lastly for G-BT04 we have the Granblue card Disappear-running Zombie. When he’s placed on a read-guard circle, with a GB1 and if he’s Hollow, then you can search your deck for a card and put it into the drop zone. If he is not Hollow then you just take the top card of your deck and put it in the drop zone. This is such a good ability for Granblue, being able to be so precise with what you are putting into the drop zone.

That isn’t the end of Granblue as a whole for this week though. A couple of trial deck cards appeared, Witch Doctor of the Corrosion Sea, Negrorook and Underling Pirate Skeleton, who are a Grade 2 and 1 with the same ability. These two get +2000 power when there is a GB1 and if they are Hollowed they gain another +5000 power, making them much stronger than the average clan’s version of them.

As an additional note, Daigo will be getting a new set giving more support to the Sanctuary Guard archetype. Sanctuary Guard Dragon and Sanctuary Guard Regalie will be getting reprints as well as Sanctuary Guard Arc finally becoming a card (Previously only shown in the anime). There will also be a new arrival with Sanctuary Guard Imperial who is a new stride for the archetype.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check in next week for more G-BT05 cards and hopefully some Legend Deck cards!

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #29

Welcome again to the weekly Vanguard update. The last of the Technical Booster cards have been revealed as well as some cards for G-BT05 with a nice show of the new Granblue units. Let’s finish this Technical Booster off then, shall we!

G-TCB01-068If you were worried that to get power boosts in the new Spike Brothers you’d have to be charging then you would be wrong. Spike Brothers get the generic (but useful) 12k Grade 2 on their side and all you need is a Generation Break 1. With Moodmaker Nyanrook boosting this card you can get the column up to 23k that turn. Having Nyanrook go to the bottom of the deck can also make a non-boosted Genie a 16k attacker!

Hive Maker is a new Grade 3 for Spike Brothers with a charge ability that allows you to CB1 when he goes back into the deck to choose a card from your hand and bring it onto the field, thus activating that new card’s Charge. However, when Hive Maker is placed onto the Vanguard circle you can CB1 and SB1 to look at the top five cards of your deck and put one card with Charge into your hand. The first ability is where this card truly shines, allowing for additional attacks and additional Charges. I feel this will see a lot of play as a backup Grade 3 in SB decks.

G-TCB01-075If you needed some Counter Charging and Soul Charging then this little trigger has you covered. Devil Watch is a Stand Trigger with Charge that gives him +3000 power when boosting OR attacking and allows you to Counter Charge and Soul Charge 1. This will really help with keeping up your resources with the kinda big downside of it being a Stand Trigger. Although the fact the Bushiroad are trying to give Stands some love is good, Stands aren’t the best with Spike Brothers due to things going back into the deck after attacking. Still, I’m sure a fair few people will give this card a try and hopefully it works out for them. We also are getting two more vanilla triggers, Magical Manager the Heal Trigger and Mecha Advisor the Draw Trigger.

Lastly for Spike Brothers there are two forerunners. The first one is Psychic Mel with the generic ability to CB1 and search the top five cards for a Grade 3 and put it into your hand. This will work well for Bad End Dragger to ensure that you can Break Ride and maybe to have more Bad Ends in your hand so you can keep on Break Riding turn after turn. Mecha Analyzer is the second forerunner that helps out a bit more with the G decks. With a GB1 and when a rear-guard is put into the deck you can put Mecha Analyzer into your soul, if you do then you can put one of your rear-guards into the bind zone and then put it onto a rear-guard circle and it gets +3000 power. This is great, allowing to essentially stand your rear-guard back up, rearrange it on the field, and put it into charge with an additional 3k on top. I’m sure this card will see heavy play in Rising decks.

G-TCB01-029Raging Strength Equipment, Hammer Gewalt is a new G unit for Tachikaze. When Hammer Gewalt is Engorged he gains +3000 power and if you Engorged on two units then you can retire a card in your opponent’s front row. This may seem like a big cost but if you stride over Gaiaemperor then you can get those two units back with just a CB1.

Ancient Dragons get more support in this set. The first one I’ll talk about is the Grade 2 Ancient Dragon, Hypnohang that can stand up after attacking and giving +3000 power if you have a Vanguard with Spino in its name and you retire a rear-guard at the end of the battle that Hypnohang attacked. There are currently only two Grade 3s with Spino in their name and they are Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver and Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando. With Spinocommando bringing back the Spinos in this set hopefully we will see them in competative play. Unfortunately you can’t keep on using Hypnohang’s ability to stand up though due to it being a once per turn effect.

Ancient Dragon, Nodtank will help you get more of that sweet, sweet Counter Blasting. When Nodtank is put into the drop zone from a rear-guard circle you may Soul Blast 1 card with Ancient Dragon in its name to Counter Charge 1 and give another unit +4000 power. This helps so much with Tachikaze and I’m sure will be a staple in any Ancient Dragon deck. I’m sure people have been wanting something like this for a very long time but better late than never!

G-TCB01-061Lastly for Ancient Dragons there is a new forerunner Tiffany clone. Ancient Dragon, Babybird gives +3000 power to two of your Ancient Dragons when he is put into the drop zone. Whether people will be using this or Babyrex will all depend on how badly you need the face-up damage for later game but Babyrex definitely gives you better early game.

Tank Mammoth only has 8k attack but if he’s retired and you CB1 and SB1 you can bring him back onto the field and give him +3000 power. Having to CB1 and SB1 may seem like a bit of a heavy cost and may have people struggling to find room in their deck for him but he’s great for consistency with the high retiring abilities and could be great with Gluttony Dogma.

Tachikaze also get a 12k Grade 2. Accel Tiger Will help in some decks and may be chosen over Tank Mammoth just for the more consistant skill but with a GB1 you will only be getting it late game where as Tank Mammoth has the potential to give some early game pressure.

Sheer Magnum is a new Stand Trigger that can go back into the deck when it’s retired and gives +5000 power to a unit as well as letting you draw a card. I have to say this is probably one of the most useful Stand Triggers yet, for Tachikaze to have this as retire fodder and getting additional power from it helps them so much. Yet again, Stands aren’t the best for this clan but with the ability it really shows that it has potential and will hopefully lead people to use it in their decks.

Closing off on the Tachis we have the last two Savages. We have a very hungry lady named Savage Heroine who has the Engorge ability and for every unit she retires she then gets +3000 power when she attacks. She’s a 6k Grade 1 so chances are you won’t be using her very often but she could be good for a final attack. Plus it’s fun to think of her eating four cyborg dinosaurs in a matter of seconds. The last Savage is Savage Healer, just a vanilla Heal Trigger with a cute girl looking non-savage.

G-TCB01-043Now for the last lot of the Technical Booster gang, the Nubatama ninjas. Starting off with a Grade 3 named Stealth Beast, Hagurejishi. Hagurjishi is a good backup Grade 3 with Afterimage allowing you to attack and then putting him back into the hand if you want to stride next turn. He also gains +4000 power for each unit placed on rear-guard circle that turn. This skill works but as a Vanguard and rear-guard allowing to rack up some serious power turn after turn.

Stealth Dragon, Kegareshinmyo is another Grade 3 for Nubas who also has Afterimage. When he’s placed on a rear-guard you can give another unit +3000 power. Kegareshinmyo also has a similar ability to Hive Maker for when he’s placed on the Vanguard you can CB1 and SB1 to look at the top five cards of your deck and put one card with Afterimage from them into your hand.

Like the other two, Nubatama also get their 12k attacker. Stealth Beast, Kibamaru unfortunately is one of the weakest out of the three due to the clan he’s a part of. He may still find play just for the consistent power.

G-TCB01-011Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Miyabi is the Amber clone of the Nubas. As Amber clones go, with a GB1 and when she’s boosted you can CB1 to give her +3000 power and if you have less cards in your hand than your opponent then you bind an opponent’s card from their hand and it’s put back into their hand at the end of the turn. Letting you bind a random card from their hand is very risky but has the chance to deny them a 10k shield or maybe even a perfect guard, giving you a great offensive advantage.

Stealth Beast, Karasudoji is a new forerunner with the same skill as Psychic Mel to allow you to put it into the soul, Counter Blast 1, and look at the top five cards for a Grade 3 and put it into your hand.

Nubatama also get three vanilla Triggers. Living Method Stealth Rogue, Shigure the Heal Trigger, Stealth Fiend, Warashibehime the Draw Trigger, and Stealth Rogue of Piercing Death, Samidare the Critical Trigger.

G-TD08-006EN_(Sample)Onto the non-Technical Booster cards I will go through the new Granblue units which are very exciting. With another Amber clone we have Pirate Swordsman, Colombard who is extremely useful for the clan. When Colombard attacks and is boosted, with a GB1 and CB1, you can superior call any card from drop zone. With cards like Ruin Shade you can fill your drop zone with a great amount of different cards.

Granblue’s new Grade 3 also shows the effects of the new Hollow keyword. When a card is placed on a rear-guard circle you can choose for it to become Hollowed, if you do you retire it at the end of the turn, becoming Hallowed allows you to activate all sorts of special abilities. The Grade 3 Mighty Rogue, Nightstorm has the Hollow keyword and at the end of the turn that he attacks when he is Hollowed you can CB1 to choose a card from your drop zone with a different name to him and call it to a separate rear-guard circle. He also has the Hive Maker skill for when he’s placed on the Vanguard circle to CB1 and SB1 and look at the top five cards of your deck and put a Hollow from among them into your hand. I’m sure Nightstorm will make a great backup Grade 3 for a lot of Granblue decks with being able to use the drop zone so well.

G-BT06-089-C_(Sample)For a consistent booster we have Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow. You may retire a rear-guard from your field if you have a Vanguard with Seven Seas in its name to replace the retired card with this 7k Grade 1. Combining this with Hades Steersman will allow you to bring out the Steersman when you hit Grade 3 and quickly replace it with Nightcrow for a much bigger boost. I think this card is great, whenever they had something like this before they’ve always had really low power but this having the usual power of a Grade 1 really helps.

Beast Deity, Horned Hulk is there to support the Beast Deities of G-BT05. You can SB1 a card with Beast Deity in its name and rest Horned Hulk to give another Beast Deity +5000 power. This helps a tremendous amount with Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Reverse by allowing you to rest and give power then lock those rested units so you’re not missing out as much on the rear-guard power.

Revenger, Dark Breath Angel is bringing back the on-retire abilities for Shadow Paladin. When she is retired due to an effect of one of your cards and you have a Grade 3 or greater Vanguard with Revenger in its name then you can CB1 to superior call a Grade 1 from the deck and put it onto the field. This is similar to Darkpride Dragon but Revenger specific which really helps with Revenger, Phantom Blaster “Abyss” and would allow you to stand him up twice in one turn.

For Neo Nectar we have the new Bloom effect shown. A card goes into Bloom if another card with the same name is placed on a rear-guard circle. Green Shot Elf has the Bloom effect and when she goes into Bloom with a GB1 you can choose up to five units named Green Shot Elf  and they get +2000 power and the ability to boost. This should be a great power up over the field with each of the already placed Green Shot Elves giving power and having cards that can gain its name.

Lastly we have a Spike Brothers promo, Devildam Chemist. He’s an early Grade 2 12k with not needing a GB1 but only has 6k power with the ability to SB1 and double his power. This is a nice early aggression but using up the soul like that can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

That’s all for this week. We’ve gone through a lot of cards in such a short amount but the Technical Booster is finally completely revealed. I’m sure next week we’ll be seeing a load of new G-BT05 and G-LD02 cards so make sure to come back for next week’s article!

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #23

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter has shown the most amount of spoils throughout the seven days with a sprinkle of promos and some Granblue support which is always good.

NightroseeI think it’s only fair to talk about Granblue first, they’ve waited a long enough time. The first new card from the trial deck is their new Grade 3 boss, Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose. Many people have been waiting a long time to see this card’s ability and it shows that it was worth the wait. When a card would stride over Nightrose you may Counter Blast 1 to bring a card from the drop zone onto the field and give it +2000 power. This works very nicely with Sea Strolling Banshee to get some extra hand advantage. She also has a GB2 ability to bring back a rear-guard that was just retired by putting the top three cards of your deck into your drop zone. The GB2 ability will work great against clans like Kagero and Narukami but as most Granblue players may know you can’t use this kind of skill too often otherwise you will easily deck-out. Cocytus players will know the struggle… All-in-all though this card is really good to get and maintain field advantage. A keyword named “Hollow” has been talked about too though Nightrose herself doesn’t have it so rumour has it that it will be a rear-guard ability that takes effect once a card is put into or taken out of the drop zone.

Of course Nightrose isn’t alone, she also has her faithful stride fodder that even show in Nightrose’s artwork. Tommy the Ghostie Brothers are the standard “When placed on (RC), search for X” and “While you are paying the cost for Stride, this card gets grade+2.”. This has been shown to be a promo but the Ghostie Brothers may still appear in G-BT06 like how the original stride fodders were also promos.

The other promo is a Grade 2 Narukami unit, Eradicator, Unruly Dragon. When this unit intercepts you can Counter Blast 1 Eradicator, as long as you have an “Eradicator” Vanguard, to choose an opponent’s unit that isn’t attacking or boosting and retire it. We have seen this kind of thing before with the Kagero unit Lizard Soldier, Bellog and it’s nice to see them make more skills related to guarding.

G-FC02-031-RR_(Sample)Last week we saw Helldeity Seal Dragon, Crossorigin and this week we get his Grade 2 support in the form of Hellfire Seal Dragon Knight. With a Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 you can prevent your opponent from intercepting until the end of turn and this unit gets +2000 power for every Grade 2 on your opponent’s side of the field. This card gets power even for your opponent’s Grade 2 legion mate which is always a nice way to even the battlefield. He will be especially powerful against G era Royal Paladins due to their heavy Grade 2 support with stuff like Techgal, so RP players will really have to change up their strategy when against Seal Dragons, not that they have much choice when it comes to Crossorigin though.

Beast Deity also get some more support with Beast Deity, Dragotwist, their new Grade 2 unit for Fighter’s Collection. He follows a pattern that has come about in the G series with Nova Grappler retiring. When he is stood back up during your battle phase you can Counter Blast 1 to choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards with power less than or equal to this card and retire it. You can use Brainy Papio and Cool Hank to get this guy stood back up and having Tribrut as your Vanguard will allow you to power up and retire two units instead, though with the downside of using up a lot of Counter Blasts.

G-FC02-018EN-RRR_(Sample)A while back Blade Wind, Sullivan was revealed as a new Blade Wing Grade 3 which planted a nice amount of hope for some more Blade Wing support and it turns out the hope grew into a card named Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold. When Tibold is placed on the Vanguard circle and you have a heart with “Blade Wing” in its name, you put all the cards in your drop zone into your deck and then shuffle your deck. If you have fifteen or more cards in your soul then until the end of the turn all rear-guards in your front row get +10000 power, if you don’t have fifteen or more in your soul then you Soul Charge 5. Putting cards from your drop zone into your soul is what Dark Irregulars have needed for a long time and with the addition of Sullivan it was getting a bit desperate so with this card and Sullivan coming out in the next set it becomes a great little archetype to work with within the Dark Irregulars.

The first ever GR, Chronoscommand Dragon, gets his very own cross stride with Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Revolution. Unlike other cross strides he unflips a version of himself but Chronoscommand Dragon determines what will happen towards the end of the effect. When Revolution is placed on the Vanguard circle you may Counter Blast 1 and G Persona Blast to put all your opponent’s rear-guards on the bottom of their deck, then if you have a Chronoscommand Dragon face up in your G zone choose two of your rear-guards and put all other rear-guards to the bottom of your deck, however if you don’t have Chronoscommand Dragon in your G zone you put all your rear-guards to the bottom of your deck. The original Chronoscommand needed to hit and was a Counter Blast 2 so this is a great step up from that to wipe your opponent’s field, even with the cost of putting your own units into your deck.

People’s predictions were correct about the identity of the Angel Feather stride, it is indeed a new Nociel card. Holy Seraph, Nociel allows you to choose two rear-guards to put into the damage zone at the end of that battle that Nociel attacked and if you have a Nociel heart, then you may choose two cards from your damage zone and call them to rear-guard and if they have “Nociel” in their name they get +5000 power. This allows for some strong extra attacks with the bonus that if you put Love Machine Gun, Nociel on the field then you can exchange your hand for some cards in the damage zone. Then you can also create some strong columns with Thousand Ray Pegasus.

G-FC02-014-RRR_(Sample)The last thing we have on our plate for Fighter’s Collection this week is the two new Tachikaze unit which gives support the Rex archetype. Our stride for Rex is Destruction Tyrant, Hellrex Maxima which has the ACT to let you retire one of your own units to then search your deck for a card with “Rex” in its name and put it into the bind zone, then you choose up to three units in your front row to give +4000 power. This card is especially good for Destruction Dragon, Dark Rex who can be superior called onto the Vanguard circle if your Vanguard’s attack didn’t hit, definitely an amazing boost that the Rexs needed.

Our second Rex is the Grade 3 Destruction Dragon, Squall Rex. When Squall Rex is in your hand you can put him into the bind zone to give a unit +3000 power. His second ability then works from the bind zone where you can retire a rear-guard and Counter Blase 1 when a card with “Rex” in it’s name attacks a Vanguard and call Squall Rex from your bind zone to the rear-guard circle. Providing you have Ravenous Dragon, Megarex on the field you could bring Squall Rex into the game while your Vanguard is still Grade 2 and get an extra attack in to give early pressure.

That’s all of the cards for this week. There was a lot of good support for all sorts this week. There aren’t many cards left to reveal for Fighter’s Collection and I will continue to hope for a Jewel Knight stride for the Royal Paladin spot. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

Cardfight Vanguard singles are available to purchase at Big Orbit Cards: Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #22

Welcome once again to the weekly Vanguard update! We have got some exciting new Fighter’s Collection cards shown this week. Luckily this week’s update will be a lot shorter than last week’s four-parter but the reveals are just as good, if not better.

G-FC02-009-RRR_(Sample)Seeing as Oracle Think Tank have had such bad luck with a lot of people finding the Susanoo support somewhat underwhelming it’s only right that they get some buff units to balance it out, and the best buff unit to get the job done is this young lady, Floral Witch Master, MiMi. Yes, the Oracle Think Tank Witches are back and better than ever! MiMi is a stride that comes in the next Fighter’s Collection and when she is placed on the Vanguard circle you may discard a card with “Witch” in it’s card name from your hand and if you have a “Witch” heart your opponent has to make the decision to either discard two cards from their hand or take one point of damage with all trigger effects of that check nullified. Due to this not needing a flip you can use her four times in a game and there are no restrictions on how much damage your opponent must be on so this skill can be the finishing blow. Your opponent will most likely have two or more cards in their hand at the time you use this but they may feel they can prevent more damage by keeping the cards in their hand so it’s a nice way to whittle them down. To ensure you have Witches in your hand while still keeping a stable field it may be wise to use Emerald Witch, Lala who can recycle your hand and Little Witch, LuLu for the extra draw.

G-FC02-026-RR_(Sample)In case you’re struggling to claw your way towards a Scarlet Witch, CoCo this set has you covered for another Grade 3 OTT Witch. Rose Red Witch, CuCu is an 11k Grade 3 who can work both on the Vanguard circle and rear-guard circle. When she is placed on either of the before mentioned circles, if you have a Witch Vanguard, and you have one or less cards in your soul you may Counter Blast 1 to draw two cards and discard one card from your hand. This allows for a bigger chance of having Witches in your hand for MiMi’s skill. This will also give more defensive options in the long run to have an 11k Grade 3 which OTT Witches did not have before, though luckily we do now have Light Elemental, Peaker so you can get CoCo to the same defensive power as CuCu. What they really need now is some more Grade 1 and 2 Witches, though with such support people might call out “Overpowered!” but I personally think these Witches are really cool and deserve more support after all this time.

Pacifica gets more support in this set with Friend of the Sun, Malucca. Malucca’s ability is extremely useful for the new Pacifica stride, Twinkle Happiness☆Pacifica. When Malucca is returned to the hand from the rear-guard circle and you have a Pacifica Vanguard you may search your deck for a Pacifica card and put it into your hand. You may then reveal three Pacifica cards from your hand with different names to Counter Charge 1, Soul Charge 1, and give another unit +5000 power. Combining this with Twinkle Happiness☆Pacifica makes it extremely easy for Pacifica to gain the extra critical by making it a lot more consistent to have those three Pacificas in hand.

G-FC02-003EN-GR_(Sample)From cute mermaid idols to giant flame dragons of death, we have some Seal Dragon support for Kagero with Helldeity Seal Dragon, Crossorigin. Crossorigin has the ACT ability with the cost of Counter Blast 1 and turn any G unit face-up and for every face-up Crossorigin choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and retire it, then for each rear-guard retired your opponent reveals the top four cards of their deck and chooses a Grade 2 from among them and calls it to an open rear-guard circle and then if your opponent has two or more Grade 2s Crossorigin gains +1 critical. This is a great, consistent unit for Seal Dragons and making it so your opponent has to call the units to open rear-guard circles is a nice touch. As we can see from the clans who had their two cards shown, the two cards a clan gets will work well together and are helping a certain build so we can expect another Seal Dragon unit.

Sword Physical Liberator, Magnus is a nice Grade 2 for Gold Paladin’s Bluish Flame Liberators. When Magnus is placed on a rear-guard circle from the deck and you have two or more cards with “Liberator” in their name on the Vanguard circle (Meaning you could have a Liberator legion, strode over a Liberator legion with a non-Liberator, or even strode over a single Liberator with a Liberator stride.) then you can look at the top three cards of your deck and search for one card with “Liberator” in it’s name to call to a rear-guard circle and put the rest at the bottom of your deck. If you called a Bluish Flame unit you may then put it into your hand. This allows you to have a better chance of using Prominence Glare‘s ability to drop a Bluish Flame to gain +1 critical and prevent your opponent from perfect guarding, and using Holy Flame‘s skill will give you a bigger chance of bringing Magnus out.

G-FC02-028EN-RR_(Sample)A new Shadow Paladin Witch has been shown, Witch of Intelligence, Dehtail. When Dehtail is placed on rear-guard and you have two or more cards with Witch in their original name on the Vanguard circle (This works the same as Magnus’s condition) then you can choose an opponent’s rear-guard circle that is occupied by a rear-guard and your opponent reveals the top five cards of their deck and searches for a Grade 0 from among them to call to that circle. As an SP Witch player I can say from experience how amazing this card really is going to be. The biggest worry with the new stride, Witch Queen of Transfiguration, Sinclair, was that your opponent wouldn’t have enough Grade 0s to activate her skill but this helps to pull it off and it’s a nice addition to have a rear-guard Witch who has a wider range of your opponent’s cards to work with to get those Grade 0s on the field. I will definitely be running this card but the Grade 2 slots in Witch decks are already very tight so watch out for what you take out for this card.




We have now had official announcements for G Trial Deck 8: Vampire Princess of the Hades Hour and G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom. We have two cards officially confirmed for the Trial Deck and those are the Grade 3 Night Mist Vampire Princess, Nightrose (who can Rough_Seas_Bansheebe seen to the left of the Trial Deck’s poster) and a reprint of a beloved critical trigger for Granblue, Rough Seas Banshee, with alternate art. This is a very exciting time for Granblue and I’m enjoying all this support for previously highly unsupported clans.

For the next Booster Set (Transcension of Blade and Blossom ) Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Nova Grappler, Pale Moon, Granblue, and Neo Nectar are all getting additional support as well as some Cray Elemental cards. So far not much has been revealed about this new set. What we do know however is it will contain Secret Packs (Booster packs containing five Secret Rares) which will include reprints of Blaster Dark Revenger “Abyss”; Revenger, Phantom Blaster Dragon “Abyss”; Blue Sky Knight, Altmile; Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha; and lastly Exxtreme Battler, Victor. There are two new units for G-BT06 that have had their names and pictures revealed, these are the new versions of Altmile and Ahsha, Transcending the Heavens, Altmile and Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha.

alty-and-ahshyWe also have the name revealed for a new Granblue stride, Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose and the pictures (but no names) for a Shadow Paladin dragon and a Nova Grappler Raizer Legion.

A robot and dragon

Lastly we just have a couple of promos. The first one is a Grade 1 Royal Paladin, Transition Sage, Lyron. When he is placed on a rear-guard circle you may Soul Blast 2 to draw a card. This is the second card that has this ability for Royal Paladin (The first one being Knight of Reform, Ladinas) though the previous one was also a promo so this may have just been PR-0374_(Sample)made to give people another chance of getting this kind of card. A big hand size is always nice but with a Soul Blast 2 in modern Royal Paladin decks it may seem like a very big cost to pay unless you have a lot of cards to fill the soul back up.

The second promo is for Link Joker. When Star-vader, Mulepton is placed on the rear-guard circle and your opponent has at least one locked card you may Counter Blast 2 to choose an opponent’s rear-guard circle and they must choose a card from their hand to place on that circle and locked. This will mostly be helping for Chaos Breaker decks and now that there is an efficient Counter Charger in the form of Confusion Star-vader, Zinc this card may see some play despite it’s high Counter Blast cost.

Well, this concludes this week’s update. The reveals this week have been very exciting a contain a lot of really cool and useful cards (But maybe I’m just saying this because of SP Witch support) and I hope the reveals stay just as exciting for next week well we’ll most likely see more Fighter’s Collection and hopefully some Granblue cards for the upcoming G-TD08 and G-BT06. Thank you for joining us this week and don’t forget to join us again next week for the cards revealed in the next seven days.

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Weekly Card Update #21 Part 3

Welcome back to this multi-part weekly card update for this week. In this part we will be talking about the Narukami units shown for G-BT05 as well as another special Fighter’s Collection card.

PR-0235_(Sample)To start off we have been shown some interesting support for “Detonics”. For those of you who don’t know, Detonics Drill Dragon is currently a Japanese-only Grade 3 promo who retires all fighters’ rear-guards when he is placed on the Vanguard circle with a Counter Blast 2. To support this in G-BT05 there is a break ride named Detonics Stinger Dragon. With a Limit Break 4, when a Narukami rides Stinger Dragon, they get the usual +10000 power plus when your new Vanguard attacks a Vanguard you can Counter Blast 1 if your opponent has no rear-guards in the front row and if you do then your opponent cannot guard with Grade 1s, and if they have no units in the back row then your Vanguard gains an extra Critical. As you can see this works really well with Detonics Drill’s ability of retiring everything. You can also use this card with Armor Break Dragon but you wouldn’t get such a grand pay-off.

Another bit of Detonics support is Hammer Knuckle Dragon. If you have a Detonics Vanguard he gains +2000 power (Making him an 11k Grade 2) and he won’t be able to be retired due to skills. This allows you to still have rear-guards on the field after using Detonics Drill’s ability of retiring everything, giving more pressure to your opponent. It still seems off that they would give support to a promo like this, though maybe we will get the promo as a box topper in the next set. It’s wishful thinking but there’s still a chance.

G-BT05-027Another interesting card they put in this set is Great Composure Dragon. Originally a card only shown in the manga, Great Composure Dragon is simple yet effective. He is a 12k Grade 3 who loses 3000 power when on the rear-guard circle. This may not seem overly great but it will protect you against non-boosted rear-guards coming in for 11k while he’s a Vanguard and will really help against Aqua Force’s many but small attacks. Using Composure Dragon in a stride heavy deck will give you a good balance of attack and defence, that is if you want to choose this over Dragonic Vanquisher‘s on-stride skills.

Next up we have another card that was originally manga-only, Vortex Dragon‘s Narukami cousin, Recklessness Dragon. Recklessness Dragon’s skill is simple and sweet. As an ACT you may Soul Blast 1 to have him gain +1000 power. This won’t help you overly often but it can mean the difference between your opponent guarding with one card or two.

G-BT05-015Vanquisher gets his Heart Thump Worker clone in this set with Triumph of Thunder, Reseph to give the extra power, soul, and draw.

If you don’t want to use Djinn of Twofold Striking as Vanquisher’s back-up Grade 3 then Blitz-spear Dragoon is always a good option. Unlike Djinn of Twofold Striking, Blitz-spear only works on the Vanguard circle, though when he is placed on the Vanguard circle you may Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 to retire and bind an opponent’s front row rear-guard. As well as that he also gains +2000 power for every rear-guard in your opponent’s bind zone when he attacks, making him a very strong unit in late game.

Desert Gunner, Koshin has a GB1 and Thunderstrike 2 which gives him +10000 shield when guarding. He’s your standard 8k power 15k shield interceptor but can also be used as a guard from hand as a little extra.

G-BT05-063Now we also have a few more Brawlers all with very similar yet awesome abilities. The first up is the Grade 1, Secret Fist Brawler, Koukon. Koukon gains +3000 power for every time an attack from your Vanguard with “Brawler” in it’s name hits. This may not seem a lot at first but when you consider Big Bang Knuckle Turbo‘s skill of attacking all of your opponent’s units it can start adding up to +18000 power! That’s a crazy back row boost.

Brawler, Street Fight Dragon is a Critical Trigger that can go onto the top of the deck to give another unit the same skill as Koukon. Giving this to a 9k Grade 2 in front of Koukon will give you a great amount of power. 52k column anyone?

The final unit with this type of skill is the Grade 2, Manly Leg Brawler, Teiroku. You have to Counter Blast for Teiroku’s skill and your Vanguard has to be in Legion so no Big Bang Knuckle Turbo for this card, but he does gain 5000 power instead of 3000 so you can still get him up to +20k as well as the added benefit of him having Resist.

With the last of the Narukami we have the Eradicator Forerunner, Eradicator, Rare-talent Dracokid. If your Vanguard’s attack didn’t hit then you can put Rare-talent into your soul and Counter Blast 1 to give two units +5000 power. This is a nice little bonus if your opponent is on five damage so they guard your Vanguard only to discover they have to guard even more than expected for your rear-guards.

G-FC02-005EN-GR_(Sample)The only thing to go over now is the Ethics Buster stride, Ultimate Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Catastrophe. Catastrophe has a G Persona Blast that has a “Ethics Buster Extreme” feel about it. If you have a heart with “Beast Deity” in its name and you drive check a Grade 1 or greater you may stand up a rear-guard, then if you have two or more face-up Catatstrophes in the G Zone those stood units get +3000 power. I think this is a great card to have in Beast Deitys and with a heart of Ethics Buster “Яeverse” you essentially have both Ethics Buster “Яeverse” and Extreme as your Vanguard. I would definitely run this with twelve stands to bombard my opponent.

Don’t worry Blau, I’m sure you’ll return one day.

Well that’s it for the Narukami of G-BT05 and the Fighter’s Collection cards. Be sure to check part 4 where I will be talking about the new cards shown for G-TD06 Rallying Call of the Interdimensional Dragon.

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